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Ji Naihe has developed hatred towards me

Han Jue\'s first reaction was that the Chaotic Heavenly Dog had betrayed him.

But on second thought, no.

If the dog had betrayed him so easily, it would have done so long ago.

Could it be that Ji Naihe had read the Chaotic Heavenly Dog\'s memories

It was very likely!

Just nice!

Let me check you out!

Han Jue used his interpersonal relationships and quickly found Ji Naihe.

His avatar was feminine, demonic, and had a black and white appearance.

[Ji Naihe: Third level of the Mahayana Realm, Fiend Emperor of the mortal world.

His disciples sacrificed your divine pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, to summon him back from the abyss.

He extracted the Chaotic Heavenly Dog\'s soul and learned of your existence.

He is very wary of you.

If there is a chance, he will definitely kill you.

Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]

Third level of the Mahayana Realm

That was it

His cultivation level was even lower than Xuan Qingjun\'s.

How dare he call himself the Fiend Emperor

Han Jue secretly despised him and immediately began to worry for the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

Is this dog dead

Even if Han Jue found the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, he might not be able to save it.

The most important thing was still to cultivate diligently.

Han Jue took a deep breath and took out the Book of Misfortune.

He cursed for half a month before resuming cultivation.

Above the sea of clouds, a black cloud raced past.

On the cloud sat two figures.

One of them was Su Qi.

The other person was a black shadow.

His true appearance could not be seen clearly.

It was like a human shadow.

It was Luo Qiumo.

Senior, where are we going Su Qi asked.

Ever since he had followed Luo Qiumo, they had been wandering around.

They often encountered natural disasters and accidentally entered Ancient Forbidden Grounds.

It could be said that they had suffered terribly.

Luo Qiumo snorted.

Are you done asking I\'ll tell you.

We\'re going to find the Fiend Emperor!

Ever since he met Su Qi, there had never been peace.

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He even suspected that Su Qi was a jinx.

Fiend Emperor What\'s his relationship with the Devil Master Su Qi asked curiously.

There isn\'t a relationship.

They\'re just both from the demonic path.

Who\'s stronger

It\'s hard to compare.

The Fiend Emperor belongs to an even older era and his achievements are even greater.

What achievement

He once unified all the fiends of the world.

Then, you want to give me to the Fiend Emperor as a subordinate There must be generals and soldiers below the Emperor.

You think very clearly.

The two of them began to chat.


A thundercloud appeared at the end of the sea of clouds.

It was incomparably vast and massive.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, causing the atmosphere in the sky to become oppressive.

Luo Qiumo\'s heart sank.

Oh no, was there another natural disaster

In the blink of an eye, another few years passed.

[Detected that you are 500 years old and have taken another step forward.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Exit seclusion immediately.

Eliminate the fiends and become famous.

You can obtain a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.]

[2: Continue cultivating.

Stay away from the mortal world.

Don\'t cause trouble.

You can obtain a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.]

Since the rewards were the same, he would follow his heart!

Han Jue silently chose the second option.

[You choose to continue cultivating and stay away from the mortal world.

You will obtain a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Grand Unity Numinous Treasure—Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots]

[Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots: A sixth-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.

It contains the true meaning of wind.

It can reach the heavens in a single step and trample the nine heavens.]

Not bad!

A Numinous Treasure that could increase his ability to run!

Han Jue immediately took out the Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots and started to make it recognize him as the owner.

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He decided to give the Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots that he was wearing to Xing Hongxuan.

The Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots was a fifth-grade Numinous Treasure that could change sizes depending on the wearer.

After all, Xing Hongxuan was often out and needed a pair of Numinous Treasure boots.

An hour later, Han Jue put on the Nine-Layered Heaven Trampling Boots.

He directly jumped out of the cave abode and started to use the boots to ascend to the sky.

With just one step, the ground became tiny.

Taking another step, Han Jue saw a sky full of stars.

A step further, Han Jue was blocked by an invisible barrier.

He looked down and saw that the mortal world was not round like Earth, but a vast continent.

Countless stars surrounded it, shimmering with faint light.

