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After destroying Daoist Jueyan\'s remnant soul, Han Jue immediately pulled out the interpersonal relationships.

Soon, he found Daoist Jueyan\'s portrait.

[Daoist Jueyan: Eighth level of the Loose Immortal Realm.

Because you killed the demon pet and soul fragment he left in the mortal world, he hates you.

When you ascend, he will definitely find trouble with you.

Current Hatred Points: 6 stars]

Eighth level of the Loose Immortal Realm

Waiting for me to ascend

Han Jue was first shocked, then heaved a sigh of relief.

That\'s it

I\'ll wait until my cultivation is sufficient to kill you before I ascend.

What can you do to me then Han Jue thought proudly.

That was good, too.

Han Jue didn\'t have to think too much when he knew the other party\'s background.

Han Jue had an idea.

He took out the Book of Misfortune and the two Heavenly Dao Spirit Stones.

There were too many powerful enemies.

He had to use some unconventional methods to distract them!

After making up his mind, Han Jue immediately threw the two pieces of Heavenly Dao Spirit Stones into the Book of Misfortune.

About four hours passed.

The Book of Misfortune leveled up successfully.

[Book of Misfortune upgraded to a supreme-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure.]

From a supreme-grade Numinous treasure to a supreme-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure, this was the result of two upgrades.

In other words, after supreme-grade Numinous Treasure was the Grand Unity Numinous Treasure, and above that was the supreme-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure!

Han Jue immediately cursed Daoist Jueyan to test the effect.

The Book of Misfortune was an ominous Dharma treasure.

Han Jue didn\'t dare to use too much force, afraid that he would squeeze himself dry.

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Great Sage Green Python had fallen!

This news quickly spread to the Great Yan, then to the surrounding states and dynasties.

Both the righteous and demonic paths of the Great Yan Cultivation World were in awe of the Jade Pure Sect.

Previously, they felt only fear.

Now, even the fiendish cultivators had respect for the Jade Pure Sect!

The invincible Great Sage Green Python had died there.

How powerful were they

With Han Jue\'s help, the Jade Pure Sect directly established the Great Yan as a cultivation holy land.

When the news spread to the other states, it also caused an uproar.

Following the attack of Great Sage Green Python, the cultivation sects of the various states fled, and those in seclusion looked desolate.

West Abyss State, True Martial Sect.

West Abyss State also suffered from the rampage of Great Sage Green Python, but the True Martial Sect managed to escape.

The main reason was that before Great Sage Green Python could deal with them, he was distracted by Yang Tiandong.

The upper echelons of the True Martial Sect gathered in a hall.

Everyone was shocked and deeply shook when they heard that Great Sage Green Python had perished.

Shangguan Qiujian smiled bitterly.

Jade Pure Sect and Deity Slaying Elder, they truly hid well!

Huang Jihao stood behind him with a complicated expression.

He was now a core disciple.

Everyone looked at him.

One of the elders asked, Discipline Elder, you\'ve been to the Great Yan\'s Jade Pure Sect before.

Is it really so powerful

Shangguan Qiujian smiled bitterly when he heard that.

To be honest, I went to challenge the Deity Slaying Elder of the Jade Pure Sect, but I was defeated by him with a single strike.

I\'m too embarrassed to talk about the past.

From the looks of it, the person who killed Great Sage Green Python should be the Deity Slaying Elder.

Even Great Sage Green Python was killed, so Shangguan Qiujian suddenly felt much better talking about it.

Far away in the Jade Pure Sect, Han Jue felt baffled when he received the notification that his favorability had increased.

Shangguan Qiujian straightened his back as if it was a glorious thing to lose to Han Jue.

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From now on, the Jade Pure Sect will be the holy land of the Great Yan Cultivation World, perhaps the holy land of the ten provinces and nine dynasties.

The True Martial Sect cannot offend them.

We have to befriend them immediately.

I\'m willing to let my disciple rush to the Jade Pure Sect and thank them on behalf of our sect and the entire West Abyss State!

