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Hearing Han Jue\'s words, Su Qi couldn\'t help but think of the sword Qi that killed the Fiend Emperor.

Could it be…

Su Qi looked expectant.

Tell me about your experiences over the years. Han Jue smiled.

His smile was so kind and warm in Su Qi\'s eyes.

Su Qi was inexplicably touched.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sat down in front of him.

He began to talk about his hundreds of years of experience.

Han Jue breathed in and cultivated while listening.

He didn\'t need to interrupt and only listened to Su Qi.

It had to be said that Su Qi\'s experience was truly legendary.

It was full of ups and downs and was absolutely wonderful.

It could be written as a fairy tale.

It took him ten days and ten nights to finish.

Even though his cultivation was close to the Void Amalgamation Realm, his mouth was still dry.


Han Jue sighed.

It\'s been hard on you all these years.

Su Qi replied, Master, you must be concerned about me.

It must be your plan for me to be able to survive, just like how you killed the Fiend Emperor.

Han Jue felt embarrassed, but his expression was calm.

Cultivate for ten years first.

I\'ll teach you the Mystical Power later, said Han Jue.

Su Qi nodded.

He had calmed down.

Then, the master and disciple entered a cultivation state and no longer spoke.

After the war between the righteous and demonic ended, many Holy Lands led by the Heavenly Immortal Manor joined forces.

The fiendish cultivators retreated step by step like street rats.

The demons did not dare to act recklessly, and peace returned to the world.

The righteous path seemed to realize that they were not strong enough on the surface.

The Holy Lands began to promote their respective geniuses.

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Among them, Ji Xianshen was the most famous.

He had slain one of the five fiends, Luo Qiumo, and slaughtered a million fiendish cultivators.

His reputation was unparalleled.

Ji Xianshen even had the bearing of the number one cultivator in the world.

However, the identity of the mysterious cultivator who had killed the Fiend Emperor had never been revealed, causing Ji Xianshen to be unable to firmly take first place.

Time passed gradually, and another ten years passed.

Han Jue broke through to the third level of the Mahayana Realm!

Breaking through a minor realm in 17 years was a little slow to Han Jue.

However, if it was spread out, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

Han Jue\'s goal was to reach the perfected Mahayana Realm as soon as possible and break through to the Immortal Realm.

On this day, Han Jue brought Su Qi out of the cave abode and started to teach him a Mystical Power.

Yang Tiandong was sent to the foot of the mountain.

The others had the great providence of immortals, so they shouldn\'t be killed by Su Qi.

After all, even the Chaotic Heavenly Dog could withstand it.

Su Qi\'s bad luck was a calamity to the mortals, but in the higher realms, it might not be that strong.

Moreover, Su Qi was still a mortal.

Su Qi was very excited.

He could finally learn something from his master.

Yang Tiandong, Xun Chang\'an, and Dao Comprehension Sword were very curious about him.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog no longer felt love.

They had both been away for centuries, so why was Su Qi so favored by his master

It had expected its master to scold and beat it, but it had not expected its master to ignore it.

It was uncomfortable.

Han Jue spent a month imparting his Mystical Power.

When Su Qi was cultivating his Mystical Power, Han Jue came to the Fusang Tree and sat down, feeling its boundless vitality.

It was indeed a divine tree!

Now, the Spirit Qi produced by the Fusang Tree had already surpassed that of the entire immortal mountain.

Not only that, but the spiritual Qi was too rich and began to spread.

It benefited the entire Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The nearest mountain was the first to enjoy the benefits.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons had set up the surrounding mountains as a blessed land.

Only those who had made outstanding contributions to the sect could move their cave abodes there.

This had nothing to do with Han Jue.

He took out the Book of Misfortune and started to curse the Vermilion Bird and Daoist Jueyan.

He pulled up his interpersonal relationships and checked his emails.

After not seeing them for so many years, he wondered how his friends were doing.

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang was attacked by demons] x43211

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[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang was attacked by a Demon Saint and was severely injured.

Fortunately, a mighty figure passed by and he escaped death.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou inherited the demonic path\'s Mystical Power.

His cultivation has increased greatly.]

[Your good friend Ji Xianshen has returned to the mortal world.

He has comprehended the true meaning of heaven and earth and stepped into the Mahayana Realm.]

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by your good friend Mo Fuchou and was severely injured.]

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun ascended and became an Immortal.

Her providence has increased greatly.]

[Your grand-disciple Murong Qi met with a fortuitous encounter and his body transformed.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a righteous cultivator] x3892

Han Jue looked down and felt that the cultivation world was indeed peaceful.

He suddenly thought of the Devil Master.

He didn\'t know if the Devil Master\'s soul fragment had returned to his main body.

He began to sense the Six Paths Insignia on the Devil Master\'s soul fragment.

Soon, Han Jue caught the Devil Master\'s aura.

He checked his interpersonal relationships and discovered that the Devil Master\'s soul fragment had already disappeared.

Presumably, it had returned to the main body.

Since that was the case, he should be killed now!

Han Jue raised his right hand and pointed at the sky with his index finger.

He closed his eyes and carefully sensed the direction of the Six Paths Insignia.

On the other side, at the other end of the world.

On a desolate desert, sand blew into the sky.

The Devil Master floated above the cliff.

In front of him were three people.

They were Mo Fuchou, Mo Zhu, and a black-robed woman.

Disbelief filled the faces of Mo Fuchou and the others.

This is the origin of your Mo family.

The devil race has chosen you.

If you complete the mission given to you by the devil race, the Mo family will become an immortal family of the higher realm. The Devil Master smiled.

Even though he was smiling, it was still terrifying.

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Gritting his teeth, Mo Fuchou said, We can\'t control our birth, but we don\'t want to become devils who cause chaos!

The Devil Master sneered.

Oh Have you not killed many

I didn\'t do it on purpose.

Most of the time, I had no choice.

What about your good brother Zhou Fan Do you remember how you killed him

Mo Fuchou\'s expression instantly darkened.

Zhou Fan\'s death was the biggest worry in his heart.

Every time he thought of Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou would feel extremely uncomfortable.

His heart would be tormented and he would wish that he was dead.

The black-robed woman interjected, The devil race wants to control the mortal world.

What do the immortals think We\'re humans, not devils.

If we help them replace the humans, how can we stand on our own Besides, even the Fiend Emperor didn\'t succeed.

How many years will it take us to succeed Did the devils send any powerful helpers

The Devil Master glanced at her and snorted.

Even without you guys, the devil race will succeed.

When we cultivate the demonic path techniques, we are no longer humans.

The devil race is not a single lineage.

There are countless devils in the myriad mortal worlds.

As for the powerful helpers sent by the devil race, I am that reinforcement!

His tone was full of confidence!

Mo Zhu couldn\'t help but ask, Are you stronger than the Fiend Emperor

Of course.

How can the Fiend Emperor be compared to me Previously, I didn\'t attack because I wanted to use the Fiend Emperor to test the strength of the righteous path.

The Devil Master\'s words were filled with disdain for the Fiend Emperor.

At this moment!

A terrifying pressure came, startling the Devil Master and Mo Fuchou.

They subconsciously turned to look.

Sword light shone on their faces.

Before the Devil Master could react, he saw a sword beam from the corner of his eye.

That was…



The Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger swept past, drowning the Devil Master.

The terrifying wind sent Mo Fuchou and the other two flying.

The sword Qi came quickly and dissipated quickly.

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Mo Fuchou and the other two stabilized themselves in the air.

They looked over in astonishment.

They could no longer see the Devil Master nor sense his demonic Qi.

The Devil Master was obliterated in both body and soul!


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