Han Jue raised his hand and touched the invisible barrier.

What\'s this

Does breaking through this barrier lead to ascension

Where\'s the Immortal World located

Han Jue scanned the vast stars and wanted to find the Immortal World, but he couldn\'t find it.

Stop looking.

The Immortal World is not there.

The stars outside the mortal world are said to be a painting, a Dharma treasure of the Immortal Gods.

The mortal world is trapped by the heavenly rules.

With the permission of the heavenly rules, one can ascend.

The lowest requirement for ascension is the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

A voice sounded as Han Jue glanced over.

It was Du Ku.

The new guest elder of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect!

Han Jue asked, Why didn\'t you ascend

Du Ku replied, To fulfill my promise, I will ascend after guarding the Jade Pure Sacred Sect for a hundred years.

He looked at Han Jue with a meaningful gaze and said, I didn\'t expect the Jade Pure Sacred Sect to have a great cultivator like you.

To be able to come here, he had to be at least at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Body Integration Realm cultivators could not come up!

To tell you the truth, I came to the Jade Pure Sacred Sect under the request of one of your disciples.

This child\'s name is Su Qi.

He was captured by the Great Fiend Luo Qiumo.

He\'s one of the five fiends of today.

He said that Su Qi has even acknowledged the Devil Master as his master.

Now that Luo Qiumo and the Devil Master have appeared, the world will probably be in chaos.

In a hundred years, do you want to ascend with me We can look out for each other along the way, Du Ku said seriously.

Luo Qiumo, Devil Master…

Together with the newly resurrected Fiend Emperor!

Was the demonic path on the rise

Han Jue declined politely.

No, it\'s too early to ascend.

The troubles in the Upper World will definitely be no less than in the mortal world.

If I don\'t have the ability to protect myself, I won\'t ascend.

Du Ku shook his head and laughed.

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It seemed that this fellow Daoist still had a long lifespan.


This is true talent!

Han Jue asked, Who are the five fiends

Du Ku didn\'t hide anything.

Luo Qiumo, Demon Lord, Patriarch Blood Fiend, Fiendish Arhat, and White-Haired Fiend Lady.

All five of them are top mighty figures of the demonic path.

They\'re all Mahayana cultivators

I\'m not sure.

Even if they aren\'t, they should reach it soon.

Then the righteous path has no mighty figure who can compete with them

Of course we do, but most of the righteous path\'s mighty figures are ascetics.

They cultivate in seclusion all year round and are close to ascension.

Most of them don\'t want to cause trouble and gain enemies.

Han Jue was deep in thought after hearing that.

He hesitated for a moment and then said, I\'ve received news that the Fiend Emperor has been revived.

Do you think it\'s related to the five of them

Du Ku\'s expression changed drastically.

The resurrection of the Fiend Emperor Crap!

Fellow Daoist, let\'s not talk about this anymore.

Let\'s go into seclusion and cultivate!

With that, Du Ku vanished.

Han Jue frowned.

Was the Fiend Emperor so scary

He returned to the cave abode.

The conversation just now proved that Du Ku had no ill intentions.

Although this person\'s cultivation level was high, he was clearly afraid of trouble and would not harm the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

To be on the safe side, Han Jue stood up and retrieved Chang Yue\'er and Fairy Xi Xuan\'s Heavenly Puppets.

He planned to increase the puppets\' spirit energy and raise them to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Xing Hongxuan had yet to return, so he could only do it next time.

A month later, the two puppets successfully changed their spirit energy.

Han Jue returned the two puppets to Fairy Xi Xuan and Chang Yue\'er.

He didn\'t talk much with the two girls and immediately returned.

He came to the Fusang Tree.

His disciples were all cultivating.

Han Jue looked at Fang Liang.

He was already at the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

To be honest, his potential was a little poor.

After all, the Spirit Qi on this mountain was extremely rich.

Murong Qi and Xun Chang\'an had already broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

Should I help this kid Han Jue thought silently.

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After Fang Liang reached the Golden Core Realm, his luck would soar.

Han Jue was somewhat curious about how it would happen.


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