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After hesitating for a long time, Han Jue decided to infuse the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone into the Primordial Judgment Sword.

Great Sage Green Python could attack at any moment.

He had to increase his attack power and kill him instantly.

If not for Great Sage Green Python, Han Jue might have kept the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

However, being cautious, he decided to use it immediately.

Despite his curses, Great Sage Green Python had still successfully broken through.

Furthermore, he had been stirring up trouble everywhere as if nothing had happened.

This meant that Great Sage Green Python was very powerful!

Han Jue didn\'t dare to be careless!

He immediately took out the Primordial Judgment Sword and placed the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone on the blade.

Six Paths spirit energy poured into the two, attempting to fuse them together.

The Primordial Judgment Sword was his Birth Dharma treasure.

He had tried before, but it couldn\'t unleash a power that far exceeded his cultivation realm.

This was different from what he had imagined.

He had thought that it was just like Eastern Emperor Tai Yi in the legends of the Primordial World wielding the Chaotic Bell and slaughtering all in his path.

But on second thought, Eastern Emperor Tai Yi\'s cultivation level was already top-notch in the world when he was born.

That made sense.

If mortals\' Dharma treasures could unleash the power of an Immortal, wouldn\'t they be drained dry

[Primordial Judgment Sword cannot be upgraded by the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

Please select another Dharma treasure.]

Han Jue frowned.

This was ridiculous.

It seemed that the novels were right.

Primordial Chaos was superior to the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue thought for a moment.

Why not keep it first

He felt that it was a waste to use it on the Book of Misfortune.

Could it curse Great Sage Green Python to death just by raising its grade

After breaking through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, there might be even stronger Dharma treasures.

If he wanted to kill the Great Sage Green Python, he had to think of another way.

Another epiphany of the Sword Dao

It was unknown if that person was still waiting in the Sword Dao River.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Great Sage Green Python.

He would try to delay the battle as much as possible.

Several days later.

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He put down the Book of Misfortune and wiped the blood off his seven orifices, smiling in satisfaction.

After spending a few more days healing his injuries, Han Jue began to comprehend the Sword Dao.

He had comprehended the Three Pure World Cleansing last time.

He wanted to see if he could make it even stronger this time.

At the border of the Great Yan.

Yang Tiandong stopped under a huge tree and hurriedly sat down.

He circulated his energy to heal his injuries.

He was covered in blood and looked extremely miserable.

Ever since he cooperated with the Chaotic Heavenly Dog but failed to kill Great Sage Green Python, he was constantly on the run.

All these years, he had been hiding everywhere.

It was a fate worse than death.

Vile traitor, keep running.

No matter where you run, I will catch you.

At that time, I will pull out your tendons and skin you so that you can experience despair!

Great Sage Green Python\'s sinister and murderous laughter rang in his ears.

Yang Tiandong wasn\'t startled.

This was not the first time he had heard this.

Clearly, Great Sage Green Python had used some sort of secret technique.

It could only send voice transmissions and could not directly attack him.

Otherwise, Yang Tiandong would have long been captured.

Damn it… Yang Tiandong gritted his teeth.

He was truly afraid now.

After all these years on the run, he was severely injured.

No matter where he fled, it was useless.

He had also implicated many cultivation sects and Demon Kings.

He finally returned to the Great Yan.

He was very hesitant, unsure if he should return to the Jade Pure Sect.

Great Sage Green Python was too powerful, so powerful that he felt that no one could defeat him.

But if he didn\'t return to the Jade Pure Sect, he would really have nowhere to go.

Should I find Demon King Dian Su first

However, Great Sage Green Python had many powerful demon kings comparable to Dian Su.

Even Dian Su was no match for them.

Yang Tiandong felt conflicted as he healed.

An hour later, he moved again.

Not long after he left, dozens of birds flew over and continued chasing after him.

A phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky.

Purple light covered the sky, and even the ground turned purple.

When everyone was shocked, Han Jue\'s consciousness had already entered the Sword Dao River.

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At this moment, he was silently facing a figure.

You again! the figure said angrily.

Han Jue was even more speechless.

