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Han Jue\'s expression was solemn.

Two more suns appeared.

Could it be the legendary Three-legged Golden Crow

Who could withstand two Three-legged Golden Crows at once

Han Jue used the simulation test and didn\'t detect the Three-legged Golden Crow.

The vertical distance was more than a hundred miles.

Yang Tiandong was stunned for a moment.

He turned to the Black Hell Chicken and cursed, Stupid chicken! Great! Do you know what kind of divine beast the sun is

The Black Hell Chicken was extremely nervous.

What divine beast

The Golden Crow that feeds on dragons and phoenixes!


The Black Hell Chicken shuddered, and its feathers fell to the ground.

Only then did it realize that something huge had happened.

What should it do

It didn\'t dare to look at Han Jue.

Han Jue didn\'t say anything and kept staring at the sky.

Soon, he realized that something was wrong.

The temperature of the world did not rise.

Could it be that the two Golden Crows were blocked from the mortal world

It was very likely!

If even the Vermilion Bird couldn\'t descend into the mortal world, it meant that it was very difficult for an Immortal to descend into the mortal world, and neither could the Golden Crow.

Perhaps that was why the Golden Crow was guarding the entrance to the mortal realm.

However, if this continued, it would cause a disaster sooner or later.

Han Jue threw the Black Hell Chicken onto the Fusang Tree and said coldly, If you dare to take another step down from the tree, I\'ll cut off your chicken wings first!

The Black Hell Chicken hurriedly nodded.

This time, it was truly afraid.

Han Jue watched for a while before returning to the cave abode.

Since the Golden Crows couldn\'t come down, for the time being, he didn\'t need to worry.

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At the same time, more and more people in the world realized that there were three suns in the sky.

This caused both the righteous and demonic paths to become nervous.

Such a phenomenon was definitely an unprecedented disaster!

For a time, the battle between the righteous and demonic paths was not as intense.

Only a few months later, when everyone realized that two more suns did not seem to affect them, did they become active again.

Three years later.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons found Han Jue.

With a worried expression, he said, Elder Han, things are not looking good.

The Heavenly Immortal Manor and the other Holy Lands have gathered all the righteous sects in the world and are heading to destroy the Demonic Path Empire.

The righteous sects around the Great Yan are all preparing to go.

If our Jade Pure Sacred Sect doesn\'t go, will we be treated as fiends

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

They had to pick a side so soon

Han Jue said, Then let\'s go.

Sect Master will lead them personally.

After all, the Jade Pure Sacred Sect is not powerful enough.

With me guarding the sect, Sect Master can rest assured.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons nodded and immediately left.

He only said this before leaving as quickly as he came.

After he left, Dao Comprehension Sword couldn\'t help but ask, Master, why do I feel that you are the Sect Master

Han Jue glared at her and said, You\'re not allowed to say that again!

Dao Comprehension Sword curled her lips and did not say another word.

He continued to cultivate.

He prayed that nothing would happen to Daoist Nine Cauldrons and the others.

With the Heavenly Immortal Manor leading the way, the Demon Path Empire should be finished!

Several days later, Daoist Nine Cauldrons issued a conscription order to recruit disciples who were willing to go and fight the disciples of the Demonic Path Empire.

It was entirely voluntary.

This trip was fraught with danger.

He hoped that the disciples would consider it carefully.

To Han Jue\'s surprise, Fairy Xi Xuan and Xing Hongxuan were also going.

There was no need to mention Fairy Xi Xuan.

She was one of the core elders of the Jade Pure Sect and controlled one of the eighteen peaks, the Jade Serene Peak.

She had the duty to lead such a major event.

Xing Hongxuan visited Han Jue before she left.

She wanted to go because she hated the demonic path.

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Ever since she was young, she had been threatened by the Viridescent Nether Cult and had been sent to the Jade Pure Sect as a spy.

Therefore, she had always been determined to eliminate all the fiendish cultivators in the world.

Seeing that she was determined, Han Jue didn\'t stop her.

Anyway, her and Fairy Xi Xuan\'s Heavenly Puppet had been updated.

