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Han Jue chatted with Daoist Nine Cauldrons while looking for Di Hongye.

Soon, he found the profile icon.

He saw a rich and beautiful woman.

[Di Hongye: Cultivation unknown.

She is from the Golden Crow Divine Clan.

She had once given birth to seven Golden Crows for her husband.

The two youngest Golden Crows were expelled from the Golden Crow Divine Clan due to their poor potential.

Di Hongye has always been concerned about them.

She deduced that you have taken in the two Golden Crows and developed a favorable impression of you.

If you kill the two Golden Crows, you will receive Di Hongye\'s hatred, and she will not let go until you are dead.

Current favorability: 3 stars]


So it was the mother of the Golden Crows.

Han Jue was secretly glad that he didn\'t kill the two little Golden Crows.

Otherwise, he would be dead.

This was the first time that the system could not identify one\'s cultivation level!

Come to think of it, giving birth to seven Golden Crows was truly an incredible feat!

After chatting for a while, Daoist Nine Cauldrons left.


Fairy Xi Xuan and Xing Hongxuan did not stay long, either.

Dao Comprehension Sword couldn\'t help but ask curiously, Master, are you already the strongest cultivator in the world

From Daoist Nine Cauldrons\'s description, she suddenly understood that Han Jue\'s finger technique many years ago was not just to show them what Mahayana was.


That\'s because they are ignorant.

I can sense that there are at least ten thousand Mahayana cultivators in this world.

Many of them are stronger than me.

They just don\'t want to be disturbed by the mortal world. Han Jue shook his head.

Dao Comprehension Sword frowned.

She felt the pressure again.

She still had to cultivate diligently.

Otherwise, if her master abandoned her one day, she wouldn\'t be able to survive.

After Daoist Nine Cauldrons and the others returned, the Jade Pure Sacred Sect began to release a large number of sect missions.

They were no longer limited to the Great Yan, and the disciples could freely appear outside the Great Yan realm.

Han Jue finally welcomed his ideal cultivation era.

Even though he was already unparalleled under the heavens, he did not relax.

Most of his time was spent on cultivation.

Unlike before, he would take the time to teach those around him.

Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue\'er were the ones he took the most care of.

The two of them were not Connate bearers and their cultivation potential was not high.

To be honest, it was very, very difficult for them to reach the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Unless there was a great opportunity for them to be reborn.

Although Han Jue was a Mahayana Realm cultivator, he couldn\'t change fate.

Otherwise, the chances of people ascending in the mortal world would increase greatly.

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If Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue\'er died of old age, in Han Jue\'s opinion, it was also a good thing.

If they were reincarnated and had good potential, their cultivation would be twice as effective.

Reincarnation could easily change a person\'s soul.

It was mainly because of different experiences and memories.

If Han Jue helped them awaken their memories when they just reincarnated, they wouldn\'t become another person.

Of course, this was only Han Jue\'s preparation plan.

Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue\'er definitely didn\'t want to die.

What Han Jue could do was to help them cultivate as much as possible.

Seven years later.

Xing Hongxuan couldn\'t help but go out to search for fortuitous encounters again.

This time, Chang Yue\'er also followed.

The two women could also take care of each other.

Ever since Xing Hongxuan returned, Chang Yue\'er often visited her.

The relationship between these two women had improved greatly.

Now, they were like best friends.

Han Jue found it hard to understand.

Perhaps Dao Comprehension Sword and Fairy Xi Xuan had provoked them.

When Xing Hongxuan learned that Fairy Xi Xuan and Chang Yue\'er both had Heavenly Puppets, she immediately understood the situation.

On this day, Su Qi and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog returned.

Han Jue was almost scared to death.

He hurriedly called Su Qi into the cave abode.

As for the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, he couldn\'t be bothered.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog began wailing as it was surrounded by the crowd.

It felt aggrieved!

Ever since it left the mountain, it had been suffering.

Yang Tiandong appeared to be consoling, but he was secretly gloating.

Stupid dog!

Serves you right!

Xun Chang\'an was very curious about the Chaotic Heavenly Dog and Su Qi.

As for Murong Qi, he had recently gone out and was not on the mountain.

