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[You chose to continue cultivating and stay away from trouble.

You will obtain a Mystical Power inheritance.]

[Congratulations on obtaining Mystical Power—Invocation Technique]

[Invocation Technique: Inheritable Mystical Power, it can be passed on to others.

When others use the Invocation Technique, they can summon you from afar.

You can return to your original location within two hours using the Invocation Technique again.]

The three lines of words suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue\'s eyes, but he ignored them and looked at the line of information regarding Lou Yuxue.

Commander of the True Devils

How did he come so quickly

Is he coming for me, or did he appear around the Jade Pure Sacred Sect by coincidence

Han Jue frowned and became even more nervous.

He immediately used the simulation trial to fight against Lou Yuxue.

Too close!

Instant kill!

However, the aura emitted by Lou Yuxue in the battle was much stronger than that of Ji Xianshen and Xuan Qingjun.

Han Jue started to check Lou Yuxue\'s location.

This fellow was less than fifteen kilometers away from the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

He stood on a mountain peak and didn\'t move.

This is a good opportunity to intimidate the Three-Headed Wyrm King.

Han Jue thought silently, then sent a voice transmission to the Three-Headed Wyrm King.

At the peak of the mountain, a black-robed figure stared into the distance.

His hair was white and his face was demonic.

He had a pair of double pupils, and his lips were so red that they were almost dripping blood.

Under the sunlight, he looked terrifying.

Lou Yuxue, a True Devil of the Devil Race.

This time, he brought dozens of True Devils to the mortal world.

The other True Devils first gathered information on the Heavenly Immortal Manor, while he was sent to the place with the greatest providence in the mortal world by the Devil Ancestor, who wanted him to destroy this place first.

This way, the providence of the human race in the mortal world would greatly decrease, allowing them to proceed more smoothly.

Lou Yuxue used his divine sense to scan the area.

This sect was not strong and should not be the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Why was it the place with the most providence in the mortal world

He couldn\'t figure it out and felt that there might be a trap.

He didn\'t dare to act rashly.

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At that moment, a figure sped over.

It was the Three-Headed Wyrm King!

The sixth level of the Mahayana Realm.

Lou Yuxue frowned.

The immortal mountain was enveloped by Han Jue\'s system barrier.

Previously, when he scanned with his divine sense, he didn\'t notice the Three-Headed Wyrm King.

It was indeed a trap!

This place looked weak, but it was actually the most terrifying place in the entire mortal world!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King took out a huge halberd and smiled sinisterly.

You\'re a True Devil

Without another word, he brandished his halberd and attacked Lou Yuxue.

Lou Yuxue stirred.

How did he know that he was a True Devil

Had the devils\' plan been exposed

Lou Yuxue didn\'t have time to think too much and quickly started fighting with the wyrm.

This was the fight of two Mahayana Realm cultivators with terrifying auras!

In less than five breaths of time, the surrounding mountains were razed to the ground.

The sounds of battle alerted the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The elders flew out and looked into the distance nervously.

Lou Yuxue was worthy of being a True Devil Commander.

He was indeed far stronger than the Three-Headed Wyrm King.

Demonic Qi overflowed and covered the sky.

It covered a radius of five kilometers, suppressing the Three-Headed Wyrm King until he continuously fell.

The overbearing demonic Qi transformed into pillars that descended from the sky, forcing the Three-Headed Wyrm King to constantly dodge in the ruins.

After fighting for a short while, the Three-Headed Wyrm King was already covered in blood.

Damn it!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King was both shocked and furious.

He hadn\'t expected the other party to be so strong.

This was his first battle after joining Han Jue.

Was he going to lose

The wyrm roared into the sky and transformed into his true form.

A three-headed black-scaled wyrm appeared between heaven and earth.

It was thousands of feet long and looked mighty and domineering.

Under its four claws, it stepped on dragon flames.

A pair of fleshy wings grew on its back and spread out for thousands of feet.

