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You have Han Jue glanced at Heaven and Earth Grass and asked casually.

Heaven and Earth Grass replied, My previous… she held such a stone when she cultivated.

A stone used by an Immortal God

Han Jue stared at the dark purple stone in his hand, deep in thought.

He used his divine sense to carefully examine it.

Unfortunately, no matter how he looked at it, this was a spirit stone.

It was just that the spirit energy it contained far exceeded other spirit stones.

Han Jue threw the stone beside Heaven and Earth Grass, wanting to see what effect it had.

If it was only a spirit stone, then it was not worth it for the Immortal God to hold on to it every day.

Then, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

While he was busy cultivating, the cultivation world was in turmoil.

The fiendish cultivators became more and more active, causing the righteous path to have a bad feeling.

Previously, when Great Sage Green Python had swept through the world, the demonic sects had immediately fled.

The ones who had started a war with Great Sage Green Python were mostly righteous sects.

Therefore, after Great Sage Green Python died, the righteous sects were weaker than the demonic sects.

Under such circumstances, the fiendish activity was unsettling.

Then, a piece of news spread throughout the cultivation world.

The Fiend Emperor from thousands of years ago had actually revived!

He wanted to create the Demonic Path Empire, an empire ruled by fiendish cultivators!

He was recruiting all the fiendish cultivators in the world to join him!

For a time, all sorts of legends about the Fiend Emperor spread throughout the world.

Seven years later, news of the Fiend Emperor\'s resurrection spread to the Great Yan.

And at this time, the Demonic Path Empire had already been established for a period of time, ruling over a region.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons gathered the elders in the main peak\'s meeting hall.

Li Qingzi also came.

When he heard that the Fiend Emperor had been revived, his expression was odd.

Sigh, the world is going to be in chaos again.

What are you afraid of The Fiend Emperor is far away from us.

In the cultivation world, the righteous and the demonic take turns to be strong.

This is also the reason why there are so many heroes.

We don\'t have to worry too much.

That\'s right.

Great Sage Green Python was so strong before, but he still died.

The Fiend Emperor once united all the fiendish cultivators in the world.

How many years ago was that The times have changed.

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Daoist Nine Cauldrons noticed that Li Qingzi had a strange expression and seemed to want to say something.

Suddenly recalling something, he asked, Elder Li investigated the Fiend Emperor several decades ago.

Do you know something

Everyone immediately looked at Li Qingzi.

Li Qingzi hesitated.

A few decades ago, Deity Slaying Elder asked me to investigate the Fiend Emperor.

He might have predicted something, but he did not say much.

He also hoped that I would not spread this matter.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons frowned.

The elders couldn\'t help but whisper.

Guan Yougang said in a low voice, Could it be that Deity Slaying Elder already knew that there would be such a calamity in the cultivation world He didn\'t say it because he was afraid that we would be worried

The elders agreed with these words.

They all knew that the true pillar of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect was the Deity Slaying Elder.

Even he had specially asked around, so it was obvious that this calamity was not small.

In that case, all contribution missions of the sect are restricted to the Great Yan.

Tell all the disciples outside the Great Yan to return. Daoist Nine Cauldrons ordered.

Liu Bumie said, Sect Master, I want to move the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect directly to the Great Yan.

Is that okay

Daoist Nine Cauldrons shook his head.

The Great Yan doesn\'t have so much space for you to cultivate.

Establish a teleportation formation.


That day, the elders began to get busy.

Han Jue didn\'t know about this.

He was still cultivating.

He was still a distance away from the fourth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

On this day, Heaven and Earth Grass was about to transform into human form!

Strangely, it did not encounter Heavenly Tribulation when it transformed.

Demons had to undergo Heavenly Tribulation before they could gain their human form.

Han Jue looked at the dark purple stone beside it.

Could it be related to it

Heaven and Earth Grass emitted a blinding white light as the Spirit Qi in the cave abode surged into its body.

Han Jue narrowed his eyes.

