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Six years later.

Han Jue finally broke through to the eighth level of the Body Integration Realm!

He opened his eyes and exhaled.

The Tribulation Transcendence Realm still required several decades, but it was close now.

After the Tribulation Transcendence Realm was the Mahayana Realm.

Han Jue didn\'t know if the Grand Unity Realm was above that.

He had always treated the Vermilion Bird as his imaginary enemy, so he felt that the Body Integration Realm wasn\'t strong enough.

There was still a long way to go!

Han Jue habitually checked his emails.

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by demons] x8499

[Your pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, was attacked by demons] x14923

[Your grand-disciple Murong Qi was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x233

[Your good friend Daoist Calm Sky was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.]

[Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by a righteous cultivator] x74

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons was attacked by a righteous cultivator and was severely injured.]

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun gained enlightenment in the Dao discussion and her cultivation improved greatly.]

So many demons!

So many Demon Kings!

Han Jue frowned.

How chaotic was the outside world

He walked out of the cave abode and came to the Fusang Tree to stretch his muscles.

Xun Chang\'an stood up and bowed.

The Black Hell Chicken was still sleeping on the Fusang Tree.

Han Jue sized up the tree.

It was very healthy, and the Earth Immortal Gourd Vine on the tree was also not bad.

It would take a long time for it to give birth to a gourd child.

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Master, Murong Qi hasn\'t been back for some time.

I want to go find him.

Is that okay Xun Chang\'an asked softly.

Han Jue said calmly, Don\'t go.

Be careful not to be eaten by the demons.

He\'s fine.

He has extraordinary luck and will be able to survive.

As his cultivation level increased, Xun Chang\'an\'s physical body also began to emit Spirit Qi like a heavenly treasure.

Previously, Xun Chang\'an had been frightened, but as time passed, he finally got used to it.

It was all thanks to the Heartless Flying Sword that this guy did not go to seduce Qian\'er.

Recently, the cultivation world has not been very peaceful.

I heard the discussions among the disciples.

They\'re all talking about Great Sage Green Python.

This demon might very well become a calamity to this world.

Although he has not affected the Great Yan yet, it might happen in the future.

I\'m worried that something will happen to my Qi\'er. Xun Chang\'an frowned.

Your Qi\'er

Han Jue got goosebumps after hearing that.

Their master-disciple relationship was really deep.

Han Jue said, You\'re very attractive to demons.

Be careful that you are caught before you can find Murong Qi.

When the time comes, you\'ll need your disciple to save you.

Anyway, it\'s impossible for me to save you.

How many times have I told you all not to run around and cultivate in peace You guys just don\'t listen.

Xun Chang\'an felt that it made sense and could only give up.

The Black Hell Chicken had awoken at some point.

It asked, Master, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog has yet to return.

Did it die outside

Han Jue replied, Not dead, but sometimes, being alive is worse than death.

He gets beaten up every day.

Master can predict that

Of course.

Thankfully, I didn\'t go out.

Master really didn\'t lie to me.

If that Great Sage Green Python were to attack, we could just run away.

The Black Hell Chicken sighed.

It was unknown if it was afraid or worried about the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

It had been waiting for the Chaotic Heavenly Dog to return.

If it died outside, it would definitely be sad.

After all, it had hatched the egg.

Han Jue said, We\'ll see.

If we can\'t win, we can only run.

He was already at the eighth level of the Body Integration Realm.

Even if Great Sage Green Python successfully broke through, he shouldn\'t be able to defeat him, right

The difference between the Tribulation Transcendence Realm and the ninth level of the Body Integration Realm was not so great.

After chatting for an hour, Han Jue returned to the cave abode and continued cultivating.

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A month later, Li Qingzi came to visit.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and said, Could it be that Great Sage Green Python is already here

Li Qingzi was definitely not carrying good news.

The Guyuan State is about to fall.

Great Sage Green Python has tens of millions of demonic soldiers.

There are countless Demon Kings under him.

Even the West Abyss State and the Great Wei are being attacked by the demon army.

I\'m afraid it won\'t be long before it\'s our Jade Pure Sect\'s turn, Li Qingzi said worriedly.

Elder Han, it\'s said that Great Sage Green Python has already broken through to the legendary Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

It has more than a hundred Body Integration and Void Amalgamation Realm Demon Kings under him.


Li Qingzi was too embarrassed to continue.

He wasn\'t confident that Han Jue could face so many Demon Kings alone.

Han Jue was shocked.

So many Why isn\'t the cultivation world working together

According to my previous understanding, there are no Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivators in the ten provinces and nine dynasties near the Great Yan.

The strongest is only at the Body Integration Realm.

Two years ago, a mysterious Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator appeared at the border of the Guyuan State.

He wanted to stop Great Sage Green Python but was nearly beaten to death by him.

Now, all the provinces are fearful and many sects were forced to move.

Do you think we should move Li Qingzi asked carefully.

If even Han Jue was not confident, it was better to run as soon as possible.

[Facing the menacing Great Sage Green Python, Sect Master Li Qingzi is fearful and wants to relocate the sect.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Agree and escape with the Jade Pure Sect.

You can obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

[2: Reject and stay behind to wait for Great Sage Green Python.

You can obtain a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.]

Three lines of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He frowned.

Move where

Overseas, we\'ll seek refuge with the ancestor.

He\'s getting beaten up constantly, and you still want to join him

Oh How did Elder Han know

I can deduce it.

Besides, can we avoid Great Sage Green Python\'s army along the way


The states and dynasties around the Great Yan are under attack by demons.

Wherever we go, we will encounter demons…

Tell all the disciples to come back.

Han Jue shook his head.

Since he would encounter demons if he fled, he might as well stay and fight.

If all the disciples gathered in the sect, Han Jue wouldn\'t have to go around saving people.

He just had to wait here.

At that time, he would be the first to kill the attacking Great Sage Green Python.

The remaining Demon Kings would naturally be scared out of their wits.

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Han Jue thought about whether he should go out to find Great Sage Green Python, but on second thought, where could he go to find it

He would regret it if his home was destroyed while he was out!

Han Jue didn\'t care if the other sects in the cultivation world were destroyed.

The only one he could not bear to part with was the Jade Pure Sect.

So what if the world outside was devastated if the Jade Pure Sect was intact

Han Jue didn\'t want to be a savior.

That would only give rise to endless trouble in the future.

Moreover, it was impossible for Great Sage Green Python to slaughter the entire human race.

Han Jue had encountered more than one Mahayana Realm cultivator already.

[You rejected the Sect Master and chose to stay.

You obtained a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.]

[Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone: Contains the power of the Heavenly Dao.

If fused with a Dharma treasure, it will be elevated by a grade.]


Not bad!

Han Jue was attracted by the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

Li Qingzi nodded.

I\'ll give the order now!

With that, he stood up and left.

After he left the cave abode, Han Jue took out the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

This spirit stone was purple in color and looked like a brick.

Han Jue\'s divine sense entered it and was immediately repelled by a powerful force.

Power of the Heavenly Dao

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

Which treasure should he fuse it with

He had to choose the highest-grade Dharma treasure.

Otherwise, it would be a loss.

Primordial Judgment Sword


The Book of Misfortune

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