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Han Jue didn\'t return to his cave abode.

Instead, he headed to the inner sect\'s spiritual pools to cultivate.

Since he was participating in the inner sect assessments, he would have to fight for the top three places!

With a connate cave abode, he would no longer have to worry about the lack of Spirit Qi.

He would be able to stay in his cave abode forever.

Before that, he had to increase his cultivation as much as possible.

He had asked Fairy Xi Xuan about it.

There were still eight years until the next inner sect assessment.

Han Jue went to the Fire Spiritual Pool first and paid for a year.

There were quite a few disciples in the Fire Spiritual Pool.

About twenty to thirty of them.

Han Jue found a corner and began to meditate and cultivate.

His appearance attracted the attention of some female disciples.

That person is so handsome.

Could it be that mysterious, handsome disciple from Jade Serene Peak


I\'ve never seen anyone so good-looking before.

I wish I knew him.

Han Jue could hear their discussion, but he pretended not to.

Without a woman in my heart, I can cultivate insanely fast!

A year later.

Han Jue\'s fire cultivation potential had reached the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

Perhaps because his thunder cultivation potential had already reached the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm, he was able to cultivate his other spirit powers faster than before.

Han Jue hurried to the Water Spiritual Pool next.

Just like that, another four years passed.

All his remaining cultivation potentials had reached the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment realm!

There were three years left.

He continued to cultivate.

He would strive to reach the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm before the inner sect assessment!

Wind Spiritual Pool.

The moment Han Jue entered, he saw a group of disciples gathered.

Zhou Fan, didn\'t you say that you would surpass us in the next inner sect assessment Why are you still at the first level of the Foundation Establishment realm

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Hahaha, how can he surpass us with his cultivation potential

Today, if you\'re willing to kneel before us, we won\'t make things difficult for you.

Senior, this brat has been relying on Junior Lu before.

Now that Junior Lu is getting ready to become the companion of the first disciple from Sword Peak, she will definitely sever ties with him in the future.

If we beat him up now, maybe Junior Lu will be more than happy.

Han Jue shook his head at their discussion and then found a corner to cultivate.

Such conflicts weren\'t rare in the Jade Pure Sect.

Although the Jade Pure Sect was a righteous sect, where there were people, there would always be conflicts.

Han Jue had seen that more than once before.

Hmph, you bunch of trash dare to take on me here Aren\'t you afraid of the punishment from the Law Enforcement Hall Recently, the Cult is getting restless and you guys are still stirring up trouble.

I have reason to suspect that you\'re traitors from the Cult, so I\'ll report you to the Elders!

A cold snort followed, sounding very stubborn.

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked over.

The person who spoke was the person surrounded, Zhou Fan.

[Detected Connate Providence, checking its origin.]

A line of words suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue, stunning him.

Connate providence

He immediately chose to check.

[Zhou Fan, the reincarnation of a Mahayana cultivator, was born in a town in the mortal world.

Together with his childhood sweetheart, the Jade Pure Sect detected his spirit root.

There\'s a Numinous Treasure hidden in the depths of his soul.

The Numinous Treasure is severely injured because it protected him.

Now, in order to repair itself, the Numinous Treasure unconsciously absorbs Spirit Qi while Zhou Fan cultivates, causing his cultivation speed to be extremely slow.

Currently, the Numinous Treasure is about to be successfully repaired.]

Han Jue\'s expression turned strange.

That\'s an impressive background.

He could be a protagonist in a novel.

He narrowed his eyes and looked over.

Surrounded, Zhou Fan\'s expression was calm.

Even though he was being pushed around, he didn\'t seem angry at all.

Although he wasn\'t handsome, he gave off a determined and mature aura.

Should I help this protagonist

Of course not!

Han Jue closed his eyes.

No matter how impressive Zhou Fan\'s background was, it had nothing to do with him.

On the contrary, with such a bearer of connate providence around him, he wanted to cultivate even harder.

