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Han Jue thought about it and ignored him.

The Son of Heaven and Earth looked powerful, but if he had the same temperament as Yang Tiandong and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, it would only cause more trouble for him.

It was not worth it.

Han Jue didn\'t need to rely on the power of others, anyway.

After thinking, he closed his eyes again and continued cultivating.

Time passed.

After Xuan Qingjun left, Luo Qiumo, who wanted to avenge Great Sage Green Python, did not appear.

It seemed that she had settled everything.

As the Jade Pure Sacred Sect became stronger, Han Jue no longer encountered any trouble that he had to deal with.

He could focus on cultivating.

Five years passed quickly.

At the foot of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, the disciples kneeling had changed to a new batch.

But Fang Liang was still there.

Han Jue was a little surprised.

He didn\'t expect this Son of Heaven and Earth to be so patient.

He stood up and walked out of the abode.

He found Xun Chang\'an and asked, Do you still want to take in a disciple

Yang Tiandong, the Black Hell Chicken, and Murong Qi opened their eyes upon hearing this.

Xun Chang\'an hesitated.

Master, do you want me to accept one

Teaching Murong Qi already made him very anxious, because Murong Qi\'s talent was stronger than his and his cultivation had already caught up.

In the future, his disciple would be stronger than his master.

If word got out, how embarrassed would he feel

If he took in another disciple, it would delay his cultivation as well.

Master, do you want me to take a disciple Yang Tiandong asked with a smile.

He was tempted by Murong Qi\'s talent.

Han Jue glared at him and said angrily, If I give him to you, I\'m afraid I\'ll be giving the Demon Kings a grandson!

Yang Tiandong lowered his head in shame.

Alright, Master.

Who do you want me to accept A disciple from the foot of the mountain Xun Chang\'an said helplessly.

Han Jue waved his hand and moved Fang Liang up the mountain.

Fang Liang\'s cultivation was weak.

After kneeling for five years, he collapsed on the ground and couldn\'t even stand up.

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He was excited when he saw Han Jue.

Senior, are you willing to take me as your disciple Fang Liang asked excitedly.

Murong Qi said disdainfully, Disciple You You can only be my junior!

Fang Liang was stunned.

Han Jue instructed Xun Chang\'an, You can teach him the Jade Pure Technique.

He\'s not allowed to leave the mountain before the Golden Core Realm.

With that, he walked back to the cave abode.

At this point, Fang Liang became Xun Chang\'an\'s disciple and became the second grand disciple.

After returning to the cave abode, Han Jue sat on the bed and rubbed his chin in thought.

His eldest disciple, Yang Tiandong, had the bloodline of a Demon Saint.

His second disciple, Su Qi, was the reincarnation of the jinx of the Heavenly Court.

His third disciple, Xun Chang\'an, was the reincarnation of the Ancient Spiritual Ginseng.

His first grand disciple, Murong Qi, was a reincarnated War God of the Divine Palace.

His title was Profound Truth Divine Emperor.

His second grand disciple, Fang Liang, was the Son of Heaven and Earth.

The Black Hell Chicken was the reincarnation of an Upper World Demon Saint.

Its true form was the Black Hell Phoenix.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog was a divine beast of providence!

There was also Heaven and Earth Grass who could become an Immortal.


This was a grand lineup of providence bearers!

Unknowingly, Han Jue had already gathered so many high-potential followers.

Among them, the strongest should be Murong Qi.

Why don\'t I ascend after they develop Or let them ascend first and support me in the future Han Jue thought silently.

He shook his head and laughed.

He stopped thinking and continued cultivating.

Another three years passed.

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Daoist Nine Cauldrons returned with a group of disciples, including Chang Yue\'er.

This matter caused quite a stir in the sect.

Chang Yue\'er wanted to visit Fairy Xi Xuan, but when she learned that she had already moved to the same mountain as Han Jue, she couldn\'t help but frown.

Something was wrong.

Despite all her planning, she failed to guard against her master…

The more Chang Yue\'er thought about it, the more panicked she became.

Thinking back, Han Jue was very indifferent to everyone except Fairy Xi Xuan.

