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Xuan Qingjun entered the cave abode and sat down at the table.

She smiled at Han Jue and clicked her tongue in wonder.

You could even tame the Golden Crows.

You\'ve already reached the Mahayana Realm!

Han Jue suddenly felt that he had missed something.

He hurriedly activated the system barrier and enveloped the entire immortal mountain.

As he grew stronger, the function of the system also increased.

It was not difficult for the barrier to envelop a mountain.

He didn\'t know if the barrier could hide him from the Immortal Gods.

Yes, Han Jue replied.

There was nothing to hide.

If Xuan Qingjun had other thoughts about him, it would serve as a warning.

If he could avoid conflict and trouble, he would try his best to avoid it.

Xuan Qingjun treated him well.

He didn\'t want her to think otherwise.


Even if they fought, she couldn\'t beat him.

Xuan Qingjun sighed with emotion.

I once thought that Ji Xianshen was the number one prodigy in the world.

I didn\'t expect it to be you.

I was wrong back then, but it also shows that my luck is strong.

I was able to meet you before you became strong.

My dear Dao Companion, will you think of throwing me aside now Xuan Qingjun smiled as she asked.

She was still very shocked when she arrived at the immortal mountain.

This mountain was full of treasures!

The Fusang Tree made her feel that it was extraordinary.

In addition to two Golden Crows, was this a treasure land that a mortal should have

Han Jue smiled and said, Of course not.

After all, you\'ve helped me a lot.

Although they were Dao Companions, they were very polite.

Xuan Qingjun raised her right hand and wiped her face.

Her ordinary appearance disappeared and was replaced by a beautiful face.

Her eyes were seductive and her facial features were exquisite.

Han Jue was a little lost at the view.

I knew it!

The mighty Demon Lord couldn\'t be so ordinary.

Even mortals can become good-looking, let alone cultivators!

I\'m about to ascend.

Are you willing to ascend with me asked Xuan Qingjun, staring at him.

Han Jue shook his head.

I don\'t want to ascend yet.

Why You don\'t want to travel with me

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I\'ve deduced that I have enemies in the higher realms.

There are people waiting for me to ascend.

I still have to become stronger.

If I ascend with you, I\'ll only implicate you.

Xuan Qingjun frowned after hearing that.

She looked at Han Jue deeply.

She suddenly felt that this man before her was filled with unknowns as if he was the most mysterious fog in the world.

Xuan Qingjun came to Han Jue\'s side and asked with a smile, In that case, are you willing to cultivate with me for half a year before I ascend

Han Jue instinctively wanted to reject, but on second thought, she had paid quite a price.

She had given him so many resources.

Besides, she had a pretty face.

Han Jue responded positively to her question.

Half a year passed in a flash.

Xuan Qingjun left.

Han Jue sent her out of the cave abode.

Dao Comprehension Sword and the others looked over.

Xuan Qingjun chuckled.

We\'ll meet again in the Immortal World.

Han Jue nodded.

Xuan Qingjun turned into a wave of demonic Qi and dissipated.

Han Jue exclaimed in his mind.

They had really cultivated together.

Han Jue originally thought that something indescribable would happen between the two of them.

He didn\'t expect that it was just a discussion of the Dao and some experience sharing.

That\'s it

To think that he had been nervous for hundreds of years!

Han Jue thought in self-mockery, Why do I feel some regrets

It must be the Heavenly Dao\'s doing.

My Dao heart can\'t be tied down by a woman!

Master, who is she Dao Comprehension Sword asked.

The Black Hell Chicken laughed strangely on the Fusang Tree.

Needless to say, it\'s the demoness who wants to eat Master!

A Golden Crow squeezed over, scaring the chicken away.

Han Jue replied, A fellow Daoist.

We discussed the Dao earlier.

It was not bad.

You can enter the cave abode now.

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With that, he turned around and went back in.

He sat on the bed and started cultivating.

At the same time, he wondered why Xing Hongxuan and the others were not back yet.

