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Yang Tiandong arrived at the foot of the immortal mountain.

He knelt down in front of the stone tablet and started to kowtow.

Master, I was wrong.

Master, I was wrong.

Master, I was wrong.

He repeated it over and over, his forehead touching the dirt.

On the mountain, the Black Hell Chicken jumped down from the Fusang Tree and asked excitedly, The half-demon is back


Xun Chang\'an was immediately interested.

Could it be the legendary Eldest Senior Brother

Han Jue turned around and walked back to the Connate Cave Abode.

The Black Hell Chicken and Xun Chang\'an went down the mountain.

After returning to the cave abode, Han Jue immediately began inspecting the demons in the Jade Pure Sect.

He didn\'t discover the Great Sage Green Python, but he detected its demonic soldiers.

There were a few demonic birds.

He didn\'t capture them.

Instead, he let them spread the news and waited for Great Sage Green Python to arrive.

In the following period of time, the disciples returned to the sect one after another.

Murong Qi also returned.

He came to the Fusang Tree and began to cultivate with Xun Chang\'an, not going out anymore.

Yang Tiandong was very surprised by Xun Chang\'an and Murong Qi\'s cultivation.

Master\'s grand disciple is about to break through to the Nascent Soul realm

Also, there was that Black Hell Chicken!

It was already at the Void Amalgamation Realm!

Yang Tiandong couldn\'t help but mourn for the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

The dog had just broken through to the Soul Formation realm a few years ago and still wanted to teach the Black Hell Chicken a lesson.

It seemed like there was no chance.

Han Jue listened to their conversation in the cave abode and was speechless when he learned that the Chaotic Heavenly Dog was only at the Soul Formation realm.

How dare you guys!

A Nascent Soul cultivator and a Soul Formation cultivator dared to plot against Great Sage Green Python

No wonder the python was so angry, it was a great insult that such ants were trying to turn on it.

Fortunately, they had encountered Huang Zuntian and the others.

Otherwise, they would have died long ago.

Several months later, Li Qingzi came to visit.

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When he saw Yang Tiandong still kowtowing at the foot of the mountain, his expression turned strange.

After entering the cave abode, he quickly stopped in front of Han Jue and said anxiously, Elder Han, things are not good.

Great Sage Green Python has already led the demon army into the Great Yan.

According to the findings of our demon pets, their target is likely us.

It turns out that the half-demon that Great Sage Green Python is chasing is your disciple…

He was the one who had recommended Yang Tiandong to Han Jue.

Yang Tiandong had even helped the Jade Pure Sect build a good relationship with Demon King Dian Su.

He had done a great deed, so he couldn\'t let Han Jue expel him from the sect.

So be it, let them come.

Are the disciples back Where\'s the secret hall Han Jue asked indifferently.

He was still a little nervous.

If he couldn\'t kill the Great Sage Green Python in an instant, would the latter escape That would result in endless trouble!

They\'re all back.

The secret hall has been sealed.

I\'ve already sent people to destroy the other teleportation entrances.

From now on, we can only enter from the sect, Li Qingzi replied.

Han Jue nodded.

Li Qingzi was very efficient.

Li Qingzi asked cautiously, What\'s next

This time, it was different from the past.

Great Sage Green Python had already taken down the cultivation world of several states.

He was truly fuming.

This was a demon disaster that was hard to come by in ten thousand years!

Could Han Jue alone stop it

Yes, Han Jue replied.

When Li Qingzi saw this, he could only suppress the panic and uneasiness in his heart and leave.

After he left, Han Jue took a deep breath.

The Heaven and Earth Grass was already in a white jade bottle, ready to escape at any time.

Although Han Jue was confident, he habitually thought of the worst possibility.

If he couldn\'t win, he could only run!

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started to curse the Great Sage Green Python.

This time, he didn\'t curse with all his might, in case he needed to fight at any time.

He just had to mess with the other party\'s mind!

Northern Great Yan, in a world of ice and snow.

Countless demons gathered in the snow.

A burly and domineering figure stood on the snow, holding a golden wooden staff.

This was Great Sage Green Python!