Was there something wrong with this fellow Why was he here all the time

He suppressed his anger and said with a smile, Senior, I\'ve encountered a mortal enemy.

Can you let me take another step Just one step!

The figure retorted unhappily, You\'ve already comprehended the Grand Unity Mystical Power and sword intent.

Who can\'t you defeat in the mortal world It\'s impossible to lose unless there\'s a huge gap between your cultivation realm and his!

Han Jue sighed and said, I wanted to visit you after I ascended.

Thank you for your reminder.

I might die on the path of cultivation now.

What a pity.

The figure was silent.

After a while, the figure slowly said, Then walk forward!

With that, he moved aside, and Han Jue\'s consciousness followed.

Moving forward, Han Jue suddenly felt a terrifying pressure.

It was as if he was carrying a huge mountain on his back, and he almost couldn\'t breathe.

It seemed that this senior was not lying to him.

Mortals could not comprehend powers beyond Grand Unity!

Han Jue gritted his teeth and persisted.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

Han Jue started to feel dizzy.

He hurriedly shouted, Senior, save me!

As he said that, a hand reached out from behind, grabbed his shoulder, and pulled him back.

Immediately after, he felt the world spin as his consciousness fell out of the river.

Junior, if this happens again, I won\'t save you! The figure snorted coldly.

Han Jue\'s consciousness returned to his body and he quickly circulated his energy to stabilize his essence soul.

A line of words appeared in front of him.

[Your Sword Dao Mystical Power—Three Pure World Cleansing has been enhanced.]

After a while, Han Jue\'s mental state recovered.

He immediately started the simulation trial and fought with Xuan Shishi.

He had previously simulated a trial with Xuan Shishi and the system had kept a copy of her data.

A breath later, Han Jue opened his eyes.

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He exhaled.

Although it was also an instant kill, he could sense that Three Pure World Cleansing had become stronger.

With just three more steps, Three Pure World Cleansing could produce a million sword shadows now.

They were all famous swords from the long river of the Sword Dao.

The million sword shadows focused on Xuan Shishi and destroyed her along with her soul!

However, this move consumed a lot of spirit energy and could not be used easily.

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction.

He had more confidence in killing Great Sage Green Python instantly.

Heaven and Earth Grass shivered.

After seeing him smile, it couldn\'t help but say, Master, your aura earlier was so terrifying… it reminded me of my previous master.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Did that mean that he was already comparable to an Immortal God

He was only praising himself a little.

How could he compare to the Immortal God Heaven and Earth Grass was too weak now.

It couldn\'t determine how powerful its previous master was.

What previous master You only have me now! Han Jue snorted.

Ah… yes…

Han Jue ignored Heaven and Earth Grass and left.

The phenomenon in the sky began to fade.

Xun Chang\'an saw Han Jue come out and sighed.

Master, it\'s not the first time such a natural phenomenon appeared.

I wonder what kind of monstrous talent has appeared this time.

He couldn\'t sense anything happening in the Connate Cave Abode, so he didn\'t think about Han Jue.

Han Jue smiled and cursed in his heart: You\'re the monster.

He did not reply.

Instead, he looked into the distance.

Following his gaze, dozens of kilometers away, he saw a peculiar man meditating and recuperating.

It was Yang Tiandong!

As Yang Tiandong circulated his energy, he looked up at the sky and muttered, Another genius has appeared.

Sigh, how good would it be if he could help me kill Great Sage Green Python

As soon as he finished speaking, a familiar voice sounded, You\'re already at the doorstep and you\'re still not coming back.

Could it be that you really want to be the Great Sage Green Python\'s son

Upon hearing this, Yang Tiandong wanted to cry.

His eyes turned red.

Master still cares about me!

He suddenly felt that he was not fit to be human.

He had let Han Jue down.

Han Jue had told him not to go out in the past, but he didn\'t listen.

Now, he was being chased by the Great Sage Green Python and had nowhere to go, so he came back to seek refuge.

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Mas… Master…

Don\'t cry.

Go to the foot of the mountain and kowtow for five years.

Recite \'I was wrong\' a thousand times a day!



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