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Father No, you\'re my master… Heaven and Earth Grass was taken aback.

It fell into deep thought.

In my memory, there was once a master… She left and I was eaten by demons.

Before I died, I disintegrated and returned to the world…

You\'re my second master… will you abandon me too

When Han Jue heard that, he immediately guessed that the first owner of Heaven and Earth Grass was that Immortal God.

Why would an Immortal God care about ordinary grass

Han Jue smiled and said, No.

From now on, I will bring you wherever I go.

He could make a potted plant for the grass!

Master is so good to me, Heaven and Earth Grass said gratefully.

[Heaven and Earth Grass has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 5 stars]

Hearing its voice, Han Jue felt that the name Chou Cao didn\'t suit it anymore.

Never mind.

When it grows up, let it name itself.

Han Jue chatted with Heaven and Earth Grass for a while before continuing to cultivate.

At the peak of the mountain, Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou, and Xuan Shishi stood at the edge of the cliff.

Following their gaze, countless demons were crawling on the plains ahead.

The largest was like a mountain.

The scene was stunning.

Zhou Fan frowned and asked, Why are Great Sage Green Python\'s demon soldiers growing so quickly

Mo Fuchou felt his scalp go numb.

After leaving the Great Yan, they would encounter Great Sage Green Python\'s demon soldiers no matter where they went.

It was as if all the demons in the world had already submitted to him.

Previously, the demons were suppressed by the humans.

Now, even the Demon Kings don\'t dare to invade the humans.

Don\'t think that only demons eat humans.

In fact, the cultivators have killed even more demons.

The appearance of Great Sage Green Python has given the demons hope.

Naturally, they will seek refuge under him, Xuan Shishi said calmly.

She continued, One can ascend after reaching the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Therefore, there are very few Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts in the world.

As for Mahayana cultivators, there are even fewer.

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Zhou Fan asked curiously, If one can ascend after transcending the tribulation, why are there still Mahayana cultivators around

Mo Fuchou also found it strange.

It\'s already very difficult for most cultivators and demons to reach the Void Amalgamation Realm.

To reach the Body Integration Realm, they have to rely on luck.

To reach the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, they need fortuitous encounters.

It\'s almost impossible for them to advance after that.

Therefore, most Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts would choose to ascend directly.

However, there are always some lucky people and elites in the world.

Even if they reach the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, they can still continue cultivating in the mortal world.

I have a senior sister who is the current Demon Lord.

She\'s already a Mahayana Realm cultivator and is still improving.

She has chosen not to ascend yet, Xuan Shishi explained.

She was very envious of her senior sister.

Currently, it was very difficult for her cultivation level to improve.

The Tribulation Transcendence Realm looked like it was only a step away, but in fact, it was far beyond her reach.

She sighed and said, If Great Sage Green Python were to break through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, he would be considered the number one Demon King among the demons.

As expected of the Great Sage.

This fellow is full of ambition.

The humans of the nearby ten provinces and nine dynasties will face a great calamity.

Zhou Fan frowned.

Then, let\'s go overseas

He didn\'t want to face Great Sage Green Python again.

Back then, his Domination Physique couldn\'t withstand a lash from its tail.

Yes, it\'s a good place to go.

I don\'t think Great Sage Green Python would dare to cause trouble overseas. Xuan Shishi nodded.

Mo Fuchou asked worriedly, Will something happen to the Jade Pure Sect

Zhou Fan helplessly said, Regarding the matter of Great Sage Green Python, we have already told the Sect Master.

We have already done our best.

He also had feelings for the Jade Pure Sect, but no amount of feelings could compare to his own life.

The three of them continued to watch for a while before quickly leaving.

Great Sage Green Python\'s demonic forces were like a huge hand covering the sky.

The cultivators of the various prefectures were all fearful.

Seven years later.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Great Sage Green Python.

It was still the same seven-day ritual.

After cursing, Han Jue looked at Heaven and Earth Grass.

The grass did not seem to have grown much taller, but it had already begun to produce Spirit Qi.

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Han Jue was hesitating if he should teach it a cultivation technique.

I should.

Since it has the potential to be an Immortal, it might become a powerful force in the future!

Han Jue pretended to touch Heaven and Earth Grass, but in fact, he placed the Six Paths Insignia into it.

What if the grass betrayed him in the future

Besides, the Immortal God that Heaven and Earth Grass had encountered previously might have left behind some method.

There were many cultivation techniques in Han Jue\'s storage ring, including the Jade Pure Sect\'s Jade Pure Technique.

In the end, he chose to impart the Pure Jade Technique to it.

Heaven and Earth Grass had already awakened its memories.

It could speak in the human tongue and was considered a spirit.

It wasn\'t difficult to learn the Pure Jade Technique.

This was the ultimate technique of the Jade Pure Sect.

After Daoist Nine Cauldrons completed it, it could already be cultivated to the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Heaven and Earth Grass was very happy.

The grass swayed and was extremely cheerful.

After Han Jue finished teaching, he checked his emails through his interpersonal relationships.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog, Yang Tiandong, Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou, and the others were still being attacked by the demons.

Even Daoist Calm Sky, Huang Jihao, Huang Zuntian, and Shangguan Qiujian were being attacked.

Even though he only read the emails, Han Jue could still feel the power of the demons.

They were attacking the humans in the nearby states.

Great Sage Green Python\'s prestige was greater than Han Jue imagined.

I wonder if that fellow has broken through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm Han Jue thought silently and then took out the Book of Misfortune.

He started to curse with all his might.

Above a vast lake, dark clouds and thunder could be seen.

It was deafening.

As if the end of the world had arrived.

A green-scaled python a few thousand feet long crazily twisted within the endless lightning storm.

It stirred up gusts of wind and waves that surged into the sky.

Countless bolts of lightning struck the python but did not cause any damage.

Not even a single scale fell.

This was Great Sage Green Python!

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He was undergoing tribulation!

The white lightning suddenly turned purple.

Great Sage Green Python\'s pupils constricted as he cursed.

Upgraded heavenly tribulation! Damn that curse power!

This tribulation had already lasted for nearly a month.

A few days ago, that strange and mysterious curse power attacked again, becoming more and more intense.

Now, it actually caused his heavenly tribulation to become stronger, making him extremely angry.

Damn rat!

Who was it

Great Sage Green Python hated that person to the core.

He had actually cursed him behind his back.

How wretched!

Despite his anger, Great Sage Green Python continued his tribulation.

A golden wooden staff flew out and hovered above Great Sage Green Python\'s head.

It absorbed a myriad of lightning bolts and helped the python transcend the tribulation.

Great Sage Green Python let out a long sigh and muttered, I still had to use this treasure, after all…

Taking advantage of the golden staff enduring the heavenly tribulation, Great Sage Green Python transformed into his human form and began deducing the power of the curse.

However, no matter how the python calculated, he couldn\'t find the other party.

Great Sage Green Python was even more furious.

He swore that if he discovered the other party, he would tear him to shreds.

Time passed.

A month went by.

Great Sage Green Python had successfully transcended his tribulation and officially stepped into the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

A terrifying demonic aura filled the world, shaking the mountains, the land, and the vast lakes.

From now on, I\'m a true Demon Saint! Great Sage Green Python laughed impudently.

A demonic aura surrounded him as if dozens of black dragons were coiling around him.

It was extremely domineering.

His snake eyes were cold as he looked into the distance and muttered, Unfilial son, this Saint will definitely kill you.

This Saint will let you taste the most painful torture in this world.

This Saint will make sure you never reincarnate again!

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He was naturally referring to his adopted son, Yang Tiandong!


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