Han Jue\'s goal was immortality and invincibility.

When he became invincible, he could do whatever he wanted.

At the moment, he should stay clear from trouble.

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The group of disciples spat at Zhou Fan for a while, but in the end, they were frightened off by him and didn\'t dare to do much.

They had already spent a lot of money to be here.

If they were to delay any longer, they would be at a disadvantage.

The Wind Spiritual Pool fell back into silence.

A year later.

Han Jue\'s wind cultivation potential had reached the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

He stood up and left.

When he arrived at the Wind Spiritual Pool Pavilion, he coincidentally met Zhou Fan again.

He was talking to a beautiful girl in green.

Han Jue noticed that Zhou Fan\'s hands in his sleeves were tightly clenched into fists, obviously restraining his emotions.

The girl in green was calmer in comparison, and she quickly turned and left.

Zhou Fan stood where he was with trembling shoulders.

Han Jue could roughly guess what happened.

He walked over and brushed past him.

Zhou Fan was still angry.

When he saw Han Jue, he frowned.

Stop right there! Zhou Fan shouted.

As soon as these words were spoken, the surrounding disciples stopped moving.

Han Jue didn\'t stop.

He quickly walked out of the pavilion and prepared to head to the other spiritual pools.

Zhou Fan suddenly blocked his way.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and asked, What\'s the matter, brother

Are you Han Jue


You know me

I\'m Zhou Fan of the Heavenly Thunder Peak.

Senior Mo often mentions you.

He said that you must be the future mighty cultivator of the Jade Pure Sect.

Han Jue sweated.

He didn\'t expect Mo Fuchou to boast about him everywhere.

He asked politely, What\'s the matter

Zhou Fan looked conflicted.

He took a deep breath and said, I\'ve heard that you\'re very well-liked by the girls.

When Junior Mo Zhu mentions you, her eyes literally glitter.

I want to ask… how should I chase a girl

Han Jue was confused.

What the hell

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I thought you were going to fight me!

Han Jue said seriously, How can cultivators like us be trapped by love What are girls If you can obtain the Great Dao, the world will be under your command.

By then, you can naturally obtain whatever you want! When have you ever seen me hanging out with girls

With these words, Han Jue walked past Zhou Fan and left quickly.

Idiot, can your looks compare to mine

Han Jue couldn\'t help but ridicule in his head.

Zhou Fan\'s pupils shrank as he looked at Han Jue\'s silhouette in shock.

What a quick movement technique! This person is truly formidable!

Zhou Fan thought to himself and started to ponder over Han Jue\'s words.

Mo Fuchou once said that Han Jue was definitely the most dedicated towards cultivation he had ever seen.

He hesitated for a moment and continued to follow him.

[Mo Fuchou has a good impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

When Han Jue saw this line of words, he found it ridiculous.

He could feel that Zhou Fan was following him, but he didn\'t care.

In the following year, Han Jue stayed in the Fire Spiritual Pool and raised his fire cultivation potential to the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

Zhou Fan had been gone for two months.

He had looked very reluctant to leave.

Probably out of spirit stones.

Wealth, companion, magic, and land.

This fellow has neither wealth nor companions.

How tragic!

Han Jue headed to the Wood Spiritual Pool and used one year to cultivate his wood cultivation potential to the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

At this point, only water and earth remained at the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment realm!

Han Jue was very satisfied with his cultivation progress.

The inner disciple assessment was about to begin.

Han Jue returned to his cave abode and waited.

Less than half a month after his return, the bell of the Jade Serene Peak sounded again.

All the disciples gathered in front of the Jade Serene Hall.

Elder Iron had also arrived.

Elder Iron\'s cultivation was still stuck at the first level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

His cultivation potential is terrible.

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Han Jue couldn\'t help but pity him.

When all the disciples were kneeling at the entrance of the hall, Liu Sanxin suddenly sent him a voice transmission.

Junior Han, do you know a woman named Xing Hongxuan


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