Lou Yuxue raised his eyebrows and thought to himself, True Dragon bloodline

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He then raised his right hand and pressed down, causing the billowing demonic Qi in the sky to transform into a mountain-sized black palm that smashed down.

In front of this black palm, the Three-Headed Wyrm King was like a small snake, pressed to the ground, unable to move.

Master! I can\'t hold on! the Three-Headed Wyrm King hurriedly shouted.

The difference in spirit energy was too great, causing him to not even be able to use many Mystical Powers and spells.

Lou Yuxue\'s demonic Qi was extremely strange, causing the Three-headed Wyrm King to be unable to execute his Mystical Power in the area covered by it.

Even his speed was much slower, as if he was carrying a huge mountain on his back.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King had never encountered such a terrifying opponent!

He was clearly very strong, but from a spectator\'s point of view, he had no ability to resist.

He was like a clumsy beast, not a Mahayana Demon King.

There are others as well!

Lou Yuxue\'s eyes flickered as he thought to himself.


A strong gust of wind suddenly blew over, dissipating the demonic Qi filling the sky.

Lou Yuxue\'s eyes widened.

He turned around and saw a figure speeding over.

It was Han Jue!

Lou Yuxue\'s soul trembled.

Feeling an extremely terrifying danger, he subconsciously took out a black wooden sword and waved it at Han Jue.

The moment the wooden sword was raised, Han Jue raised his finger and shot out a sword aura.

Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger!

Lou Yuxue couldn\'t block in time and his body was directly annihilated by the sword Qi.

In the blink of an eye, Han Jue raised his palm and sucked away Lou Yuxue\'s soul.

This was the reason why he came out personally.

Otherwise, he could have stood on the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain and shot at him.

Lou Yuxue died!

The demonic Qi in the world dissipated.

The black palm suppressing the Three-Headed Wyrm King dissipated as he looked at Han Jue in shock.

The high and mighty Han Jue glanced at him and then disappeared.

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The Three-Headed Wyrm King was extremely ashamed.

He wished that he could find a hole to hide in and sleep for another tens of thousands of years!

After returning to the cave abode, a line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[The Three-Headed Wyrm King\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 4.5 stars]

Han Jue didn\'t mind.

He sat on the bed and opened his right hand.

Lou Yuxue\'s soul appeared.

Under the constraints of the Six Paths spirit energy, Lou Yuxue couldn\'t escape.

He looked at Han Jue in horror and asked, You are an immortal

How could a mortal be so powerful!

Han Jue asked expressionlessly, Why are you here

Lou Yuxue gritted his teeth.

I was just passing by.

I didn\'t intend to harm you.

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying divine sense collided with his soul, causing him to almost scream in pain.

I was sent here by someone because the providence of this place is the highest in the mortal world.

I\'m also afraid of death! Senior, please spare my life!

Lou Yuxue gritted his teeth as his soul trembled continuously.

Han Jue asked expressionlessly, Who sent you here

The Devil… Ancestor…

Devil Ancestor What was the plan

Massacre the humans.

He sent you Are the devils so weak

Lou Yuxue felt insulted, but he had to bow his head.

He didn\'t want to die.

He gritted his teeth and said, The True Devils were defeated by the Great Calamity of the Heavenly Dao many eras ago and were sealed in the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

We True Devils were painstakingly found by the Devil Race.

The Devil Ancestor bewitched the ghosts on the Bridge of Forgetfulness and made the ghosts who didn\'t want to reincarnate become fiendish cultivators until they cultivated to become True Devils.

There are rules in the mortal world.

If existences beyond the Mahayana Realm enter without permission, it will alarm the heavenly rules.

The Heavenly Court, the Divine Palace, and even the Buddhist Sect will definitely be furious.

The Devil Ancestor can only send True Devils at the ninth level of the Mahayana Realm to infiltrate the mortal world.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

A question popped into his mind.

Could it be that the Devil Race and the netherworld don\'t have Heaven Evading Stones

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