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Han Jue swooped down, and Chang Yue\'er hurriedly followed.

Junior, what are you trying to do

Han Jue replied, Aren\'t there many valuable materials on the beasts I need to collect them.

Only now did Han Jue finally realize how powerful he was.

The beasts weren\'t as strong as he had imagined!

The moment this thought appeared, Han Jue immediately relaxed and was full of confidence.

Oh, that\'s right.

Junior, let me help you.

I\'ve learned how to dissect beasts.

It\'s the only way I can thank you, Chang Yue\'er said enthusiastically.

Han Jue thought for a while and nodded.

Having a helping hand could boost efficiency.

After about five minutes, the two of them cleaned up the carcasses and left quickly.

As they traveled, Chang Yue\'er was very excited.

However, when they started talking about Meng He, she gritted her teeth.

Seventh Senior is going overboard! No! He doesn\'t deserve to be our Seventh Senior! When I go back, I must complain to Master!

I hope he gets eaten up by beasts!

Junior, where are we going next

Han Jue was also very hesitant.

It was really too dangerous!

Forget it!

Let\'s go back.

At most, we\'ll kneel before Master and apologize, Han Jue said seriously.

Although ordinary beasts couldn\'t hurt him, what if a Demon King and members of the Cult appeared

Chang Yue\'er asked hesitantly, Is this really okay

If you think it\'s bad, then stay!

No! I\'ll go back with you!

The two of them rushed towards the teleportation formation.

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Before long, they found it.

There were more than ten cultivators gathered before the teleportation formation.

Meng He was among them.

He was stunned upon seeing them.

He hurriedly put on a surprised smile and said, Junior Brother! Junior Sister! You\'re actually still alive.

That\'s great!

Chang Yue\'er gritted her teeth in anger.

She wanted to curse at Meng He.

Han Jue raised his hand, signaling her not to.

He suddenly caught sight of Mo Fuchou.

Brother Han, why are you here Mo Fuchou asked with a smile.

He noticed Chang Yue\'er\'s expression and couldn\'t help but glance at Meng He.

Meng He sensed Mo Fuchou\'s gaze and felt extremely awkward.

He forced a smile.

Master arranged for me to come.

By the way, your sister, Mo Zhu, is in trouble.

She went to Li Qianlong\'s cave abode to search for treasures.

I tried to persuade her against it, but she still went, Han Jue said as he walked to the teleportation formation.

Chang Yue\'er followed closely behind.

The two of them took out spirit stones and activated the formation to leave.

Mo Fuchou frowned, his expression changing.

Someone beside him asked, Who is this person A disciple of Jade Serene Peak Why haven\'t I seen him before

Meng He replied, Yes, he\'s my fellow disciple at Jade Serene Peak.

He\'s called Han Jue.

He\'s highly regarded by Master.

Previously, Master wanted him to join the Sect Leader\'s core candidates, but he rejected her.

Upon hearing that, everyone was shocked.

Mo Fuchou\'s eyes flickered.

He\'s indeed worthy!

After returning to the inner sect, Han Jue and Chang Yue\'er went to sell the materials they obtained from the beasts.

There was a dedicated market in the inner sect for transacting materials from beasts.

What surprised Han Jue was that these materials were sold for 397 superior-grade spirit stones.

Is killing beasts so profitable Han Jue said excitedly.

He suddenly wanted to turn back and continue killing the beasts.

Chang Yue\'er hurriedly stopped him and said in a low voice, Junior, don\'t think about it.

The Ten Thousand Demon Realm is a small world specially designed by the sect to nurture beasts.

The beasts inside are all valuable.

Under normal circumstances, disciples are not allowed to kill them.

This time, the situation is special.

We might not be held responsible, but it will definitely be very troublesome next time.

Han Jue realized he had been too imaginative.

He should just stay in seclusion and cultivate as usual.

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The two of them returned to the Jade Serene Peak and first visited Fairy Xi Xuan.