Wearing snake scale heavy armor, Great Sage Green Python looked down at Demon King Dian Su.

He smiled sinisterly.

Do you submit

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In human form, Demon King Dian Su was in an extremely sorry state.

He was covered in blood and his head was stepped on by Great Sage Green Python.

He couldn\'t move.

He wasn\'t the only one.

His subordinates were also subdued by the other demons.

They were trampled on the snow and looked at him in horror and despair.

The demons all knew that if Demon King Dian Su did not surrender, they would be killed along with him.

He\'s too powerful!

Recalling the scene earlier, the demons couldn\'t help but tremble.

In their hearts, Demon King Dian Su was an invincible existence.

However, he couldn\'t even fight back against Great Sage Green Python!

Damn it… Demon King Dian Su gritted his teeth, feeling extremely sullen.

At this moment, Great Sage Green Python suddenly frowned, his temper rising.

Damn it, I\'m getting cursed again! Great Sage Green Python shouted in anger.


When Demon King Dian Su heard this, he couldn\'t help but recall his own experience.

Looks like this fellow has been targeted by an immortal!

Fine, then!

He had to lower his head first.

After all, this guy would not live for long!

Demon King Dian Su said grimly, I\'m willing to submit!

Great Sage Green Python snorted and shifted his right foot away.

At the same time, he gestured for his subordinates to release the subordinates.

Do you know Yang Tiandong Great Sage Green Python asked.

With a wave of his right hand, snow gathered and formed a mirror.

Yang Tiandong\'s face was reflected in it.

The Dian Su Demon King had just gotten up.

He stared and couldn\'t help but ask in surprise, Isn\'t this my adopted son Did he offend you

Adopted son

Great Sage Green Python\'s eyes turned cold.


The Great Sage Green Python\'s staff slammed into Demon King Dian Su\'s head.

Blood splattered all over the ground, scaring all the demons.

Dian Su\'s essence soul floated out of his body and cried out in fear, Great Sage Green Python! What are you doing! I\'m willing to submit! I didn\'t order Yang Tiandong to offend you!

Great Sage Green Python harrumphed.

He also acknowledged me as his foster father and even organized a rebellion against me!

Dian Su was stunned.

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I\'ll not destroy your essence soul, but you\'ll have nothing to do with Yang Tiandong from now on.

Once I capture him, if you speak up for him, I\'ll make sure that you can\'t be reborn!

Great Sage Green Python spoke with a sinister expression.

The fury in his heart burned once again.


He even acknowledged another Demon King as his foster father!

Great Sage Green Python felt humiliated!

This was simply unbearable!

At the foot of Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, before the stone tablet, Yang Tiandong was still kowtowing.


The sound of thunder jolted him awake.

He looked up and saw rolling dark clouds.

These dark clouds were caused by a demonic aura!

Thinking of something, his expression turned fearful.

He then looked at the horizon.

The demonic aura at the end of the world engulfed the mountains and rivers.

It was as if an abyss had struck.

It was horrifying.

Great Sage Green Python had arrived!

Yang Tiandong was not the only one frightened.

Everyone from the Jade Pure Sect was so frightened that they walked out of their cave abodes and pavilions.

Elders, bring the disciples of the various peaks to their respective sect protection arrays.

Activate the array formation immediately!

Guan Yougang\'s voice resounded throughout the sect.

Everyone could hear the seriousness in his voice.

The disciples flew in all directions, their discussions were endless.

Great Sage Green Python is here

Oh no.

Can we get through it

I heard that the other states have fallen!

Damn it, why didn\'t the Sect Master bring us along to escape We\'re completely trapped!

Escape Where do you want to go The dynasties and states around the Great Yan have already been ravaged by demons.

It\'s useless no matter how you try to escape.

We might as well gather together and at least try to resist!

The news of the Great Sage Green Python had already spread a few years ago.

The disciples were extremely afraid, but thankfully, there were many people, so they did not panic.

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Unfilial son! I thought you\'d run away, but you\'ve come to such a small sect.

Today, I\'ll eat all of them! Let\'s see where you can run!

A cold laugh echoed through the area as Yang Tiandong\'s face turned deathly pale.


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