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After killing Ji Naihe, Han Jue felt as if a rock had been removed from his heart.

He explained to his disciples and grand-disciples while paying attention to the situation in the Demonic Path Imperial City.

With his death, Patriarch Blood Fiend and Fiendish Arhat nearly died of fright.

They immediately fled.

Ji Naihe\'s strength was not much different from theirs.

They didn\'t even see how he died, which meant that the person who had attacked was far stronger than them.

They didn\'t dare to stay!

Having his kill stolen, Ji Xianshen was furious and began slaughtering fiendish cultivators to vent his anger.

The ceremony was thus halted!

The righteous cultivators were saved!

Under Han Jue\'s instructions, Xing Hongxuan put the Heavenly Puppet back into her storage ring.

The cheers resounded throughout the dark land.

Oh my god, what happened!

The mighty figure has attacked! He actually directly killed the Fiend Emperor!


Was it Ji Xianshen

Definitely not.

Even Ji Xianshen was frightened just now!

Who was it Isn\'t the Fiend Emperor a Mahayana Cultivator Could it be an Immortal

The Heavens is blessing my righteous path!

Su Qi and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog were stunned.

They were still in a state of shock.

The sword aura that had just streaked past their heads was like a miracle.

Su Qi was excited.

He clenched his fists and cheered.

It must be Master!

Upon hearing that, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog was stunned.

It asked in surprise, Master killed the Fiend Emperor

Su Qi nodded.

It must be him.

He has been secretly protecting me, or I would have died long ago!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog couldn\'t help but feel depressed.

Why didn\'t Master protect me

It still did not believe it.

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Hurry up, I want to go back to the Great Yan!

Seeing that Ji Xianshen was still slaughtering everyone, Su Qi felt that this was a good opportunity.

After saying this, he turned around and left.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog hurriedly followed.

It also did not want to be Ji Xianshen\'s mount.

On the other side, Han Jue had been observing the battle through the Heavenly Puppet, ensuring that nothing happened to the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The death of the Fiend Emperor had dealt a heavy blow to the morale of the fiendish cultivators.

They couldn\'t be bothered with the cultivators on the altar.

The fiendish cultivators fled, but Ji Xianshen continued to pursue.

After returning to the cave abode, Han Jue sat on the bed.

To celebrate the victory of the righteous path, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Vermilion Bird and Daoist Jueyan.

Half a month each, with double the satisfaction.

After the curse ended, Han Jue continued to cultivate the ninth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

After the Fiend Emperor died, the world should be peaceful soon, and Han Jue could cultivate in peace.

He had already told Xing Hongxuan through the Heavenly Puppet that Daoist Nine Cauldrons should return soon.

In less than a year, the death of the Fiend Emperor shocked the entire world!

The demonic aura dissipated just as Han Jue had guessed!

Legends of the Immortals began to spread, mainly because the Fiend Emperor had died too pathetically.

He was insta-killed by a mysterious sword Qi.

The process was dramatic.

Who the immortals were and which sect they came from became the greatest topic in the world.

Many storytellers even fabricated all sorts of legends.

In a dark space filled with thick fog, Xuan Qingjun knelt in the mist.

A cold voice sounded, Ji Naihe is dead Don\'t you know who killed him

Xuan Qingjun took a deep breath and said, At that time, the two Mahayana cultivators present said that the other party didn\'t appear.

I suspect that it was an Immortal.

It\'s not the first time that an Immortal has descended into the mortal world.

There was silence as the cold voice stopped.

After a while, Xuan Qingjun asked, Is the devil race\'s plan to enter the mortal realm going to continue Previously, the ritual had already begun.

The providence of the devil race is near the mortal realm.

This matter has probably alerted the Immortal World.

If this continues, I\'m afraid…

Hmph, continue.

Let the Devil Master continue it.

There are True Devils in the mortal world.

I\'ve already sent the Devil Master to find that True Devil.

As for you, ascend as soon as possible.

Yes! Xuan Qingjun lowered her head as she answered, light flickering in her eyes.

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In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed.

Han Jue finally mastered the ninth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

He didn\'t comprehend any new Mystical Power, but his cultivation speed increased.

From now on, he could absorb the essence of the sun and moon and absorb the Nine Nether Spirit Qi of the netherworld.

At the same time, he was still a distance away from the second level of the Mahayana Realm.

Han Jue decided to go to the netherworld to take a look.

He didn\'t dare to go personally.

He first created a Heavenly Puppet and let it test the waters.

If he reached the perfected Mahayana Realm and had to ascend, he could still go to the netherworld to seek refuge.

Half a month later, Han Jue successfully created a Heavenly Puppet.

He cast a spell on it as a black aura appeared on the ground in front of the bed, and a stone door embedded with strange patterns rose.

Door of Reincarnation!

This was a Mystical Power that came with the cultivation technique of the eighth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

It could allow one to step into the netherworld and absorb souls, throwing them into the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

Dao Comprehension Sword\'s beautiful eyes widened in curiosity.

She didn\'t dare say a word and could only watch quietly.

Han Jue controlled the Heavenly Puppet to enter the Door of Reincarnation.

He then closed his eyes and focused on the puppet.

After entering the Door of Reincarnation, the Heavenly Puppet was engulfed in black mist and could not be seen.

Han Jue carefully advanced.

This was his first time exploring the netherworld.

There was no sunlight here, and it was extremely dark.

As he walked, Han Jue felt water flowing under his feet.

This made him even more nervous.

He spread out his divine sense and discovered that there was nothing around him.

There was indeed water beneath his feet.

This water was very strange.

When his divine sense touched it, it immediately dissipated.

Water that could melt divine sense

Could it be the legendary Netherworld Water

After a while, light finally appeared in front of him.

Han Jue saw a bridge in the fog.

Above the water, he couldn\'t see the other end of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, an old woman appeared out of thin air.

She took the bowl from her hand and drank it in one gulp.

Then, she stepped onto the bridge and disappeared into the mist.

The Bridge of Forgetfulness

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Meng Po

Han Jue was curious.

Wary, he turned and headed in another direction.

He wasn\'t reincarnated, so why did he have to go to the Bridge of Forgetfulness

Meng Po might be a powerful being of the netherworld.

He couldn\'t underestimate her.

Before the cycle of life and death, you still want to go back

An ancient voice entered Han Jue\'s ears.

When he heard it, he immediately sped up and disappeared into the fog.

Not long after, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended, causing him to fall into the water.

Han Jue immediately made the Heavenly Puppet self-destruct to prevent the netherworld mighty figure from following the Heavenly Puppet to find his true body.


Inside the cave abode, Han Jue opened his eyes and immediately retracted the Door of Reincarnation.

Cold sweat broke out on his back.

The pressure just now was too strong.

One had to know that the Heavenly Puppet had Mahayana Realm cultivation, yet it was actually crushed to the ground by the pressure!

I can\'t enter the netherworld carelessly. Han Jue thought fearfully.

Is the Door of Reincarnation connected to a random spot in the netherworld

Han Jue shook his head.

He didn\'t dare to try again.

He had to be careful.

If the other party followed the Heavenly Puppet and locked onto his true self, would they be able to kill him

It was not impossible!

After all, to the netherworld, he was an anomaly.


Master, what is it Dao Comprehension Sword asked.

Han Jue shook his head and was about to answer when he suddenly felt the temperature rise.

It was so hot in the cave abode.


Could it be…

Han Jue thought of a possibility and immediately disappeared from the bed.

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