Could it be that Han Jue rejected her, Mo Zhu, and Xing Hongxuan because he liked Fairy Xi Xuan

Chang Yue\'er hurriedly looked for someone to inquire about the situation.

She only heaved a sigh of relief when she learned that the Sect Master had also moved to the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

I guess I\'m overthinking.

Junior Brother is not someone who will fall in love so easily.

Chang Yue\'er immediately headed to the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Han Jue opened the mountain-protecting array formation and let her into the cave abode.

The moment the Black Hell Chicken saw Chang Yue\'er, its head shrank.

It remembered that when it was young, Yue\'er would often touch its head and even tug at its feathers.

It could be said to be a childhood nightmare.

Junior Brother! Long time no see! Chang Yue\'er shouted excitedly and immediately pounced at Han Jue.

Han Jue raised his hand and stopped her.

He said helplessly, Senior Sister, what are you trying to do

After leaving for so long, Chang Yue\'er\'s cultivation level increased very quickly.

She was already at the ninth level of the Golden Core Realm.

Most importantly, Chang Yue\'er also had talent in refining talismans, spirit arrays, cultivation, alchemy, and so on.

It could be said to be a comprehensive development.

I missed you. Chang Yue\'er grumbled.

She was shocked.

What kind of technique was this

It actually made her unable to move!

If Junior Brother was to do something to her now…


Unfortunately, he was heartless.

Han Jue let go of her.

The two of them sat on the bed and started chatting.

Chang Yue\'er talked about her experiences in the past few years.

Han Jue listened carefully and learned about the situation overseas.

The overseas sect where Daoist Nine Cauldrons was located was not harmonious.

There were also enemies, and several disciples of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect had died.

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Han Jue was secretly glad that he didn\'t leave with Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

If that was the case, there would be endless trouble, and his cultivation level would definitely not be as high as now.

The two of them chatted for a long time.

Before leaving, Han Jue asked her to move to this mountain.

Chang Yue\'er agreed happily.

Then, she went out to choose a location and opened a cave abode.

Perhaps Han Jue was thinking too much, but Chang Yue\'er chose the cave abode between Fairy Xi Xuan and Xing Hongxuan.

There was almost no difference in distance between the two.

Fairy Xi Xuan and Xing Hongxuan had gone out to adventure not long ago and had yet to return.

Chang Yue\'er\'s return was only a small incident and did not disturb Han Jue\'s Dao Heart.

Han Jue didn\'t take the time to cultivate his feelings with Chang Yue\'er.

Instead, he continued cultivating.

Love was nothing to him!

Cultivation was the most important!

Only by becoming stronger would those who liked him like him more.

Women would never occupy the most important place in his heart.

Under the dusk, on the mountain path.

Su Qi held his sword and walked forward.

His expression was tired and travel-worn.

He was rushing towards the Great Yan.

For some reason, he felt that the return journey was even more dangerous than when he had first left.

He had recently encountered many fiendish cultivators, all of whom were extremely evil.

Su Qi couldn\'t help but glance at the old man on the nearby mountain peak.

This person was the Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator he had encountered in the ruins of the Demon Taming Sect.

His name was Du Ku.

Du Ku felt regret at the Demon Taming Sect\'s destruction.

If he couldn\'t fulfill his wish, when he ascended one day, this would become a mental demon.

Thus, he followed Su Qi and wanted to take him as a disciple.

Su Qi already had a master.

How could he agree

Du Ku did not force him.

He followed along and helped Su Qi kill many fiendish cultivators.

Su Qi understood Du Ku\'s personality.

He wouldn\'t rely on his cultivation to suppress a junior, so he dared to joke with him.

The two of them were like rivals now, often fighting and even breaking up before making up again.

Stop! Du Ku suddenly shouted, causing Su Qi to shiver in fear.

He hurriedly stopped and looked around vigilantly, guarding against enemy attacks.

Du Ku arrived in front of him in a flash.

His expression was dark as he said, Luo Qiumo, why are you staring at my disciple What do you want

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Following his gaze, a black shadow appeared under the shade of the tree ahead.

It was difficult to make out its true appearance.

The figure was horrifying, like a ghost.

Your disciple Isn\'t this the Devil Master\'s disciple Du Ku, if you want to ascend without a hitch, then obediently go away! This guy is mine!


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