Most of the time, Han Jue didn\'t pay attention to the puppets unless they were in danger.

He opened the emails.

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang chanced upon an opportunity and gained an epiphany of an Ancient Mystical Power.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou obtained the providence of the Devil Race and his cultivation increased greatly.]

[Your good friend Fairy Xi Xuan accidentally entered the Ancient Mystic Realm.]

[Your Dao Companion Xing Hongxuan accidentally entered the Ancient Mystic Realm.]

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons accidentally entered the Ancient Mystic Realm.]

[Your good friend Ji Xianshen has left the mortal world.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a righteous cultivator] x10877

Han Jue clicked his tongue in surprise.

Fang Liang had obtained another fortuitous encounter.

Could it be that he would not return

When he returned, he might already be immortal!

Han Jue noticed that Mo Fuchou had obtained the providence of the Devil Race and didn\'t understand what it meant.

The previous Demonic Path Empire seemed to have involved the Devil Race.

Could it be that they still had evil intentions

Also, Ji Xianshen had left the mortal world

The icon was still there.

Had he ascended

Han Jue couldn\'t figure it out, but he didn\'t want to think about it anymore.

He had to hurry up and cultivate, lest the Vermilion Bird and Daoist Jueyan descend into the mortal world to hunt him down.

Seven years passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue finally broke through to the second level of the Mahayana Realm.

The improvement in cultivation made him very happy.

What made him even happier was that he discovered that with the arrival of the two Golden Crows, the rate at which the Fusang Tree nurtured Spirit Qi became faster.

The two Golden Crows could already speak in human language, and their intelligence was also increasing.

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They were very respectful towards Han Jue.

Every time they saw him, they couldn\'t help but shiver.

This made the Black Hell Chicken very curious and asked itself whether Han Jue had tortured them before.

The cultivation levels of his disciples and grand-disciples also increased.

Murong Qi had already become the number one prodigy of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

Ever since he chose the path of the spear, he had created many spear techniques and his combat strength had increased greatly.

On this day, the group that went out of the sect finally returned.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons, Xing Hongxuan, and Fairy Xi Xuan first came to the Connate Cave Abode to visit him.

Elder Han, were you the one who killed the Fiend Emperor Daoist Nine Cauldrons suppressed his excitement and asked.

It was a long journey.

They took more than ten years to traverse mountains and rivers.

However, Daoist Nine Cauldrons was still very excited when he recalled that sword Qi.

Han Jue said, Yes, it was me, but don\'t spread this matter out to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The current Jade Pure Sacred Sect isn\'t invincible.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons suppressed his excitement and nodded.

Xing Hongxuan said with admiration, Husband, you\'re truly incredible.

You\'re definitely the number one cultivator in the world!

Fairy Xi Xuan also sighed.

Thinking back, how could she have imagined that this disciple, who had given her a headache in the past, would become number one in the world in just a few hundred years

Han Jue\'s rise made her realize something.

Talent was really important!

With outstanding talent, he did not need to go out and explore.

His cultivation speed was still unparalleled.

If one\'s talent was not good, even if he obtained opportunities frequently, he still could not catch up to the absolute geniuses.

I don\'t dare to call myself the number one in the world.

There might be many powerful figures hidden in this world.

You can\'t underestimate the people of the world, Han Jue said seriously.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons adjusted his emotions and said, Recently, a True Devil appeared in the world.

His name is Mo Fuchou.

I suspect that he\'s that disciple from our Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

What do you think we should do Should we issue a kill order

If it was really a disciple of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, it would be too tarnishing for the sect\'s reputation.

Perhaps the world would think that they were a demonic sect!

Han Jue asked, Has he already started killing

No, but rumor has it that he\'s a True Devil.


Then forget about it.

Han Jue still had a good impression of Mo Fuchou, but it was only a good impression.

There was no need to attract trouble for him.

[Di Hongye has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

A question mark appeared in Han Jue\'s mind when he saw the line of words.

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Who was Di Hongye


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