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One day, Daoist Nine Cauldrons came to visit and interrupted his cultivation.

Han Jue let him enter the cave abode.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons was stunned when he saw Dao Comprehension Sword.

Elder Han has a mistress in his house

This is my beast pet.

She was born here.

You don\'t have to worry about her leaking information, Han Jue said.


Daoist Nine Cauldrons revealed a subtle expression as if saying: Gotcha.

Han Jue rolled his eyes.

This old thing was obviously experienced in those games.

Very experienced!


Daoist Nine Cauldrons said seriously, The Fiend Emperor has already started a war with the righteous sects.

The world is in chaos.

Fortunately, the demonic sects of the Great Yan have already fled.

We\'re temporarily safe, but only for now.

I want to ask your opinion.

You have been paying attention to the Fiend Emperor since a long time ago.

Han Jue didn\'t change his expression and said, My view is very simple.

Focus on developing.

The Jade Pure Sacred Sect isn\'t the number one sect in the world.

It might not even be considered a third-rate sect.

With our strength, we can\'t change the situation in the world.

Instead of being cannon fodder, it\'s better to cultivate properly.

If the sky falls, the righteous Holy Lands will hold it up.

Why should we interfere

Daoist Nine Cauldrons felt that it made sense.

He hesitated for a moment and asked, What\'s Elder Han\'s cultivation level now

When he heard that Han Jue crushed a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert, he almost peed his pants.

How many years had it been Han Jue\'s breakthrough speed was too exaggerated!

Han Jue replied, I\'m still in the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.


This word deeply agitated Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

He knew Han Jue\'s age.

He was only five hundred years old.

He had never heard of a 500-year-old Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator!

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Alright, I will do as you say.

I hope the demonic path will not affect our Great Yan.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons did not stay any longer and quickly left.

After he left, Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, Who is he

Han Jue said calmly, Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

Can I visit the rest of the sect

Yes, as long as you don\'t leave the vicinity.

Dao Comprehension Sword immediately jumped up and left.

Han Jue didn\'t mind and continued cultivating.

He had also made the same arrangements with Murong Qi and the others.

They could move around in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect but not leave.

Whoever dared to leave without permission would have nothing to do with him from now on.

Han Jue cursed as he checked his emails regularly.

As expected, apart from the people of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, almost all of his good friends were attacked by the fiendish cultivators.

The number of times Huang Jihao had been attacked exceeded 50,000.

This fellow\'s cultivation had also increased tremendously.

As expected of someone with Connate providence!

Luo Qiumo was also attacked by a fiendish cultivator.

Han Jue guessed that he was helping Ji Naihe recruit the fiendish cultivators.

The fiendish cultivators were arrogant, to begin with.

How could all of them listen to the Fiend Emperor

They still had to fight first!

From the looks of it, it would be very difficult for the Fiend Emperor to unite all the demonic cultivators in the world in at least a hundred years.

This wasn\'t a battle in the mortal world.

Cultivators had all sorts of methods.

If they couldn\'t defeat them, they could still escape.

If they were subdued, they could still stab someone in the back.

Han Jue felt that the Demonic Path Empire was a joke.

How could a dynasty filled with brutes that could rebel at any moment possibly be established

The reason why fiendish cultivators were despised by others was not that their cultivation path was different.

It was because fiendish cultivators were prone to cultivation deviation and slaughter.

Sometimes, they were even more dangerous than demons.

After Zhou Fan reincarnated and re-cultivated, his progress was not bad.

He had already reached the eighth level of the Qi Refinement Realm at the age of 13.

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Han Jue felt that he was really miserable.

How many times had he died This time, his life was deleted and started all over again.

Mo Fuchou was even worse.

He had been bearing the responsibility of revenge since he was young.

It wasn\'t easy for him to take revenge and follow Zhou Fan around.

In the end, he was infected by the ominous power and became a true devil.

Now, he got trapped in the Ancient Forbidden Ground and it was unknown when he would be able to see the light of day again.

Han Jue recalled the scene of him and Mo Fuchou getting to know each other.