Was this a Pokémon or a Digimon evolution

Han Jue secretly joked to himself.

During his boring cultivation years, he liked to think about his past life to fill the emptiness inside.

About six hours passed.

Heaven and Earth Grass finally transformed successfully.

It was slightly different from what Han Jue had expected.

It was not a lively and cute girl, but a very cold-looking woman.

Han Jue took out a Daoist robe from the Little Universe Belt without changing his expression and threw it to her.

After putting on the Daoist robe, Heaven and Earth Grass smiled.

Master, how do I look

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Han Jue said, It\'s alright.

When a man commented on a woman\'s looks, alright usually meant beautiful.

This is the appearance of my previous master.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and sized up Heaven and Earth Grass again.

She was dressed in a white robe and looked even colder.

Her black hair was scattered casually and her face was beautiful.

Her eyes seemed to be glimmering.

Her eyebrows were beautiful and her nose and lips were perfect.

It had to be said that her appearance and figure were indeed worthy of a goddess.

Among the women Han Jue knew, only Fairy Xi Xuan could compare.

Master, how about I call myself Dao Comprehension Sword from now on

Heaven and Earth Grass twisted its body as it spoke, also sizing up its own body.

Han Jue\'s face twitched slightly.

Dao Comprehension Sword…

A fairy-looking appearance with such a name

Never mind, this would do.

He was too lazy to think.

It was just a blade of grass, anyway.

Yes. Han Jue nodded in agreement.

From then on, Heaven and Earth Grass was renamed as Dao Comprehension Sword.

Dao Comprehension Sword blinked and asked, Master, shouldn\'t you teach me the Sword Dao now

Han Jue wasn\'t used to it.

Previously, Heaven and Earth Grass was like a little girl.

Now, it was very mature.

The difference was too great.

Then, I\'ll teach you the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword first.

Just like that, Han Jue began to teach Dao Comprehension Sword the technique step by step.

Time passed quickly.

The changes in the cultivation world were like the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.

The Jade Pure Sacred Sect remained calm.

Thirteen years passed.

Han Jue finally broke through to the fourth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

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He was pleasantly surprised to discover that ever since the appearance of the dark purple stone, the Spirit Qi in the Connate Cave Abode had been constantly increasing, causing his cultivation speed to be not much slower than before.

The potential of Dao Comprehension Sword also surprised him.

After transforming, her cultivation speed was even faster.

She was really talented in the Sword Dao and was even more outstanding than Han Jue\'s disciples.

Currently, she had already grasped the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword and the Three Pure Shadow Sword.

Han Jue didn\'t continue teaching, mainly because her cultivation wasn\'t strong enough and she couldn\'t control stronger sword techniques.

Half a year passed.

Xing Hongxuan had returned.

The moment she saw Dao Comprehension Sword, her expression changed.

Who are you

Dao Comprehension Sword replied, Dao Comprehension Sword.

What kind of weird name is that

Xing Hongxuan was very unhappy as she looked at Han Jue.

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Go outside and cultivate.

Go outside

Dao Comprehension Sword curled her lips.

This was the first time she was chased out by Han Jue.

However, she didn\'t dare to go against his will and could only leave begrudgingly.

Once she went out, Yang Tiandong and the others were shocked.

Why is there a random fairy in Master\'s cave abode

She\'s formed from a grass that I nurtured previously.

She can strengthen the Spirit Qi in my cave abode, Han Jue explained simply.

This was the truth.


Xing Hongxuan complained, Husband, if you desire a woman, you can tell me… I won\'t go out anymore.

I\'ll move here to accompany you.

Don\'t even think about it.

Don\'t disturb my cultivation!

But I miss you.

Isn\'t it enough that you have the Heavenly Puppet


Xing Hongxuan\'s pretty face instantly turned red.

Did Han Jue notice her doing those things

Han Jue changed the topic and asked, How have you been all these years

He wanted to ask if she had any treasures to give him but felt that it was not good to be too direct.

It would hurt her feelings!

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