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After saying that, Ji Xianshen noticed a nervous expression on Han Jue\'s face.

He was very pleased.

It seemed that his talent could still intimidate the other party!

Han Jue asked carefully, If I win this time, will you come and spar with me again

Upon hearing this, Ji Xianshen immediately became unhappy.

What do you mean

You\'re too conceited!

Impossible! I, Ji Xianshen, am invincible.

Previously, I was only weaker than you in cultivation level.

Now, I will definitely defeat you!

Just use the move that killed the Fiend Emperor.

I\'ll take it!

Han Jue was speechless.

Why do young people want to die


He hesitated.

Is that necessary

Ji Xianshen snorted.

What Are you afraid of losing to me You must accept the challenge today!

Han Jue sighed and raised his right hand.

This time, he raised his middle finger at him.

Ji Xianshen shook his arms.

Golden lightning burst out and wrapped around his body, forming a solid golden tower.

Han Jue activated the Six Paths spirit energy and began to accumulate power, preparing to use the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger.

He hesitated.

How much spirit energy should he use

When Han Jue raised the spirit energy in his middle finger to 30%, the terrifying aura caused Ji Xianshen to frown.

This is the sword Qi that killed the Fiend Emperor To actually use a finger as a sword, it\'s indeed impressive! Ji Xianshen thought to himself.

When the spirit energy in Han Jue\'s middle finger increased to 50%, Ji Xianshen felt his blood run cold.

Not good!

Would he be unable to stop it

Would he die

This thought appeared in Ji Xianshen\'s mind.


I\'m the strongest genius in the history of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

How can I die!

Han Jue continued to increase the spirit energy of the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger.

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Ji Xianshen suddenly stopped.

Cold sweat oozed out of his forehead.

Han Jue retracted his hand and asked in surprise, What\'s wrong

Ji Xianshen heaved a sigh of relief.

His face was slightly red as he said, Forget it.

Since you don\'t want me to disturb you, I\'ll come again when you\'re free.


With that, Ji Xianshen turned around, turned into a shadow, and quickly disappeared into the forest.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

This guy is a little cute.

This is the world\'s number one

Han Jue returned to the cave abode.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, Where did you go just now

To meet a friend.

Male or female

Eh What does that have to do with you

Seeing Han Jue frown, Dao Comprehension Sword panicked.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said, I\'m just worried about you!

Han Jue couldn\'t be bothered with her.

He closed his eyes and shifted his consciousness back into Xing Hongxuan\'s puppet.

He continued to inspect the Daoist temple and discovered that there was only one remnant soul inside.

As for the restriction, the danger level was very low.

Han Jue stopped investigating.

After Xing Hongxuan woke up, he would remind her not to disturb the remnant soul.

What if it was very strong

According to the cultivation novels Han Jue read in his previous life, it was certain that there were powerful figures hidden in the world.

There might also be terrifying existences that could overturn the six realms lurking in the mortal world!

There might be as many Loose Immortals as there were dogs, and the age of Mahayana being common everywhere could come at any time.

Han Jue\'s consciousness returned to the cave abode and continued cultivating.

He had to maintain this cultivation speed.

He could only be faster, not slower, or else he would feel uneasy.

Five years later.

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The guest elder of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, Du Ku, came to visit Han Jue.

He was here to say goodbye as he was preparing to ascend.

Before leaving, he wanted to visit Su Qi.

No matter what, Su Qi was the last disciple of the Demon Taming Sect.

Before he ascended, he had to say his goodbyes.

Han Jue frowned and said, I think you shouldn\'t visit him and just directly ascend.

Du Ku frowned, Why Are you afraid that I\'ll steal him from you

No, it\'s for your own sake.

I\'m just saying goodbye.

If you stop me, it\'ll turn into my mental demon.

Alright, then hurry up.

Of course.

Du Ku left to find Su Qi.

Han Jue cursed silently.

I\'m trying to help you, but you got angry at me

What made Han Jue even more speechless was that after this fellow found Su Qi, he didn\'t directly say goodbye.

Instead, he began to talk about the past between him and the Demon Taming Sect.

Su Qi was also speechless.

In his opinion, the one who had destroyed the Demon Taming Sect was his master.

He had to keep this matter a secret so as to not cause trouble for his master.

After five days and five nights, Du Ku finally left.

For some reason, when Han Jue used his divine sense to observe him, he felt that this guy\'s aura was covered in darkness.

A sign of great calamity!

Eight years later.

In the middle of his cultivation, Han Jue opened his eyes.

He thought of Du Ku and began to check the emails.

[Your good friend Zhou Fan had a fortuitous encounter and obtained a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.]

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by a Demon Saint and is severely injured.]

[Your good friend Du Ku transcended the tribulation and ascended.

He encountered a sudden phenomenon in the heavenly tribulation and nearly died.

Although he succeeded in his ascension, his cultivation was greatly damaged and his cultivation level declined instead of rising.]

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang has obtained the recognition of a senior\'s soul thought in the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

He has learned a Great Mystical Power.]

[Your disciple Murong Qi was attacked by demons] x75321

[Your disciple Murong Qi has comprehended the Spear Dao during the slaughter.

His cultivation has increased greatly and he has awakened his divinity.]

[Your friend Mo Fuchou was attacked by ghosts] x1762

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Han Jue couldn\'t help but mourn for Du Ku.

Fellow Daoist, you deserved it.

However, this old fellow\'s luck was quite good.

He actually made it through.

Han Jue noticed that Zhou Fan had obtained a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.

Was he going to rise up again

A Grand Unity Numinous Treasure was definitely an invincible weapon in the mortal world!

As for Fang Liang, it was just a usual day of his life, there was no surprise!

What surprised Han Jue was that Murong Qi actually awakened his divinity.

Grand-disciple, impressive!

Han Jue didn\'t expect that the one he looked forward to the most was not his disciple but his grand-disciple.

Fang Liang and Murong Qi had already surpassed Xun Chang\'an and Yang Tiandong, fully displaying his talent and providence.

Especially Murong Qi, he could be well nurtured.

Perhaps the task of killing the Vermilion Bird would be completed by him!

Han Jue thought silently.

He was about to continue cultivating.

At this moment, Dao Comprehension Sword spoke, Master, you\'re awake.

Good timing, the Fusang Tree is moving again!

Han Jue frowned.


Dao Comprehension Sword shook her head.

I\'m not sure, either.

But, recently, during nighttime, the Fusang Tree will shake.

Your disciples are also very worried.

Han Jue got up and walked out of the cave abode.

Upon seeing him, Xun Chang\'an, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, and the Black Hell Chicken hurriedly knelt down.

Han Jue looked up.

The two Golden Crows were still napping on the tree.

They did not leave the Fusang Tree!

So why did the Fusang Tree sway

Don\'t invite trouble again!

Master, I definitely didn\'t leave the Fusang Tree! Even if I did, it wouldn\'t have taken more than five minutes!

The Black Hell Chicken hurriedly promised, its tone filled with fear.

Han Jue ignored it and probed into the Fusang Tree with his divine sense, wanting to see if there was anything wrong inside.


The Fusang Tree was very healthy and full of life.

It didn\'t seem like something had happened.

Han Jue was puzzled.

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Heaven and earth rumbled.

A thunderous explosion suddenly erupted, startling Dao Comprehension Sword and the others.

Even the other disciples of the sect were shocked.

The two Golden Crows on the Fusang Tree immediately straightened their necks and looked in the same direction.

Their eyes were filled with hostility.


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