After the door opened, the two of them entered the hall to kneel before her.

Why did you return Fairy Xi Xuan asked with a frown.

Han Jue replied, I discovered that the Ten Thousand Demon Realm is too dangerous.

There are demon kings and the Cult.

We were attacked by beasts and I even offended the son of a demon king.

I really can\'t stay there anymore.

Master, please punish me! I\'m willing to face the wall and repent for a hundred years!

Fairy Xi Xuan was speechless.

Chang Yue\'er looked at him with a strange expression.

A hundred years

That\'s really extreme!

What if you are not allowed to cultivate within the hundred years Fairy Xi Xuan asked.

Han Jue\'s face froze.

Chang Yue\'er promptly said, Master, when we were attacked by the beasts, Seventh Senior Meng He abandoned us and ran away!

The mention of this infuriated her.

However, Fairy Xi Xuan didn\'t get angry.

She remained calm and said, Don\'t you think it\'s just because you are too weak You can\'t force your senior to stay behind and die with you.


Chang Yue\'er wanted to say something but hesitated, unable to say anything.

It was the cruel truth.

Meng He didn\'t hurt them.

He just wanted to protect himself.

Fairy Xi Xuan said, Yue\'er, you should leave first.

Chang Yue\'er glanced at Han Jue, then bowed and left.

When Han Jue and Fairy Xi Xuan were the only ones left in the hall, a murderous aura spread out.

Han Jue was shocked.

What\'s Master trying to do

He didn\'t dare to raise his head and looked very well-behaved.

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Han Jue, what are you cultivating for Fairy Xi Xuan asked.

Her voice was cold and emotionless.

For immortality.

If you keep cultivating in seclusion, you won\'t be able to live forever.

What matters most is competing for opportunities.

I understand, but I want to increase my cultivation level first.

I\'ll try my luck when I\'m strong enough.


You don\'t understand!

I have unparalleled cultivation potential and four top-notch connate providences!

Han Jue thought silently.

Only people with insufficient talent needed to compete for opportunities.

Fairy Xi Xuan continued, I originally arranged an opportunity for you.

If you succeed in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm this time, you will definitely become a core disciple in the future.

The treatment you will receive will also be far better than now.

Unfortunately, you have given up.

Thank you, Master.

I can only blame myself for not having the fortune.

The cultivation technique you are using is unfathomable, and I have nothing much to teach you.

How about this, do you want to have a cave abode on par with the Thunder Spiritual Pool It even has other types of Spirit Qi apart from Thunder Spirit Qi.

Hearing this, Han Jue suddenly raised his head and asked in surprise, Where

Fairy Xi Xuan said with an expressionless face, Recently, the Jade Pure Sect discovered three more Connate cave abodes.

These cave abodes are not created by cultivators, but the creation of heaven and earth.

They\'re near the sect.

If you want to obtain a Connate cave abode, you must participate in the inner sect assessment that\'s held once every ten years.

Anyone below the core disciple level can participate.

If you can obtain one of the top three spots, you will be able to obtain a Connate cave abode.

The winner gets to choose first.

Han Jue frowned.

Fairy Xi Xuan glared at him and said unhappily, Don\'t tell me you\'re even afraid of fighting It\'s not like anyone will harm your life!

Han Jue hesitated for a moment before asking, Master, under normal circumstances, do Golden Core disciples participate

Do you think cultivators of the Golden Core realm are as common as cabbages Any disciple who reaches the Golden Core realm will either become a core disciple, an Elder, or a deacon.

In other words, all the participants are Foundation Establishment realm cultivators

That\'s right.

Then, it\'s settled.


Thank you for your advice, Master.

I will do my best to win face for Jade Serene Peak!

Fairy Xi Xuan finally smiled and looked at him playfully.

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Lil\' brat!

I don\'t believe you won\'t be tempted!

[Fairy Xi Xuan\'s favorability of you has increased.

Current favorability: 2.5 stars.]


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