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Four stars of favorability already

Han Jue sighed secretly.

He ignored his disciples and walked towards Xing Hongxuan\'s cave abode.

Arriving there, he was warmly welcomed by her.

Han Jue wanted to talk to her first, but he didn\'t expect her to be so eager.

He had to use his Dharmic powers to envelop the cave abode to prevent any commotion from spreading.

A month later.

The two of them sat facing each other in clean clothes.

Han Jue took out the Frost Lord\'s Glazed Crown and gave it to her.

Xing Hongxuan accepted it happily and stopped exchanging pleasantries.

She took out the pills she coincidentally obtained and wanted to give them to him, but he rejected her.

I don\'t need anything from the mortal world anymore.

You should take care of yourself in the future. Han Jue smiled.

Although he had many female friends, he still liked Xing Hongxuan the most.

Love was cheap, but true action was rare.

To fall in love with someone, it could be because she was good-looking, it could be because she said something that you agreed with, or it could be because she smiled at you when you were at your lowest.

But only the true act of giving could prove a person\'s status in one\'s heart.

In the past, whenever Xing Hongxuan went out to train, she would give Han Jue treasures when she returned.

Although he didn\'t thank her, he always remembered it.

Han Jue asked Xing Hongxuan to take out the Heavenly Puppet.

As he chatted with her, he helped her change the spirit energy of the Heavenly Puppet.

It was a Heavenly Puppet with the strength of the Loose Immortal Realm.

If Xing Hongxuan went out again, it would be difficult for her to die.

Xing Hongxuan had a smile on her face the entire time.

She realized that Han Jue had become closer and more talkative than before.

She no longer wished to monopolize him.

She only hoped that she could become the most important person in his heart.

Han Jue could sense that she was scheming, but that was not important.

She was thinking of all ways to please him, so what could he complain about

Through Xing Hongxuan, Han Jue also learned about the cultivation world.

The Heavenly Immortal Manor was attacked by the devils and was almost destroyed.

Fortunately, the other Holy Lands helped.

In the end, Ji Xianshen killed all the True Devils alone and his name shook the world!

The current Ji Xianshen was truly the number one in the world!

Xing Hongxuan snorted.

What number one in the world I think you, my husband, are the number one in the world.

However, you keep a low profile like a true cultivator.

Han Jue snapped.

I\'ll only be satisfied when you become the number one in the world.

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Alright, I\'ll work hard.

I usually cultivate diligently and not waste time.

Keep it up.

Several days later.

The Heavenly Puppet was updated to the Loose Immortal Dharmic powers.

Han Jue let Xing Hongxuan put it away in her storage ring.

After that, he brought her out of the cave abode and called Fairy Xi Xuan, Chang Yue\'er, Li Qingzi, and Su Qi to the Fusang Tree.

Han Jue deliberately let the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, Fang Liang, and Murong Qi surround Su Qi and suppress his bad luck.

He began to preach the Dao to everyone.

After becoming a Reincarnation Loose Immortal, Han Jue\'s understanding of the Great Dao deepened.

His words could allow everyone to gain a deep understanding.

His voice could also temporarily increase everyone\'s comprehension.

The reason was that Han Jue had integrated his Dao into his voice and let them comprehend it together.

The lecture lasted for a year.

Han Jue stopped talking and everyone regained their senses.

[Tu Ling\'er\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 5 stars]

Not only Tu Ling\'er, but the others\' favorability also increased.

Han Jue stood up and smiled.

That\'s enough.

I should continue cultivating.

He turned around and walked back to the Connate Cave Abode.

Dao Comprehension Sword hurriedly followed.

Li Qingzi sighed.

Elder Han is really becoming more and more powerful.

I feel like he\'s already become an immortal.

Fairy Xi Xuan asked curiously, If he became an immortal, how can he stay in the mortal world

The others were also curious about Han Jue\'s realm.

Su Qi left first.

He hurried back to his cave abode and continued comprehending the Great Dao.