The Black Hell Chicken boasted, Come, after all these years, let Master Chicken see what you\'re capable of!

It\'s back!


It dreamed of teaching this dog a lesson!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog was no fool.

It could sense that the Black Hell Chicken\'s aura was stronger than his.

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He turned to look at the two Golden Crows on the Fusang Tree and asked curiously, What\'s that Your sons

After the little Golden Crows concealed their True Sun Flames, they didn\'t exude any aura.

Furthermore, their realm was far higher than the Chaotic Heavenly Dog\'s.

The dog couldn\'t see through their cultivation level.

Yes, that\'s the younger brother and sister I hatched for you, the Black Hell Chicken replied indifferently.

The mention of the Golden Crows made it uncomfortable.

For some reason, the two little Golden Crows liked to pester it.

This was very troubling.

Facing the Golden Crows, it was truly afraid.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog bristled.

Then I\'ll fight them.

I\'ll show you the results of my cultivation!

With that, it walked straight to the Fusang Tree.

Yang Tiandong, the Black Hell Chicken, and Xun Chang\'an didn\'t stop it.

They all revealed strange smiles.

On the other side, Dao Comprehension Sword was chased out of the cave abode again.

She looked indignant.

It was fine if that was a woman, but why was her master chasing her out for a man

Inside the cave abode, Su Qi kept kowtowing to him.

Like the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, he wailed, making Han Jue speechless.

Master! I\'ve completed the task you gave me.

Thank you for protecting me all these years!

Su Qi was extremely excited.

Only when he returned did he feel at ease.

Secretly protected

That\'s your bad luck!

Han Jue said seriously, From now on, you can cultivate with me in the cave abode.

His words were casual, but they were the warmest words Su Qi had ever heard.

Han Jue suddenly frowned and raised his palm to slap him.

Su Qi was sent flying and fell on the wall.

He couldn\'t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

He looked up at Han Jue in shock and was about to say something when he saw a demonic shadow.

The silhouette…

Devil Master!

Su Qi was shocked.

He had been wondering where the Devil Master had gone.

He didn\'t expect the Devil Master to be hidden in his body!

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Could it be that when he had sex with women, the Devil Master had also…

Su Qi\'s hatred for the Devil Master instantly reached the maximum.

Han Jue looked at the demonic shadow expressionlessly and said, Why are you hiding in my disciple\'s body

The Devil Master teased, So the master he has been talking about is you.

You\'re truly capable.

To be able to sense my existence, you must be a Mahayana Realm cultivator.

He\'s the Devil Master! Su Qi exclaimed.

[The Devil Master has hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 4 stars]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He couldn\'t help but raise his eyebrows.

He cautiously checked the Devil Master\'s information.

[Devil Master: Seventh level of the Mahayana Realm, Soul Fragment State.

The strongest demonic cultivator in the demonic path for the past ten thousand years, known to all as the Devil Master.

Because you are Su Qi\'s master, he has developed hatred towards you and will definitely kill you in the future.

Current Hatred Points: 4 stars]


Soul fragment

Han Jue suddenly attacked.

He used the Six Paths Soul Absorption Technique and sucked the Devil Master\'s soul into his palm.

He then quickly cast the Six Paths Insignia on the Devil Master\'s soul.

What are you doing The Devil Master growled in anger.

Han Jue pretended to hesitate and said, You\'re the Devil Master.

Killing you is what I should do.

However, I\'m afraid of trouble.

If I let you go, can you let my disciple go

When the Devil Master heard this, he felt disdain.

So it was a coward.

Of course!

Alright, you can leave! Han Jue said.


The Devil Master\'s soul fragment quickly fled.

[The Devil Master\'s hatred towards you has increased.

Current Hatred Points: 5 stars]


Han Jue raised his eyebrows when he saw the notification.

He was really asking for death!

After the Devil Master left, Su Qi said, Master, you can\'t believe his words!

Han Jue said calmly, I don\'t believe him at all.

It\'s only because that was just a soul fragment.

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When the soul fragment of the Devil Master returned to his main body, Han Jue would let him have a taste of what it was like to be schemed against.


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