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Xing Hongxuan

Han Jue\'s eyelids twitched.

How did that witch know Liu Sanxin

Could Xing Hongxuan have infiltrated the Ten Thousand Demon Realm with the Cult

It had been many years.

He had no idea what the situation in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm was.

Han Jue immediately replied using telepathy, No.

Why, senior

Telepathy was very simple.

A Foundation Establishment realm cultivator only needed to grasp some techniques and they would learn it very quickly.

Under our Sect Master\'s lead, I hid in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm for the past few years.

We encountered the Cult attempting to capture the Tiger Heart White Dragon.

There was a huge battle, but with the Sect Master with us, we claimed victory without any casualties.

Later, the Sect Leader told us that it was only so easy because he had received information from a converted spy in the Cult.

That\'s why he pretended to leave the Sect but hid in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

The converted spy is Xing Hongxuan.

When she was young, the Cult forced her to take some poison, which they used to threaten her to become a spy in the Sect.

However, she had always been unwilling and hated it.

So, she even tried to steal a recipe from an outer sect alchemist to find an antidote.

But that was a naive move.

How can pills from an outer sect alchemist work against poison concocted by the Cult

After that, she decided to leave the Viridescent Nether Cult.

But they tried to hunt her down.

The Sect Master happened to be investigating spies from the Viridescent Nether Cult and saved her.

Because she never harmed the Jade Pure Sect and she contributed in this latest operation to defeat the Cult, the Sect Master allowed her to join the inner sect as a disciple.

Han Jue was flabbergasted by the story.

Lucky that he could conceal his emotions.

Xing Hongxuan is currently cultivating with us at the main peak.

Her master is Daoist Jingxu.

Daoist Jingxu is Sect Master\'s junior.

She\'s in charge of the main peak and personally guides the core candidates.

Previously, when we met Xing Hongxuan, she was asking around about a disciple named Han Jue and told us about their story.

Interestingly, the outer sect alchemist previously mentioned has become a disciple of our peak.

Even more surprising is that the alchemist had a servant named Han Jue.

And we also have a Han Jue here!

Junior Han, what a coincidence!

Liu Sanxin looked at him teasingly.

Han Jue felt awkward and didn\'t know how to reply.

That woman actually let out everything!

But it\'s fine.

Right now, he was already an inner sect disciple at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

Although those were dark days of his life, they didn\'t affect him much anymore.

With no way out, Han Jue could only admit, Alright, I\'m the Han Jue she knows.

I had no choice then.

Haha, I understand.

It\'s just that I didn\'t expect that you would have such cultivation potential.

Liu Sanxin joked, and Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Jue couldn\'t help but glance at Elder Iron.

They had been using telepathy, so no one could hear their conversation.

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Elder Iron had his head lowered and Han Jue couldn\'t make out his face.

Han Jue opened his attributes panel and checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Xing Hongxuan: Ninth level of the Qi Refinement realm, can become a companion.

Current Favorability: 4.5 stars.]

That woman is close to the Foundation Establishment realm.

Favorability of 4.5 stars.

She was the one with the highest favorability towards him.

Since you like me so much, I hope you will suffer less in the future.

Han Jue thought silently.

Honestly speaking, he couldn\'t understand why Xing Hongxuan liked him so much.

Just because I\'m good-looking

Unparalleled looks

Well, sometimes looks are the only thing that matters.

But, why did Xing Hongxuan have so much information about the Viridescent Nether Cult Does she have some other secret identity

At this moment.

The doors to the Jade Serene Hall opened and all the disciples stood up to enter.

After sitting down, they all looked towards Fairy Xi Xuan.

Fairy Xi Xuan asked, The inner sect assessment is about to begin.

Every peak must send at least ten disciples.

Who is willing to participate this time

Six disciples immediately raised their hands, including Chang Yue\'er.

Han Jue found it strange that Fairy Xi Xuan didn\'t mention anything about the connate cave abode.

