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Yes, I\'ll go when I\'m free. Luo Qiumo agreed, but he didn\'t care about this matter.

The Great Yan was too far away.

He couldn\'t be bothered to go.

Moreover, the Demon Lord had already accepted this task, so there was no need for him to go.

Luo Qiumo didn\'t like Ji Naihe\'s instructions.

You want me to do something the moment we meet

I said that I\'m willing to work for you, but I\'m just being polite!

However, what did the cultivator named Han Jue do to make Ji Naihe want to kill him

How long had it been since he returned

Luo Qiumo was interested in Han Jue.

In his opinion, those who died on the path of cultivation were destined to be unable to obtain the Great Dao.

They were all failures.

Ji Naihe was only a tool to revitalize the demonic path!

Then, Luo Qiumo bowed and left.

Ji Naihe stared at his back, his eyes flickering.

[Luo Qiumo has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

Han Jue was confused.

What the hell

Could it be that he had developed feelings after the cursing

He immediately checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Luo Qiumo: Fourth level of the Mahayana Realm, one of the five fiends of the demonic path.

Because he was dissatisfied with Ji Naihe who didn\'t give him face, he became interested in you.

Current Favorability: 1 star.]

Han Jue was amused.

The five fiends and Ji Naihe were going to have internal strife

He immediately took out the Book of Misfortune and continued to play with Luo Qiumo.

Perhaps the irascible Luo Qiumo would fall out with the Fiend Emperor because of this!

Three years later.

Fang Liang\'s cultivation level was stuck at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Xun Chang\'an discovered that his potential was limited and could not advance any further.

When Fang Liang learned of this, he felt as if he was struck by lightning.

He was in a daze.

At this moment, Han Jue called him into the Connate Cave Abode.

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Fang Liang was nervous.

Could it be that Grandmaster wanted to expel him from the sect

The Black Hell Chicken, Yang Tiandong, and Murong Qi were all geniuses.

His potential was indeed inferior compared to them.

After entering the cave abode, Fang Liang carefully walked around Heaven and Earth Grass and knelt down in front of Han Jue.

Grand-disciple greets Grandmaster, Fang Liang said nervously, not daring to look at him.

Han Jue raised his hand and placed it on his forehead.

Six Paths spirit energy entered his body.

A ball of Qi in Fang Liang\'s body blocked his dantian, preventing him from refining the Golden Core.

This Qi was very mysterious.

Even a Body Integration Realm cultivator might not be able to discover it.

It was no wonder Xun Chang\'an could not.

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Fang Liang, what\'s your cultivation pursuit

Fang Liang was extremely nervous.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, Immortal Ascension.

Why do you seek Immortal Ascension

For immortality, naturally.

Will you be held back by power, benefits, and women

Not in the past and not in the future.

My parents are dead and I have no one to rely on.

It was Grandmaster who took me in.

I agree with Grandmaster\'s cultivation philosophy.

Everything is inferior when compared to cultivation!

If I give you a chance to soar, what will you do in the future

Ah… I\'m willing to die for Grandmaster, I\'ll do anything!


No, I should focus on cultivating and ignore the world! I shouldn\'t cause trouble for Grandmaster!

Seeing Fang Liang\'s fear and trepidation, Han Jue nodded in satisfaction.

That was the right answer!

Han Jue immediately poured his Six Paths spirit energy into Fang Liang\'s body and said softly, Your master said that your talent is not good, so I will create talent for you!

Fang Liang felt the surging spirit energy in his body and was pleasantly surprised.

How high is Grandmaster\'s cultivation level

[Your disciple Fang Liang\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 5 stars]

Five stars

It was not the highest!

Secretly dissatisfied, Han Jue said, Hmph! Bound by fate How can my grand disciple be restricted by fate!

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In that case, I\'ll sacrifice some of my cultivation!

His muttering shocked Fang Liang.

Grandmaster actually sacrificed his cultivation for me…

Fang Liang\'s eyes turned red.

[Your disciple Fang Liang\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 6 stars]

Han Jue was expressionless, but he was very happy inside.

He still had to play tricks, after all.


The Qi in Fang Liang\'s body was dispersed by him.

With Han Jue\'s help, Fang Liang\'s spirit energy could not be controlled and he started to condense his Golden Core.

The moment the Qi dissipated, Fang Liang felt as if his meridians had been unblocked.

His senses became clear and the world became completely different in his perception.

Is this a transformation

Fang Liang was grateful to Han Jue.

Excited, two streams of tears flowed down.

His grandmaster had cultivated bitterly for so many years in order to increase his cultivation.

In the end, because of this good-for-nothing disciple, he had lost his cultivation.

What could he, Fang Liang, do in return

Fang Liang asked himself if he was of any help to Han Jue or even end up as a burden.

Han Jue had changed his life just because of that one encounter.

From now on, Grandmaster is everything to me, my most important person!

Fang Liang swore in his heart.

At the same time, a change occurred in the sky outside the cave abode.

Seven-colored light appeared above the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The sea of clouds churned as if divine beasts were playing.

Soon, snow began to fall from the sky.

Golden snow descended, while the clouds and mist looked like they had human forms.

They were like flowers scattered by a goddess, stunning all the disciples of the sect.

What\'s with this phenomenon

The Heavenly Dao is protecting our Jade Pure Sacred Sect!

I\'ve cultivated for three hundred years, but this is the first time I\'ve seen such a phenomenon.

The providence of our sect is on the rise!

Could it be that a genius has appeared

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Under the Fusang Tree, the Black Hell Chicken, Xun Chang\'an, and the others were also stunned.

Chang Yue\'er, Li Qingzi, and Fairy Xi Xuan couldn\'t help but walk out of their cave abodes to observe the phenomenon.

Han Jue didn\'t care about what was happening outside.

He used his Six Paths spirit energy to seal the cave abode to prevent Fang Liang from discovering the anomaly outside.

He wanted him to think that he was an ordinary person.

Even with unparalleled providence, he had to believe he was mediocre.

Such a personality could allow Fang Liang to live longer.

Han Jue didn\'t want him to walk Zhou Fan\'s path.

The next day, when Fang Liang became a Golden Core Realm cultivator and walked out of the Connate Cave Abode, he felt as if a lifetime had passed.

Xun Chang\'an looked at him and asked in surprise, You broke through

All thanks to Grandmaster. Fang Liang nodded.

Xun Chang\'an, Yang Tiandong, the Black Hell Chicken, and Murong Qi were surprised.

Could it be that the phenomenon from yesterday was caused by Grandmaster

That made sense!

Changing one\'s fate was a huge matter!

They felt deep veneration for Han Jue.

He could do this for a disciple with limited talent.

He looked indifferent but actually had a warm heart.

Fang Liang didn\'t say much.

He walked to the Fusang Tree and began cultivating.

Less than half a year later, he broke through to the first level of the Golden Core Realm.

Three years later, he broke through to the second level of the Golden Core Realm!

That was extremely fast!

On this day, Fang Liang came to visit Han Jue, who was puzzled but let him in.

Grandmaster, a stone fell from the sky just now.

It contains an extremely dense Spirit Qi.

It should be a treasure.

It landed on my head.

I want to offer it to you.

As Fang Liang spoke, he took out a stone.

This stone was the size of a fist and was dark purple in color.

One look and one could tell that it was no ordinary stone.

Han Jue took it and waved him away.

Is this the Son of Heaven and Earth

If you don\'t come out of your house, you will be given a fortuitous encounter anyway

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Han Jue started to check the stone.

After Fang Liang left the cave abode, Heaven and Earth Grass suddenly shouted, I\'ve seen this stone before!


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