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Han Jue silently chose to continue cultivating and not ascend for the time being.

[You chose to continue cultivating and break through to the Mahayana Realm.

You have obtained a Numinous Treasure and a Mystical Power inheritance.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Grand Unity Numinous Treasure—Purple Gold Soft Armor]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Mystical Power—Universe in the Sleeves]

[Purple Gold Soft Armor: Eighth-grade Grand Unity Defensive Numinous Treasure.

Extremely strong defensive power.]

[Universe in the Sleeves: Your sleeves contain Heaven and Earth.

Can absorb the Yin, Yang, and all things in Heaven and Earth.]

A defensive Numinous Treasure!

A Grand Unity treasure!


Han Jue thought happily.

It was just that this defense was extremely strong and difficult to test.

But it was fine.

The simulation trial had already copied Xuan Qingjun\'s cultivation level.

He could test it using her!

Han Jue didn\'t inherit the Mystical Power but consolidated his cultivation first.

After reaching the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, his spirit energy could be said to have increased by more than ten times!

During the process of consolidating his cultivation, many memories appeared in Han Jue\'s mind.

The method of ascension!

With his own providence, he could trigger the Heavenly Dao.

The Heavenly Dao could help him transcend the mortal world and ascend to the Upper World!

Not only could Han Jue go to the Upper World, but he could also go to the underworld and other planes.

It should have something to do with the path he had chosen previously.

No matter which world it was, Han Jue didn\'t want to go for the time being.

Being at the top here was better than starting at the bottom elsewhere!

He had finally reached the top-notch level in the present world, but now, he had to jump into the higher realms to become a stepping stone for others


After all, he still had a long lifespan!

Thinking of his lifespan, Han Jue checked his attributes panel.

[Name: Han Jue]

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[Lifespan: 478 / 109,200]

[Race: Human (Mortal Transcendence Stage)]

[Cultivation: Level One of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm]

[Technique: Six Paths of Reincarnation (Can be inherited)]

[Magic: Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword, Seven Illusionary Steps, Three Pure Shadow Sword (Unparalleled), Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal, Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm, Wind God Technique, Still Phase Technique]

[Mystical Power: Six Paths Soul Absorption, Heavenly Punishment Ghost Deity Sword, Imitate Heaven and Earth, Somersault Cloud, Ten Thousand Sword Sect (Can be inherited), Tathagata Incantation, Six Paths Ultimate Seal, Firmament Sword Qi, Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger, Universe in the Sleeves]

[Equipment: Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe (Seventh-Grade Numinous Treasure), Little Universe Belt, Qilin Sword, Demon Binding Rope, Burning Fiend Bell (Sixth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots (Fifth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Frost Lord\'s Glazed Crown (Fourth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Book of Misfortune (Supreme-Grade Numinous Treasure), Earth Emperor\'s Soul Ward (Third-Grade Numinous Treasure), Heart Protecting Immortal Chain (Third-Grade Numinous Treasure), Calm Meditation Mat (Grand Unity Sixth-Grade Numinous Treasure), Heavenly Spirit Bracelet (Supreme-Grade Numinous Treasure), Purple Gold Soft Armor (Grand Unity Eighth-Grade Numinous Treasure)]

[Self-Created Mystical Power: Three Pure World Cleansing (Grand Unity)]

[Birth Dharma Treasure: Primordial Judgment Sword]

[Cultivation Potential: Spiritual Physique of the Six Paths.

It contains top-notch wind, fire, water, earth, wood, and thunder cultivation potentials.

Increases providence to a certain extent.]

[Connate providence is as follows]

[Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, top-notch charm]

[Destined Sword Fanatic: Top-notch Sword Dao aptitude, top-notch Sword Dao learning ability]

[Unparalleled Movement Technique: Top-notch movement technique aptitude]

[Descendant of the Immortal Emperor: After the game begins, you will receive an unparalleled cultivation technique…]

109,200 years of lifespan!

Han Jue seriously suspected that this was due to the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

He had never heard of cultivators living for 100,000 years.

He was only at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

When he broke through to the Mahayana Realm, how much longer would his lifespan increase

Han Jue perked up and started to focus on consolidating his cultivation.