With the puppets, it was no problem staying alive.

Moreover, if the righteous path joined forces, the Demonic Path Empire would definitely perish.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons eventually led 20,000 disciples away.

The weakest was at the Golden Core Realm, and half of them were from the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

Han Jue looked up again.

The Black Hell Chicken had already returned to the Fusang Tree.

Why were the two Golden Crows still unwilling to leave

Was this like the saying: It was easy to invite a god, but difficult to send them away

Han Jue suddenly had a bold idea.

He began comprehending his Firmament Sword Qi.

The description was: Cultivate Firmament Sword Qi in the Golden Core and spit out Sword Qi.

He rarely used it.

This time, he decided to raise the Firmament Sword Qi to the Grand Unity Mystical Power level.

A month later.

A natural purple light phenomenon illuminated the world.

Han Jue came to the Sword Dao River as if he was familiar with it.

It felt like going home.

He continued forward and soon saw Zhang Guxing.

The two stood facing each other in silence.

Han Jue broke the silence and asked, Senior, do you know about the Golden Crow

Sheng Guxing asked faintly, You specially comprehended the Sword Dao just to find me and ask about the Golden Crow

Of course not.

I love the way of the sword.

I was lucky to have an epiphany, so I took the chance to ask you about it.

The Golden Crow is an ancient divine beast that can transform into the sun.

The Golden Crows are divided into Mortal Golden Crow and Divine Golden Crow.

The Mortal Golden Crow is the sun of the mortal world and is never allowed to leave the mortal world that it controls.

Its cultivation level cannot increase, either.

The Divine Golden Crow is one of the divine races of the Immortal World.

It has a deep foundation, and even the Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, and Demonic Palace don\'t dare to provoke it.

Hearing his words, Han Jue\'s heart sank.

The Mortal Golden Crow couldn\'t leave, which meant that the two new suns in the sky were very likely Divine Golden Crows

Han Jue asked, Can the Golden Crow enter the mortal world

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Of course not.

The True Sun Flame in their bodies is enough to destroy the mortal world.

The heavenly rules forbid them from descending.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

As if thinking of something, Zhang Guxing counted with his fingers and asked in surprise, Why are there two Divine Golden Crows in your mortal realm Although they are young…

Han Jue asked, Are the young Golden Crows powerful

Zhang Guxing answered: Not strong.

They\'re merely born with Mahayana Realm cultivation.


Born with Mahayana Realm cultivation

Han Jue felt insulted.

Why doesn\'t the Divine Golden Crow Clan discipline them If they come to our mortal world, it would be bad news for us mortals, Han Jue said bitterly.

Who knows It\'s none of my business.

My duty is to guard the Sword Dao.

Nothing else has to do with me.

I saw nothing, so don\'t expect me to help you.

Han Jue remained silent.

Three breaths later.

He bypassed Zhang Guxing and continued forward.

Since he was already here, he had to try his best to become stronger.

Just like last time, Han Jue couldn\'t continue after taking another six steps.

The Firmament Sword Qi had officially advanced to become a Grand Unity Mystical Power!

After returning to the cave abode, Han Jue perked up and continued cultivating.

His next target was the ninth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

If the two Divine Golden Crows descended into the mortal world, he had to have the strength to resist!

In a dark cave, Xuan Qingjun, the black-robed elder, the white-haired woman, and the ferocious monk sat together.

The black-robed elder was one of the five fiends, Patriarch Blood Fiend.

The white-haired woman was the White-Haired Fiend Lady.

The ferocious-looking monk was the Fiendish Arhat.

One of the five had perished, causing the atmosphere to be very gloomy.

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Fiendish Arhat said in a low voice, I didn\'t expect the Heavenly Immortal Manor to be so powerful.

Ji Xianshen has already surpassed the realm of geniuses.

Even if we were to fight him one-on-one, we might not be his match!

The Patriarch Blood Fiend looked at Xuan Qingjun and asked, Demon Lord, are you confident in dealing with Ji Xianshen

Xuan Qingjun said expressionlessly, No.


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