If it was mentioned, they would probably be fighting to participate.

Is it some special reward from Fairy Xi Xuan

As he thought, Han Jue raised his hand silently.

The disciples were surprised to see that.

Wow, Junior Han is actually participating!

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Hahaha, I thought he was going to continue his seclusion.

That should be the case.

Continuing with seclusion will affect his progress.

Then, I want to participate too!

Several disciples raised their hands, causing the participants to exceed ten.

Han Jue smiled.

He didn\'t expect to be so influential.

Although he didn\'t interact much with the other disciples, he frequented the various spiritual pools to cultivate.

So, many people knew that there was an extremely handsome young disciple from Jade Serene Peak.

When the disciples heard about the rumors going around, they guessed that it was Han Jue.

Over time, even though Han Jue kept a low profile, there were already rumors about him in the inner sect.

He became famous because of his good looks!

When Elder Iron saw how popular Han Jue was, his expression became even more complex.

He was still a nobody in the Jade Serene Peak.

After this matter was settled, Fairy Xi Xuan let the disciples leave, leaving Han Jue alone.

The disciples looked at Han Jue enviously.

It was obvious that Master thought highly of him.

He was given special treatment!

The doors closed.

Han Jue looked up at Fairy Xi Xuan.

He had to admit that Master was really beautiful.

Han Jue had been in the inner sect for decades, but he had never seen a female cultivator more beautiful than Fairy Xi Xuan.

However, Fairy Xi Xuan\'s aura was so powerful that no one dared to profane her.

Han Jue only exclaimed and didn\'t have any other thoughts.

The disciples are not as good-looking as their master.

Seems like the good looks are not being inherited here!

You made progress again.

I have underestimated you.

Even with three attributes, you\'re still cultivating at an outstanding pace.

You\'re probably the fastest in the Jade Pure Sect. Fairy Xi Xuan narrowed her eyes as she spoke, as if she wanted to see through him.

She was really shocked.

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In just eight short years, Han Jue\'s other cultivation potentials had both reached the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

What kind of talent was this

Most importantly, she had never taught him.

She was very curious where he had obtained such cultivation technique.

I really can\'t hide anything from you, Master, Han Jue replied.

His flattery was obvious, but it had little effect.

Fairy Xi Xuan said, Your cultivation techniques and sword techniques are all very good, but they aren\'t the techniques of the Jade Pure Sect.

You must have learned it from someone else.

I know that you have been diligently cultivating and have no intention of harming the sect.

Some people testify that you were born in the outer sect, which means that you ran into a huge opportunity when you were young.

But, everyone is destined to run into opportunities of all sorts.

So, I won\'t ask further.

For this inner sect assessment, you can demonstrate your strength without any worries.

You don\'t have to be afraid of attracting trouble.

I\'m still very well respected in the sect.

Han Jue quickly thanked her.

He was actually a little worried previously.

Now, he wasn\'t afraid anymore.

He would use the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique blatantly!

Based on the relationship between Fairy Xi Xuan and Sect Master, Sect Master probably thought the same of him.

Or perhaps, these were Li Qingzi\'s ideas in the first place.

The greater Han Jue\'s potential, the happier the Jade Pure Sect was.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, from today onwards, you\'re my personal disciple.

I will report this to the sect. Fairy Xi Xuan spoke again.

Personal disciple!

Han Jue looked up and was surprised.

Although Fairy Xi Xuan had dozens of disciples under her, most of them were under the sect.

The number of personal disciples could be counted on a single hand.

[Your status in the Jade Pure Sect has risen.

You have become the personal disciple of a coaching elder.

You will obtain a magic manual.]

[Congratulations on obtaining Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal.]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He was pleasantly surprised and quickly thanked Fairy Xi Xuan.

Fairy Xi Xuan took out a token and threw it to him.

You may leave.

Han Jue caught it and took a look.

It was a jade token with the words Xi Xuan engraved on it.

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He put away the jade token, bowed, and left.


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