After becoming a Loose Immortal, Han Jue didn\'t relax and continued cultivating diligently.

As long as the Jade Pure Sacred Sect was safe, he did not care about the cultivation world\'s affairs.

Five years passed.

Ji Xianshen came again.

Where\'s Guan Yu Come out and fight!

This time, Ji Xianshen no longer sent a voice transmission to Han Jue.

Instead, he shouted loudly, resounding through the entire Jade Pure Sacred Sect so that everyone could hear him clearly.

Under the Fusang Tree, Tu Ling\'er opened her eyes and looked surprised.

Why was Ji Xianshen here

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Murong Qi asked curiously, Who is Guan Yu

Yang Tiandong smiled and said, It\'s your grandmaster.

He has other names, like Cao Cao and Zhao Yun.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

Han Jue frowned.

This fellow was a little arrogant this time!

It seemed that becoming the number one in the world had made him arrogant.

Han Jue immediately started the simulation trial.

Instant kill!

That\'s it

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

He felt that Ji Xianshen was too arrogant.

He immediately disappeared from the cave abode.

Several dozen li away, it was still that forest.

Han Jue appeared in front of him.

The current Ji Xianshen wore a golden robe, but it was still inferior to Han Jue\'s Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe.

Ji Xianshen glanced at him and was secretly jealous.

He\'s dressed even flashier than me!

Ji Xianshen said proudly, Guan Yu, I\'ve already killed dozens of Mahayana Realm devils.

My strength is no longer the same as before.

Do you dare to fight me

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Didn\'t you say that you won\'t disturb me anymore

I… just want to spar with you.

There\'s no end to it.

Why don\'t we fight to the death!

So arrogant

Hearing Han Jue\'s tone, Ji Xianshen was also furious.

But on second thought, what if he couldn\'t defeat Han Jue

He hesitated.

He gritted his teeth and said, This time, if I lose again, I\'ll ascend directly! I won\'t disturb you anymore!

You\'re sure

Yes, we\'ll only fight, not have a battle of life or death!

Han Jue suddenly took a step forward.

The two were less than half a meter apart.

Han Jue raised his hand and pressed on Ji Xianshen\'s shoulder.

His Dharmic powers erupted and suppressed him.


Ji Xianshen couldn\'t take it anymore.

His legs went soft and he knelt down on one knee, causing the forest to shake violently.

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His face turned pale.


This spirit energy…

Ji Xianshen wanted to break free, but he couldn\'t.

The spirit energy in his body couldn\'t rush out.

Han Jue\'s Dharmic powers formed shackles and imprisoned him.

After a long while…

Ji Xianshen lowered his head and gritted his teeth.

I\'ve lost!

Not only was he defeated, but he was also utterly defeated!

Han Jue retracted his hand and said, Cultivate well.

With your talent, you will surpass me sooner or later.

As for ascension, wait a little longer.

The mortal world needs your protection.

This fellow can\'t ascend now!

The Heavenly Court is about to arrive!

Ji Xianshen took a deep breath.

He also had his dignity to uphold.

I\'ll never come again!

Ji Xianshen stood up and left.

Han Jue flashed back into the cave abode and continued cultivating.

Under the Fusang Tree, Tu Ling\'er and Fang Liang were still in shock.

The others didn\'t know Ji Xianshen, but they knew him.

Although they were dozens of kilometers away, they could see it clearly with their cultivation.

Ji Xianshen was pressed to the ground by Han Jue and couldn\'t move!

How great was the difference in cultivation

I came to the right place! Tu Ling\'er thought to herself.

However, so far, Han Jue had never officially said that he wanted to take her in as his disciple.

Could it be that he was still worried about her

Was it because of her previous identity

Tu Ling\'er was troubled.

How should she please Han Jue

When she thought of his unparalleled appearance, she couldn\'t help but blush.


How can we cultivators think about such trivial matters

Should I give him a treasure

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