At that time, Mo Fuchou was like a gentleman.

Be it man or woman, it was very easy to have a good impression of him.

Times were different now, it was really quite amazing.

This was the world of the living.

Everyone had their own encounters and experiences.

Han Jue didn\'t sink into pity.

Instead, he warned himself.

I can\'t lose myself!

I\'m on the right path now!

The evening sky was as beautiful as a painting.

Countless fiendish cultivators floated in the air, holding various equipment.

They all stared in one direction.

It was halfway up a mountain.

Blood had already stained the entire mountaintop, and corpses piled up at the foot of the mountain.

A man stood on the mountainside with a sword in hand.

His white robe was stained with blood and dyed a deep red.

His hair was messy and filled with killing intent.

Huang Jihao!

The person who had gone up to the Jade Pure Sect to challenge Han Jue had an Innate Sword Heart.

He left the Great Yan and was forcefully accepted by the True Martial Sect as a sword genius.

Huang Jihao gasped for breath.

He had already fought for five days and five nights, and his spirit energy was almost completely exhausted.

At this moment…

The billowing demonic clouds gathered as a vast heavenly might enveloped the world.

Huang Jihao\'s expression changed drastically as his heart sank.

A fiendish mighty figure had arrived!

The demonic clouds that stretched for dozens of kilometers formed a terrifying giant face.

A voice sounded, Junior, your talent is not bad.

If you\'re willing to kneel, I won\'t kill you.

If you insist on being stubborn, humph!

It was Luo Qiumo.

Huang Jihao\'s expression darkened, and the hand holding the sword trembled.

He felt an unprecedented sense of danger.

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He was no match for this demonic figure!

Huang Jihao couldn\'t help but think of Han Jue.

No matter how strong this demon was, could he be a match for that senior

If I don\'t even have the courage to face this demon, how can I challenge that senior

I was born with the Innate Sword Heart.

I live for the sword and die for the sword.

If my sword is no longer sharp, what\'s the point of me living! Huang Jihao muttered softly to himself.

Just as Huang Jihao was about to raise his sword, a vast pressure descended from all directions, covering the sky and the earth.

It caused all the fiendish cultivators in the air to fall as screams of agony filled the air.


Luo Qiumo, do you really think that the righteous path has no one left

I have been in seclusion for a thousand years, and now I hear that the demonic path wants to control the world What a joke!

Old friends, long time no see.

Has your cultivation improved

Haha, today, we will kill one of the five fiends of the demonic path and bring glory to our righteous path!

Since ancient times, evil cannot triumph over good.

In the face of the demonic path, righteous cultivators should rather die than submit.

Junior, you have done well!

Hearing the voices coming from all directions, Huang Jihao let out a long sigh.

A smile appeared on his face.

The world was ravaged by the demonic path.

Although the Great Yan was spared, they had always been paying attention to the affairs of the world, especially the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

It had already established contact with the surrounding cultivation world, and their information flow was faster and wider than before.

The elders were overjoyed when they learned that all the righteous path figures had come out of seclusion.

Many elders even wanted to participate in the slaughter of fiends.

Fortunately, Daoist Nine Cauldrons forcefully suppressed these comments and prevented the disciples from leaving the Great Yan.

Seven years passed.

Han Jue was still stuck at the fifth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm while Fang Liang had already broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm.


The talent he displayed was even more ferocious than Murong Qi, causing the disciples and grand-disciples to worship Han Jue even more.

In their opinion, this was all due to Han Jue changing his fate.

The Son of Heaven and Earth had a unique providence in this world.

Even Murong Qi, the reincarnated War God of the Upper World, could not suppress his radiance.

At times, Han Jue took the time to especially teach Fang Liang and Murong Qi.

He decided to let Fang Liang out.

With this guy\'s luck, he would definitely be able to obtain a lot of opportunities.

Han Jue might get a share of the treasures.

After all, Fang Liang had a favorable impression of him at 6 stars.

After so many years of teaching, Fang Liang had already developed a cautious personality.

With the providence of heaven and earth, it was difficult for him to die.

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