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Senior, as long as you let me go, I won\'t come again!

Lou Yuxue gritted his teeth.

Han Jue was so powerful that he could only beg for mercy.

Damn it!

As expected, this mission was not reliable!

When Lou Yuxue received the Devil Ancestor\'s instructions, his first reaction was that there was a trap.

The devils\' plan for the mortal world had not started in a thousand years or a hundred years.

They had planned for ten thousand years, but they had never succeeded.


He had just arrived in the mortal world and had already suffered a failure!

Lou Yuxue hated the Devil Ancestor.

Was it not comfortable to stay in the netherworld Why did he have to come to the mortal world to cause trouble!

[Lou Yuxue has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 1 star.]

Han Jue narrowed his eyes.

1-star Hatred Points was actually not too bad.

It was far from a situation where they would fight to the death.

Han Jue hesitated if he should let him go.

Even if he did, he had to imprison his soul.

Are there any other True Devils stronger than you Han Jue asked.

Lou Yuxue smiled bitterly.

No way.

I\'m the strongest, but I encountered you the first time I attacked…

Han Jue retracted his hand and imprisoned Lou Yuxue\'s soul in the depths of his soul.

Perhaps he could use this fellow in the future.

Dao Comprehension Sword couldn\'t help but ask, Master, the devils are attacking.

What should we do

Han Jue said calmly, Let\'s wait and see.

If we really can\'t win, we\'ll run.

Outside the cave abode.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King slipped back under the Fusang Tree.

He lowered his head, not daring to face the others.

The Black Hell Chicken laughed mockingly.

Wyrm King We need Master\'s help, and you also need Master\'s help.

Tell me, what\'s the difference between us

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The Three-Headed Wyrm King nearly exploded in anger.

Fang Liang sighed.

That True Devil was indeed ridiculously strong.

It looked like he was completely overwhelmed, but in fact, the difference in strength was just too great.

Hearing this, the Three-Headed Wyrm King became even more depressed.

Xun Chang\'an took this opportunity to educate Fang Liang.

You have to cultivate well.

You and your senior brother will be our hope.

In the future, we\'ll still have to rely on you two to resolve Master\'s troubles.

Yang Tiandong, the Three-Headed Wyrm King, the Black Hell Chicken, and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog felt as if they had been imbued with something.

Especially the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

Its strength was already at the bottom.

Normally, it wouldn\'t be able to win against anyone.

It felt extremely aggrieved.


I want to surpass them!

The two little Golden Crows lay on the branches of the Fusang Tree, shaking their heads as they looked at these people.

They conversed with each other, their voices sweet like six or seven-year-olds.

Was that guy strong

I don\'t feel that he was that strong.

Perhaps they are too weak.


A year later.

Han Jue successfully grasped the Invocation Technique.

This technique had two components: the main Mystical Power and sub Mystical Power.

Someone who learned the sub Mystical Power could invoke and summon the person who mastered the main Mystical Power.

Learning the sub Mystical Power would only mean mastering the summoning method.

Han Jue decided to impart the Mystical Power to his disciples.

This Mystical Power could only be given to his own disciples and could not be taught to the entire Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

Even if it was taught to these closest people, he had to give a different explanation.

Han Jue called Dao Comprehension Sword and walked out of the cave abode.

He came to the Fusang Tree and called Su Qi out.

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Murong Qi had already returned.

He wanted to go out again but was stopped by Han Jue.

It was to impart the Invocation Technique.

Apart from the Black Hell Chicken and Chaotic Heavenly Dog, this was the first time the others had seen Su Qi.

Fang Liang and Murong Qi were very interested in this mysterious person.

A fiendish cultivator, muttered Fang Liang softly.

Su Qi smiled calmly.

He was very excited.

These disciples and juniors were all very talented.

Especially Fang Liang and Murong Qi.

The cultivation of the third-generation disciples was almost catching up to his, a second-generation disciple.

Han Jue said, Previously, Su Qi was sent by me to infiltrate the Demon Taming Sect and had no choice but to become a fiendish cultivator.

During the war between the righteous and the demonic, many fiendish cultivators died in his hands.

Hearing this, everyone felt deep veneration for Su Qi.

Among Han Jue\'s disciples, no one else was assigned a mission by him.

They looked at Su Qi\'s weathered face again and felt guilty.

Han Jue protected them so much, but they often wanted to go out.

Han Jue caught everyone\'s expression and didn\'t say anything.

He had called for Su Qi this time to test him.

He wanted to see if the total providence on this mountain could suppress Su Qi\'s bad luck.

Previously, Lou Yuxue had said that the providence here was the highest in the world.

As for Du Ku, he wasn\'t related to Han Jue and was not someone with great luck.

It was normal for him to suffer if he dared to spend five days alone with Su Qi.

I will teach you a technique that can only be used when your life is at stake.

Once you use it, you will obtain immense power, but the price will be unimaginable.

You will face your worst nightmare, Han Jue said seriously.

Everyone looked at each other.

Fang Liang asked curiously, Is the nightmare an illusion, or is the fear going to turn real

Han Jue said in an unfathomable manner, Only you will know if what you are afraid of will come true or not.

In short, unless it\'s absolutely necessary, you must never use this Mystical Power.

However, if it\'s a matter of life and death, you should still use it.

I hope that all of you can live and follow me to pursue the Great Dao and enjoy eternal life.

His words made everyone\'s blood boil.

Pursue the Great Dao together!

Enjoy eternal life!

Murong Qi clenched his fists and said, I\'ll definitely cultivate well.

In the future, I\'ll cut down all those who stand in my way!

The others also promised.

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Xun Chang\'an, who had always been a slacker, also revealed a look of anticipation.

Golden Crows, Three-Headed, come over and learn together. Han Jue looked to the side and smiled.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King, who had been eavesdropping, hurriedly crawled over.

The two Golden Crows flew over and landed on Fang Liang\'s shoulder.

For some reason, they liked Fang Liang and often rubbed against him.

[The Three-Headed Wyrm King\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 5.5 stars]

Han Jue began to impart the sub Mystical Power of the Invocation Technique.

He taught them for two months.

The Invocation Technique was very complicated, but Fang Liang, Murong Qi, and Su Qi only took a few days to master it.

The slowest to learn were Yang Tiandong and the Black Hell Chicken.

They almost felt depressed.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog finally regained some confidence and was overjoyed.

Han Jue brought Dao Comprehension Sword back to the cave abode.

Su Qi didn\'t stay any longer.

He quickly returned to his cave abode and cultivated in peace.

Han Jue used the Heavenly Puppet to check on Xing Hongxuan and the other two.

They were still on their way back and had not encountered any True Devils.

According to Lou Yuxue, the True Devils\' target was the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

It was unknown if the Heavenly Immortal Manor could withstand it.

Eight years later.

Han Jue was already close to the ninth level of the Mahayana Realm.

He wanted to reach it in one go.

[Detected bearer of Connate providence, check its origin.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

It had been a long time since he had met a new person with great providence.

The previous person was Ji Xianshen, a conceited fool who wanted to be number one in the world.

Han Jue immediately chose to check.

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The introduction of the person with the providence popped up in front of him.

Han Jue widened his eyes.


Not bad at all!


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