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Chapter 1076 Chaotic Calamity, Responsibility

The Extreme Evil Chaotic Devil laughed as they attacked Ten Absolute City.

It was world-shattering and unstoppable.

Zhao Shuangquan, Azure Heaven Mystic, Dao Sovereign, and the other mighty figures went to stop him.

A figure stood up in Ten Absolute City.

His figure was even larger than the entire city.

It was the Holy Mother of Order.

The Order Sacred Light illuminated the murky battlefield.

Countless evil devils were reduced to dust, but the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil and his clone were not affected.

The Ultimate God of Punishment stepped out of Ten Absolute City and looked at the majestic and terrifying demonic shadow in the distance.

He sighed and said, “Its really unsettling.”

A blood-stained and tattered armor was attached to his body.

His aura changed, startling the mighty figures.

The leader of the Divine Spirits!

The mighty figures were very respectful to the Ultimate God of Punishment, but they never knew how strong he was.

The Ultimate God of Punishment walked forward.

With every step, his figure grew taller and his aura soared.

At the same time, another powerful force that froze all forces descended.

It landed on the barren land like the descent of the three thousand Great Dao.

The purple pillar of light connected the world and swept away countless evil devils and dust.

A divine weapon descended from the sky!

Countless gazes landed on him, and the entire Ten Absolute City was excited.

Zhao Shuangquans expression also became subtle.

Han Huang!

The publicly acknowledged strongest in the Chaos!

Although Zhao Shuangquan had the right to challenge this title, he was still far inferior to Han Huang in the hearts of all living beings.

Han Huang appeared as a Primordial Fiendcelestial in the purple pillar of light.

His white hair fluttered and his purple eyes emitted a terrifying cold light.


Han Huang snorted coldly, and a spear appeared in his hand.

It was the Primordial Divine Spear.

It was surrounded by a long dragon condensed from Primordial Purple Qi and roared continuously.

The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil looked up upon

sensing his power.

“Primordial Fiendcelestial! Hahaha, I want to

see if you, who call yourself the Primordial

Fiendcelestial, are qualified!”

The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil smiled

arrogantly, his tone filled with disdain.

With that, all the evil devils raised their arms.

Boundless negative karma was absorbed, forming a tornado that wreaked havoc in the


Space was shattered, and even Li Daokongs Sword Dao River was scattered.


The three thousand Great Dao trembled and the entire Chaotic Space began to collapse.

More and more cracks appeared at the edge.

Countless evil devils flew out from the cracks, looking sinister and terrifying as they roared.


Han Huang waved his palm as he advanced.

Divine Might Great Heaven Palm!

It was invisible and colorless.

The billions of evil devils in front of him instantly vanished, including dozens of clones of the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil.

Han Huang appeared in front of the largest evil devil.

Two Ultimate Origin Soul Oblivions appeared around his body.

As he stabbed with his spear, the Great Dao light blade flashed quickly and destroyed all the evil devils in the world.

The mighty figures along the way felt danger envelop them, but they couldnt see the speed at which the Ultimate Origin Soul Oblivion


“Theres only the two of us left!”

Han Huang stared at the Ultimate Evil Chaotic

Devil and smiled disdainfully.

The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil did not panic at


His raised hands suddenly descended, causing endless negative karma to descend from the sky and enter his body.

It compressed crazily, causing his body to twist violently as if it was about to explode.

Han Huang skewered the Ultimate Evil Chaotic

Devil with his spear.

It pulled out a shadow, like the soul body of the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil was nailed to the Primordial Divine Spear.

“Ill destroy your future!”

Han Huang snorted.

The Primordial Divine

Spear emitted a dazzling purple light and destroyed the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil

phantom on the spear shaft.


The Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil suddenly

exploded, the terrifying impact tearing everything apart.

The array formation protecting Ten Absolute City was instantly destroyed, and everything at the bottom of the

Chaos was swept away.

