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Han Jue listened to the other party and pondered.

What do you mean

Was she trying to recruit him

As her disciple

Or maybe possess him


Han Jue panicked.

He was so handsome and had such high potential.

Even an immortal would probably be envious!

This area has already been isolated by my Dharmic powers.

No one can detect our presence.

We can talk without worries. The hoarse voice sounded again.

Han Jue asked cautiously, May I know your identity…

The hoarse voice replied, I\'m from the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

The Bridge of Forgetfulness

Wasn\'t that a bridge

The manifestation of the Bridge of Forgetfulness


Meng Po!

Han Jue was shocked.

What was Meng Po trying to do

Did she want to recruit him as an assistant

You know the background of your newest disciple, don\'t you

Han Jue asked curiously, What background does she have A genius of the Heavenly Immortal Manor Could it be that the Heavenly Immortal Manor has your support

As a Loose Immortal, he could already see through the Grand Magus\' origin.

If news of this were to spread, it would definitely attract fear.

You really don\'t know Your disciples are all extraordinary. The hoarse voice teased.

Han Jue remained silent.

The hoarse voice continued, I\'ll just say it directly.

Tu Ling\'er is the reincarnated Great Magus of our Magus Race.

The reason why she approached you is definitely that you can make her stronger.

Every Great Magus has a special ability that they are born with.

Tu Ling\'er\'s special ability is to find the opportunity that\'s most beneficial to her through the premonition of a dream.

This is also the reason why she survived the Magus-Demon Calamity.

Previously, you came to the netherworld.

I remember your aura.

Therefore, when Tu Ling\'er found you, I specially checked you.

You don\'t have negative karma or a powerful background, but you\'ve come to this point.

You might become the hope of the Magus Race.

The hope of the Magus Race

Meng Po was from the Magus Race

Han Jue thought quickly.

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As long as you lead Tu Ling\'er to become an Immortal Emperor, you will be a benefactor of the Magus Race.

Han Jue asked curiously, What realm is an Immortal Emperor Golden Immortal

Above Golden Immortal is Immortal Emperor.

To be honest, the Heavenly Court might want to clean up the mortal world I\'m in.

Can you help me

No, the Heavenly Court is in charge of the netherworld.

I have no right to interfere.

Then what can I get by helping the Magus Race

If you die, I can take you in.

Han Jue was speechless.

He felt like he had been fooled.

He then asked, Then, can you help me carve out a place in the netherworld where I can stay and not be disturbed

No problem.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

That was more like it.

So, you agreed the hoarse voice asked.

Han Jue replied, I like Tu Ling\'er, too.

Besides, she has already acknowledged me as her master.

The other party had already revealed his cards.

If Han Jue refused, he might not be able to leave.

[Meng Po has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

Han Jue immediately used his essence soul as the center and started the simulation trial.

He found Meng Po and started fighting.

A second later.

He was defeated instantly.

Han Jue wasn\'t surprised.

He just wanted to copy the data and use Meng Po as a template in the future.

In Meng Po\'s eyes, Han Jue only closed his eyes for a second, as if he was thinking about something.

Han Jue cupped his fists and said, I still have to continue breaking through.

I won\'t talk to you anymore.


Meng Po\'s voice sounded.

Han Jue stopped thinking and focused on absorbing the Qi of Reincarnation to strengthen his essence soul.

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The Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain regained its calm.

Xing Hongxuan, Li Qingzi, and the others also left and continued cultivating.

The disciples didn\'t discuss for long.

Three years later.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

Han Jue\'s essence soul returned to his body, which had transformed drastically.

With the Numinous Treasures and Supreme Treasures shining brightly on him, he resembled an Immortal God.

He had completely become a Reincarnation Loose Immortal!

His strength was more than a hundred times stronger than before!

Han Jue opened his attributes list.

