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I have to tell my master about this.

What you\'re doing can really scare disciples like me to death.

Han Jue shook his head.

He was really speechless.

Cultivating divine arts in the middle of the night, acting mysterious!

Just now, he really should have directly killed this Great Grand Elder\'s Essence Soul.

Don\'t, don\'t, don\'t! I was just playing around for a moment.

I apologize to you.

I\'m sorry! The Great Grand Elder hurriedly said.

Amused, Han Jue asked, You know my master

Cough, cough.

Actually, your master is my disciple, so is the current Sect Master.

The Great Grand Elder held his head high proudly.

However, Han Jue remained expressionless.

The Great Grand Elder\'s smile immediately faded.

Does he not believe me

Han Jue said, Then, I\'ll pretend that nothing happened tonight.

You can leave.


No worries.

The Great Grand Elder immediately turned around and left.

He had just taken a few steps when he suddenly turned around and asked, Boy, I see that you\'re very talented.

Do you want to inherit my legacy

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and asked, What legacy

I\'ll impart to you an unparalleled cultivation technique, the Heavenly Constellation Golden Body.

Do you want it In the entire Jade Pure Sect, only the Sect Master and I know it!

Heavenly Constellation Golden Body

Sounds impressive!

Han Jue\'s eyes lit up.

But on second thought, he hesitated.

It wasn\'t even a pleasant encounter.

Why would this old man teach him a cultivation technique

It must be a trap!

Trying to trick me

Han Jue shook his head and said, Never mind.

Thank you for your kindness, Sir.

The Great Grand Elder\'s smile froze again.

With a cold snort, he swung his sleeves and left.

An hour later.

Han Jue left the cave abode and flew towards Jade Serene Hall.

He stopped in front of the front gate and knelt.

As the gate burst open, Han Jue quickly walked in.

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Why are you here so late at night Fairy Xi Xuan asked with her eyes closed.

Han Jue knelt in front of her and told her everything that happened.

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her eyes and frowned.

She was displeased.

This damned old man is restless again!

You almost killed him Fairy Xi Xuan asked curiously.

Han Jue scratched his head and said, Was cultivating a divine art, so I can only block it.

That\'s not important.

Master, will he come and harass me again I don\'t want to be afraid every night.

Don\'t worry.

I\'ll go find him tomorrow.

If he dares to come again, I\'ll deal with him myself.

Thank you, Master.

No worries.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He could finally relax now.

Before he left, he asked curiously, Master, is the Heavenly Constellation Golden Body powerful He wanted to teach me this cultivation technique.


It can be said to be the strongest cultivation technique of the Jade Pure Sect.

It\'s even more powerful than Jade Pure Technique.

However, before cultivating it, one needs to cut off one\'s roots.

What root

The thing that makes you a man.

Han Jue wanted to curse.

I knew it!

That old man was up to no good!


Does this mean…

The Great Grand Elder and Sect Leader have already…

Han Jue discovered a shocking fact and felt his worldview shattered.

This matter cannot be spread, Fairy Xi Xuan said solemnly.

I understand.

Han Jue bowed and left.

After returning to his cave abode, Han Jue was still thinking about the Heavenly Constellation Golden Body.

No wonder even though Li Qingzi liked Fairy Xi Xuan, the two of them did not become companions.

They\'re even more extreme than me.

They both stay away from women by cutting their own…

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Han Jue was impressed.

At the same time, he labeled the Great Grand Elder as untrustworthy.

The next morning.

Han Jue headed towards the inner sect city.

The battle of the top ten in the inner sect assessment would officially begin at noon.

The Inner Sect Assessment was different from the Inner Sect Competition.

The Inner Sect Assessment was a way to become an elite disciple, and one could register freely.

The Inner Sect Competition was a competition between the eighteen peaks, and the ranking was a motivation for each peak to work hard.

The battle arena had already been built, located in the square in the center of the city, three hundred meters long and wide.

There was already a huge crowd around it.

Many disciples were flying on their swords and floating in the air.

It was a very spectacular sight.

Junior, you\'re finally here!

Excited, Chang Yue\'er immediately ran over.

More than ten disciples from Jade Serene Peak gathered around to cheer him on.

Han Jue frowned when he saw so many people.

With so many people around, how am I supposed to act

Should I be more straightforward

Defeat them immediately

Han Jue hesitated.

Suddenly feeling a gaze settle on him, he turned around and saw Zhou Fan staring at him with a burning gaze, full of fighting spirit.

Han Jue was baffled.

When did I provoke him

Zhou Fan recalled Mo Fuchou\'s words that in this inner sect assessment, his greatest opponent was Han Jue.

Mo Fuchou said that Han Jue had always been hiding his strength and was not inferior to elite disciples.

Because of this, Zhou Fan had always treated Han Jue as an imaginary enemy.

He didn\'t understand Han Jue.

With outstanding aptitude and stunning looks, why did he keep such a low profile

He heard that Mo Zhu had taken a liking to him, but Han Jue had been avoiding her.

The more Han Jue kept a low profile, the more Zhou Fan felt sore.

However, I already have a powerful trump card.

He\'s definitely not my match! Zhou Fan thought firmly.

At this moment.

Mo Zhu suddenly appeared before Han Jue and said excitedly, Brother Han, I believe you will definitely take first place.

Chang Yue\'er asked warily, Who are you

Mo Zhu looked back at her.

They were obviously unhappy with each other.

Han Jue saw that their conflict was about to erupt and felt that something was wrong.

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Hearing a burst of laughter, Han Jue turned around and saw Xing Hongxuan.

Chang Yue\'er and Mo Zhu both turned to look.


It\'s Mars crashed into Earth!

Han Jue immediately turned and left.

He had to leave the dangerous situation.

However, the three women didn\'t follow him.

Instead, they walked together and began to oppose each other.

The surrounding disciples were envious of Han Jue.

Being good-looking makes him truly fearless!

With so many beautiful juniors admiring him, he doesn\'t even care!

This is a crime!

At noon.

The inner disciples\' assessment officially began.

The person presiding over the assessment this time was the Heavenly Thunder Peak\'s Old Immortal Daoist Thunder.

The elders of the other seventeen peaks did not come.

The spectators were ordinary elders, deacons, hall masters, and so on.

More than two thousand inner sect disciples and mortal slaves came to watch the battles.

Although there weren\'t many inner sect disciples, there were many mortal slaves in the inner sect city.

Han Jue was participating in the very first match.

When his name was called, he immediately went on stage.

Han Jue of the Jade Serene Peak versus Zhou Fan of the Heavenly Thunder Peak!


The moment Zhou Fan\'s name was announced, the audience erupted.

Recently, Zhou Fan was the most famous disciple in the inner sect.

He could be said to be the biggest black horse.

Rumors had it that he had a trump card that could defeat anyone instantly.

He was undefeated in every battle and totally unstoppable.

Zhou Fan cupped his fists and smiled.

Brother Han, you must do your best this time.

Han Jue asked expressionlessly, Really


Zhou Fan raised his right hand, and a small black bell appeared in his palm.

It was eerie and mysterious.

In a nearby pavilion, the elders and deacons all frowned.

They had long heard that Zhou Fan had a powerful secret weapon, a Dharma treasure.

It was a Birth Dharma treasure.

What was a Birth Dharma treasure

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One that would be created at the birth of its owner.

They were the legacy of his ancestors.

Even if he had little potential, his ancestors would give him providence.

Owners of Birth Dharma treasures were usually successful.

Upon seeing this treasure today, they all felt that it was extraordinary.

Zhou Fan might really get first place in this Inner Sect Assessment!


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