In the third Dao Field.

Han Jue suddenly felt uneasy.

He opened his eyes and saw that the Nine

Divine Stars and Shane were not there.

Many disciples gathered outside the Daoist temple.

Even the Black Hell Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog were here.

They were discussing the battle of Ten Absolute City.

Han Jue looked at the bottom of the Chaos.

It had already turned to ashes.

Countless souls wandered around.

All living beings below the Freedom Realm were dead.

Han Huang, Zhao Shuangquan, the Ultimate

God of Punishment, the Holy Mother of Order,

Li Daokong, the Universe Sage King, and the

other mighty figures were still fighting the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil.


Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

He discovered

that the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devils aura had


He was already infinitely close to becoming a Dao Creator!

According to his value, he needed at least 900 trillion years of lifespan!

This was no longer something that all living beings in the Chaos could resist.

Han Huang began to borrow the Ultimate Origin Power.

Although Han Jue didnt stop him, Han Huang was not a Dao Creator, after


It was difficult for him to compete with his opponent even with the Ultimate Origin Power.

“Arent the Dao Creators going to make a move”

Han Jue was surprised.

These Dao Creators were really tolerant.

The bottom of the Chaos was the closest to the Consciousnessless Great Dao World.

The Chaotic Consciousness actually did not react.

Perhaps he was hoping that the Ultimate Evil

Chaotic Devil would help his Great Dao World become independent again

Han Jue hesitated.

Should he make a move

At this rate, Han Huang and the others would not be able to withstand it.

Many other disciples were also on the battlefield other than

his son.

Otherwise, he could have used the Invocation Dao to send them all back.

Han Jue didnt want to stand out easily.

At this moment…

A black vortex appeared in front of him,

causing him to grow silent.

At the bottom of the Chaos, ruins filled the air

and overlapped like mountains.

The once bustling Ten Absolute City had

already been razed to the ground.

Mighty figures were recuperating one after another.

The battle in the distance was still ongoing.

Zhao Shuangquan and Han Huang joined forces and fought to the death.

Zhao Xuanyuan looked at the black vortex in front of him in nervous anticipation.

Dao Sovereign, Jiang Yi, Han Tuo, Yi Tian, Han

Qinger, Han Yunjin, Han Yu, and the other Hidden Sect disciples were also waiting


“We can only wait for Master to appear now.

Otherwise, we will all die,” Dao Sovereign said in a low voice.

His aura was weak.

Previously, he used the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority but was still not the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devils match.

He was even defeated very quickly and miserably.

Looking around, Han Huang and Zhao Shuangquan were constantly killed and revived.

They were not the Ultimate Evil

Chaotic Devils match at all.

At this rate, they would be killed by him sooner or later.

The time they had been killed became shorter and shorter.

They were becoming weaker, but the Ultimate Evil Chaotic Devil was constantly becoming stronger.

“Will Father not come… Why dont we escape” Han Qinger swallowed.

Jiang Jueshis expression was ugly.


Where to Were the strongest force in the


What awaits us is also death even if we manage to escape.

“We can return to Fathers Dao Field!” “What about all living beings” Jiang Jueshi asked, “Were all geniuses of the

Ten Absolutes and are conferred the title of Great Dao Divine Spirit.

All living beings believe in us, but should we abandon them in

front of such a calamity” Han Tuo, Yi Tian, Dao Sovereign, Han Yunjin,and

the others had ugly expressions.

It was

fine if Han Qinger did as she pleased, but they were all responsible.

If they really left like this,

their Dao hearts would definitely be damaged.

“Well said!”

A laugh sounded, startling everyone so much


that they turned around and saw a figure walk out of the black vortex.

It was Han Jue.

He activated all his Supreme Treasures.


light flickered, causing everyone to be unable to see his expression.

However, everyone felt

like crying from joy upon seeing him.

An unprecedented sense of security enveloped


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