We have to prepare a huge gift before meeting them! Shangguan Qiujian said firmly.

One of the elders frowned and said, The True Martial Sect has suffered heavy losses.

If we fawn over the Jade Pure Sect now, what will the disciples think

Shangguan Qiujian glared at him and shouted, Wake up! What are you thinking To the public, the Jade Pure Sect saved everyone in the world.

Shouldn\'t we thank them For personal reasons, from now on, the Jade Pure Sect will definitely be a holy land that all cultivators in the world look up to.

If we are a step slower, other sects will go first.

When the Jade Pure Sect becomes stronger, some sects will definitely use their power to pressure the others.

The earlier we go, the better!

His words caused the elders to ponder.

Nine Dragons Sect.

After hearing his disciple\'s report, Huang Zuntian waved his hand to dismiss him.

He was the only one left in the room, and he revealed a look of admiration.

Senior is worthy of being a senior.

Even Great Sage Green Python isn\'t his match.

How about I just give the Nine Dragons Sect to the Jade Pure Sect Huang Zuntian muttered to himself as his eyes flickered with thought.

He wasn\'t joking.

He really had that thought!

Ever since the calamity caused by Great Sage Green Python, the Nine Dragons Sect had been torn apart.

Many people were afraid of him, and many had even fled.

He was truly exhausted by such a sect.

In addition, the death of Great Sage Green Python had made him realize that only by cultivating diligently like his senior could one feel safe!

Cultivators should cultivate for longevity.

The so-called sects were only for passing down their legacy.

If the sects were born for power, what was the difference between them and mortal gangs

Huang Zuntian didn\'t want to be tied down by power anymore.

He wanted to imitate Han Jue!

After cursing Daoist Jueyan, Vermilion Bird, and Mo Youling for seven days each, Han Jue put down the Book of Misfortune in satisfaction.

Heaven and Earth Grass asked curiously, Master, what are you doing

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Han Jue replied, Comprehending the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

This book doesn\'t have words or any secrets.

It\'s precisely because it has nothing that I can let my mind wander in thought.

Heaven and Earth Grass seemed to understand his words.

Han Jue waved his hand and moved it out of the white jade bottle and into the soil.

He closed his eyes and cultivated.

Killing Great Sage Green Python did not make him too happy.

He had to kill a few enemies at least on the path of cultivation, it was quite a normal thing.

He hoped that the effects of the incident would disappear as soon as possible, lest there be more trouble.

For the next period of time, he stayed in the Connate Cave Abode and did not leave.

Under Li Qingzi\'s arrangements, no one dared to disturb him.

The Jade Pure Sect became lively.

As the news that Great Sage Green Python had died in the Jade Pure Sect spread, both the righteous and demonic sects came to thank them for eliminating a great enemy for the human race.

Even sects from other states came.

Huang Jihao came and wanted to visit Han Jue, but was stopped.

In the end, the elders received him.

Eight years passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue was getting closer and closer to the ninth level of the Body Integration Realm.

On this day, Li Qingzi came to visit him.

When he met Han Jue again, Li Qingzi looked very restrained.

Elder Han, recently, the elders have suggested changing the name of the sect to Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The Emperor of the Great Yan Dynasty has also come to visit and is willing to worship the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

What do you think Li Qingzi asked.

Han Jue opened his eyes and said, You guys can decide on such matters yourselves.

The name Jade Pure Sacred Sect sounded very grand and had the status of a holy land.

This was good as it could attract more cultivators.

In addition, I\'ve already sent a message to the ancestor and asked him to return.

He has already agreed.

In a few years, he will return and take up the position of Sect Master again.

I don\'t want to die early, so I\'ve decided to focus on cultivation and fight for a longer lifespan.

Li Qingzi sighed, feeling a little embarrassed.

Han Jue saw through him and said, When the Sect Master\'s position is handed over, you can move here to cultivate.

As for the cave abode, you can make one yourself.

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