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The moment Three Pure World Cleansing was used, hundreds of thousands of sword shadows soared into the sky and crushed the descending Great Sage Green Python!

That\'s right!

A complete slaughter!

Even his soul and body were destroyed.

He didn\'t even have the chance to reincarnate!

The sword shadow stirred up a violent wind that swept in all directions.

It was like an immortal waving his hand, stirring up waves in the mortal world.

Han Jue held the Primordial Judgment Sword in his right hand.

With a twist of the blade, an even more powerful sword aura shot up into the sky.

Sword Qi formed a sea, blotting out the sky!

Everyone and the demons widened their eyes and opened their mouths.



Sword shadows condensed in the sea of Sword Qi.

These swords were all different in appearance.

Some were like gentlemen with a refined temperament, some were like kings looking down on the world, and some were like saints.

The blades were all wide and majestic.

In the blink of an eye, the number of sword shadows increased to a million and was still growing rapidly!

Everyone and the demons felt their vision blur.

They focused and looked again.

The sky was filled with sword shadows.

They were so dense that they could not be counted.

Xiao Yao, Liu Bumie, and the other elders were also shocked.

Especially in the case of Xiao Yao, although he was blind, he could sense everything.

His body trembled as he muttered, Such a Mystical Power…

He couldn\'t help but recall the scene 5,000 years ago when the Spiritual Firmament Sect was slaughtered by the power of immortals.

The demonic aura of Great Sage Green Python… Daoist Jingxu shivered as she muttered.


The demonic aura of the Demon Saint vanished!

Before anyone could react, Great Sage Green Python died

The elders thought that Han Jue might win, but they didn\'t expect him to win so overwhelmingly!

The scene in front of them told them that Great Sage Green Python had been killed by Han Jue in one strike!

How great was the difference in strength

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How powerful was the Deity Slaying Elder

At the same time!

The million sword shadows of the Three Pure World Cleansing shot in different directions.

The sea of Sword Qi condensed into sword shadows and continued to shoot!

The demons watching from afar finally reacted.


All of them turned to flee in fright!

The Demon Saint is dead!

Our Demon Saint has died!


How is that possible! Who is hiding in the Jade Pure Sect

How could Great Sage Green Python die so quickly Ridiculous!

How could the speed of the demons be faster than Han Jue\'s sword shadows Almost instantly, blood burst out from the sky in all directions.

It was like fireworks blossoming spectacularly.

Today, all cultivators of the Jade Pure Sect would never forget this scene!

Because on this day, they personally witnessed the power of an immortal!

He had single-handedly suppressed countless demon soldiers and Demon Kings!

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[You have killed a Tribulation Transcendence Realm existence for the first time, obtained a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.]

Another Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone!

Han Jue raised his eyebrows as he pulled with his left hand.

A golden wooden staff flew towards him.

It was the Great Sage Green Python\'s treasure!

There was only this treasure left over from the body of the Great Sage Green Python.

Three Pure World Cleansing was actually unable to completely destroy this treasure, which showed how powerful it was.

At the moment, the golden wooden staff was cracked and filled with smoke.

Han Jue subconsciously extended his divine sense into the staff.

The next second, his eyes widened and he hurriedly retracted his divine sense.

His expression grew grave.

Inside the golden wooden staff hid a wisp of a soul.

It was a demonic-looking man curled up in the staff\'s dimensional space.

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What\'s this

Han Jue was surprised.

He immediately threw the golden wooden staff into the Little Universe Belt.

That remnant soul was not strong enough to hurt Han Jue, but he was afraid of waking it up.

What if this fellow had a powerful background

Han Jue looked at the surroundings again.

The demons were utterly defeated.

In just a few seconds, Three Pure World Cleansing had killed hundreds of thousands of demons.

Han Jue turned around and saw Xing Hongxuan, the Black Hell Chicken, and the others still in a daze.

Yang Tiandong was especially stunned.

He knew exactly how powerful Great Sage Green Python was!

The invincible existence in his heart was Great Sage Green Python!

The Demon Saint who had brought endless despair and fear to him had been insta-killed by his master!

Thousands of emotions gathered in Yang Tiandong\'s heart, finally turning into endless guilt.

So the strongest person had always been by his side, and yet he had always pursued authority and power elsewhere…

Yang Tiandong smiled bitterly and didn\'t even dare to look at Han Jue.

Han Jue walked towards the cave abode.

Master is too strong! He\'s unparalleled in the world!

The Black Hell Chicken was extremely excited.

This was not the first time that a seemingly invincible expert was insta-killed by Han Jue before he reached the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain!

I knew it!

Master was right.

Cultivating in seclusion is the proper thing to do!

Only by spending time on cultivation could they surpass their enemies!

Xing Hongxuan\'s eyes lit up as she looked at Han Jue.

He was indeed the man she liked from the start.

No one was prouder than her!

When she took a fancy to Han Jue, he was still a mortal.

She was the first person to think that he was different.

Of course, her interest started from his looks…

Xun Chang\'an and Murong Qi also worshiped Han Jue.

Especially Murong Qi, who was still somewhat unfamiliar with this grandmaster.

He had always been curious about Han Jue\'s cultivation level.

Today, he saw it!

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As Han Jue walked past Yang Tiandong, he said, Hurry up and kneel at the foot of the mountain.

From now on, if you dare to run out without my permission, I will cut off all ties with you.

I won\'t interfere even if you face death.

Yang Tiandong took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

He turned around and knelt down to Han Jue.

He kowtowed three times before going down the mountain.

One demon after another flew past the mountains.

One of them was surprisingly Demon King Dian Su!

Although only his essence soul remained, Demon King Dian Su still had some means.

As he fled, he killed those demons with weaker cultivation levels.

He was taking revenge on Great Sage Green Python!

So that Immortal was hiding in the Jade Pure Sect… No wonder the curse vanished after I went there… It seems that the curse that Great Sage Green Python felt was a warning from that Immortal.

Unfortunately, that fellow insisted on wreaking havoc and died… Demon King Dian Su thought to himself.

He swore that he would never offend the Jade Pure Sect or kill anyone in the Great Yan!

If he had the chance, he would pay a visit to the Jade Pure Sect!

He could even offer to be that Immortal\'s mount!

It was simply a fortuitous encounter!

On the other side, the entire Jade Pure Sect was in a state of extreme excitement.

The sensible Li Qingzi immediately arranged for the elders to deal with the aftermath and strictly forbade them from disturbing the peace and quiet of the immortal mountain!

After today\'s battle, the Deity Slaying Elder once again stood on the altar in the hearts of the cultivators of the sect.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

Han Jue sat on the bed and played with the golden wooden staff.

He was considering how to deal with it.

He wanted to destroy it, but he was afraid of awakening the remnant soul inside.


I can\'t keep it!

I should just destroy it!

If the remnant soul still had a true body somewhere, it might come here in search of it.

Han Jue immediately used the Six Paths Soul Absorption Technique to suck out the remnant soul.

At this moment, the remnant soul suddenly opened its eyes.

What do you want A cold voice sounded, startling Han Jue.

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[Daoist Jueyan has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 5 stars]

When Han Jue saw the line of words in front of him, he was so frightened that he directly destroyed the remnant soul.

Five stars of hatred, that was almost impossible to resolve.

What was the point of keeping the remnant soul


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