[Name: Han Jue]

[Lifespan: 779 / 1,294,000]

[Race: Immortal]

[Cultivation: Early-stage of the Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm]

[Technique: Six Paths of Reincarnation (Can be inherited)]

[Magic: Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword, Seven Illusionary Steps, Three Pure Shadow Sword (Unparalleled), Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal, Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm, Wind God Technique, Still Phase Technique]

[Mystical Power: Six Paths Soul Absorption, Heavenly Punishment Ghost Deity Sword, Imitate Heaven and Earth, Somersault Cloud, Ten Thousand Sword Sect (Can be inherited), Tathagata Incantation, Six Paths Ultimate Seal, Firmament Sword Qi, Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger, Universe in the Sleeves, Door of Reincarnation, Invocation Technique]

[Equipment: Little Universe Belt, Qilin Sword, Demon Binding Rope, Burning Fiend Bell (Sixth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Frost Lord\'s Glazed Crown (Fourth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Book of Misfortune (Grand Unity Supreme Treasure), Earth Emperor\'s Soul Ward (Third-Grade Numinous Treasure), Heart Protecting Immortal Chain (Third-Grade Numinous Treasure), Calm Meditation Mat (Grand Unity Sixth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Heavenly Spirit Bracelet (Supreme-Grade Numinous Treasure), Purple Gold Soft Armor (Grand Unity Eighth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots (Grand Unity Sixth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Giant Spiritual Wrist Guard (Grand Unity Fifth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Imperial Dragon Destiny Carriage (Grand Unity Second-Grade Numinous Treasure), Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe (Grand Unity Supreme Treasure)]

[Self-Created Mystical Power: Three Pure World Cleansing (Grand Unity)]

[Sword Intent: Reincarnation Sword Intent (Grand Unity)]

[Birth Dharma Treasure: Primordial Judgment Sword]

[Cultivation Potential: Spiritual Physique of the Six Paths.

It contains top-notch wind, fire, water, earth, wood, and thunder cultivation potentials.

Increases providence to a certain extent.]

[Connate providence is as follows]

[Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, top-notch charm]

[Destined Sword Fanatic: Top-notch Sword Dao aptitude, top-notch Sword Dao learning ability]

[Unparalleled Movement Technique: Top-notch movement technique aptitude]

[Descendant of the Immortal Emperor: After the game begins, you will receive an unparalleled cultivation technique…]

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1.29 million years of lifespan!

Who else could compare to him!

Han Jue became proud.

He loved seeing his lifespan increase.

Han Jue suppressed his excitement and checked Meng Po\'s cultivation.

[Meng Po: Early-stage of the Grand Unity True Immortal Realm, Ghost Deity of the Netherworld, created by the Magus Race.

She is hidden in the netherworld and holds the responsibility of reincarnation.

Her wish is to strengthen the Magus Race.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

Grand Unity True Immortal!

No wonder he couldn\'t win!

Han Jue was secretly glad that he didn\'t reject Meng Po.

Otherwise, he would have died in the netherworld.

This was also good.

In the future, after the people he cared about passed away, he could greet Meng Po and tell her not to feed them her soup.

But then again, the devils and the magi were hiding in the netherworld.

Could the netherworld be a refuge for defeated races

Han Jue took out the Grand Imperial Phoenix Wings Crown and started to make it recognize him as its owner.

Several hours later.

He put on the Grand Imperial Phoenix Wings Crown and decided to give it to Xing Hongxuan.

Han Jue then took out the Book of Misfortune and started to curse Vermilion Bird.

As for Daoist Jueyan, he was no longer a threat.

Han Jue decided to wait for him to come personally.

While cursing, he checked his emails.

From them, he could see that the cultivation world seemed to be very peaceful.

Only Ji Xianshen had been attacked by True Devils dozens of times.

Other than that, there was no news of the True Devils.

Could it be that Ji Xianshen had wiped out the True Devils


This fellow was a little fierce.

He didn\'t have an illustrious background from his previous life, but he had fought his way out from the crowd of people with great providence and became the number one prodigy in the world!

Han Jue checked Ji Xianshen\'s profile and discovered that his cultivation level had already reached the fourth level of the Mahayana Realm.

This breakthrough speed was very fast!

Second only to Han Jue himself!

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