Seven days later, his cultivation had completely stabilized.

He had become a true Tribulation Transcendence Realm Cultivator!

He looked up and saw that the grasslands had been charred black by the heavenly lightning.

There were potholes everywhere, and it was no longer raining.

Not only had the Heavenly Tribulation changed the landscape, but it had also changed the climate here.

Han Jue started to return.

Not long after, a line of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Detected bearer of Connate providence, check its origin.]

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Connate providence

Han Jue couldn\'t help but become curious.

It had been a long time since he had encountered someone with Connate providence.

He immediately chose to check.

[Fang Liang: Third level of the Qi Refinement Realm, the Son of Heaven and Earth.

He was born with the providence of Heaven and Earth and is protected by it.

Because the providence is too great, his physical body and soul cannot bear it.

Once he breaks through to the Golden Core Realm, the providence of Heaven and Earth will manifest.

From then on, he will rise up with unstoppable momentum.]

Son of Heaven and Earth

What the heck

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

He suspected that he had seen wrongly.

He looked carefully, certain that he had not seen wrong.

Is this the protagonist of an overpowered main character novel

Han Jue immediately used his divine sense to search.

Soon, he caught sight of Fang Liang.

Fang Liang hid in a forest and looked in his direction.

Han Jue arrived in front of him in a flash, scaring him so much that he hurriedly retreated.

This person looked to be only seventeen or eighteen years old.

His face still had a hint of childishness.

This junior didn\'t mean to disturb you.

This junior apologizes for bothering your tribulation! Fang Liang hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.

Han Jue was speechless.

This is the Son of Heaven and Earth

So cowardly!

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Your cultivation is so weak.

Why are you here

Fang Liang asked in fear, To be honest, I\'m an itinerant cultivator.

I wanted to join the Jade Pure Sect and happened to pass by here.

Han Jue looked at him deeply and threw a Deity Slaying Token in front of him.

Our encounter is fate.

When you enter the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, you can take out this token.

Han Jue disappeared after saying this.

Although he was the Son of Heaven and Earth, Han Jue didn\'t think too highly of him.

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By the time Fang Liang went on a rampage, Han Jue might have already become an immortal.

Fang Liang picked up the Deity Slaying Token and saw the two words on it.

His expression changed drastically as he muttered, Could he be the Deity Slaying Elder of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect that the cultivators in the market are talking about

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Fang Liang has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 4 stars]

When a person was still weak, it was easy for him to feel admiration when he received the guidance of an expert for no reason.

After returning to the immortal mountain, Han Jue ignored the Black Hell Chicken, Xun Chang\'an, and the others and returned to his cave abode like a gust of wind.

He sat on the bed and immediately took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing.

This was something worth celebrating!

Heaven and Earth Grass said excitedly, Master, you\'re finally back!

After Han Jue left for so long, it was worried that it had been abandoned.

How\'s your cultivation recently Han Jue asked.

This grass was already at the eighth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

It was quite talented.

Heaven and Earth Grass replied, While cultivating, I will always recall some cultivation memories.

It seems like a cultivation technique.

Han Jue was not surprised.

After all, Heaven and Earth Grass had once comprehended Dao with the Immortal God.

If there\'s anything wrong, let me know.

Yes, Master!

The news of Han Jue breaking through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm did not spread.

Li Qingzi also did not spread this news everywhere and cultivated in seclusion all day.

Several days later, Fang Liang arrived at the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

Due to the Deity Slaying Token, he directly became an inner sect disciple.

Fang Liang asked about the Deity Slaying Elder\'s residence and how his disciples succeeded in getting under his wing.

Soon, he found a way and knelt before the stone tablet at the foot of the immortal mountain.

He wasn\'t the only one.

More than ten people were also kneeling.

Ever since the death of Great Sage Green Python, the number of disciples who wanted to take Han Jue as their master increased exponentially.

Every once in a while, disciples would come to kowtow to him.

This had already become a characteristic of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

However, the elders strictly forbade any commotion near the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

If it was serious, they would be expelled.

Han Jue noticed Fang Liang\'s arrival and hesitated, wondering if he should accept the youth as his disciple.

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