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The Demon Taming Sect was gone.

Han Jue sighed when he saw this news.

Like Yang Tiandong, Su Qi also acknowledged a new foster father.

The Devil Master had actually helped him slaughter the Demon Taming Sect!

Perhaps the Devil Master was bloodthirsty, to begin with, but used Su Qi as an excuse.

Han Jue also noticed that Chang Yue\'er and Daoist Nine Cauldrons were also attacked.

It seemed that the overseas was not peaceful recently.

Fortunately, I didn\'t go out.

No matter how high my cultivation level is, I\'ll be easily beaten. Han Jue thought silently.

Then, he took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Great Sage Green Python, Vermilion Bird, and Mo Youling.

He spent seven days on each person, not showing any bias.

North State.

In the past, the Demon Taming Sect had been massacred by a mysterious fiendish cultivator.

The entire sect had been annihilated.

This matter shook the entire North State, causing many cultivators to panic.

The Demon Taming Sect had been reduced to ruins.

At this moment, a person was walking among the ruins.

It was Su Qi.

After the Devil Master had left, Su Qi had been cultivating in seclusion.

After breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm, he had escaped the valley and returned to the Demon Taming Sect.

However, after that, the disciples who had disliked him in the past began to target him again.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Su Qi killed them.

The sect elders were furious and imprisoned him in the Demon Taming Sect\'s dungeons, torturing him daily.

Several months ago, the dungeon shook violently.

The disciples guarding the dungeon left one after another and never returned.

During this time, Su Qi had been recuperating and conserving his strength.

Today, he had broken through the restriction placed on him by the Demon Taming Sect and escaped.

The moment he came out, Su Qi was shocked by the scene before him.

Several months had passed and no one had cleaned up the remains of the Demon Taming Sect.

All of the corpses were rotting.

A stench and the smell of blood filled the air, making Su Qi want to vomit.

What happened They\'re all dead

Startled, Su Qi looked around in confusion.

He suddenly thought of a possibility.

Did Master attack

But why didn\'t Master save me from the dungeon

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With the destruction of the Demon Taming Sect, wouldn\'t I be able to return The return trip would also be a test!

No wonder Master did not appear.

After Su Qi thought it through, he was instantly enlightened.

He continued to wander through the ruins of the sect, hoping to find any survivors.

If there was, he would definitely end their lives.

He truly hated the Demon Taming Sect.

Ever since he had joined it, he had been targeted by all sorts of people even before causing any trouble.

He had suffered a lot, but now, he was finally free.

As he thought of this, the pungent stench made Su Qi feel as if he was on cloud nine.

Five minutes later, he met an old man.

He was stooped and his robes were dirty.

His face was also stained with blood.

He knelt in front of the Demon Taming Sect\'s gate, his eyes lifeless.

Upon seeing him, Su Qi immediately perked up.

Someone from the Demon Taming Sect


Su Qi placed his right hand on the back of his waist and Demonic Qi appeared in his palm.

It was a horrifying sight.

He walked toward the old man.

The old man looked up at him, his dry lips slowly opening.

You… are a disciple of the Demon Taming Sect

Su Qi asked, You are

The old man sighed.

I was once a disciple of the Demon Taming Sect.

I was expelled by Master and finally managed to transcend the tribulation.

I wanted to come back to take a look before my ascension.

I didn\'t expect the entire sect to be destroyed.

I searched for days and nights but still couldn\'t find Master\'s corpse.

Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Su Qi was so frightened that he quickly dispersed the Demonic Qi in his palm.

He nearly died!

After Han Jue learned that the entire Demon Taming Sect had been annihilated, Xing Hongxuan returned less than two months later.

The moment she returned, she went to find Han Jue.

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This time, she didn\'t have any treasure to give him.

It\'s chaotic outside.

A demon named Great Sage Green Python has appeared out of nowhere and slaughtered humans.

He\'s extremely cruel and seems to be hunting down his adopted son who betrayed him.

Husband, will Great Sage Green Python come to our Great Yan It\'s said that the head of the Formless Sect, Enlightened Old Monster, died in the python\'s hands.

The Formless Sect surrounded him but returned empty-handed.

There were also many casualties.

Xing Hongxuan frowned as she spoke.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Great Sage Green Python again!

Even the Formless Sect could do nothing about him.

That was indeed savage.

Han Jue said calmly, See, if they attack the Jade Pure Sect, I won\'t be able to defeat him.

I will bring you away.

Xing Hongxuan was delighted.

Was she already in his heart

By the way, one the way here I discovered a cave abode nearby.

Whose is it Xing Hongxuan pretended to ask casually.

Not changing his expression, Han Jue said, It\'s Fairy Xi Xuan\'s.

I invited her over so that she can cultivate more easily.

Does husband care about her


After all, she was my master.

Just a master-disciple relationship

Why are you asking so many questions You want to teach me how to do things

I wouldn\'t dare… As long as you\'re happy, my husband.

Xing Hongxuan felt wronged, but she was also afraid that she would upset him.

Han Jue said solemnly, It\'s normal for a man to have multiple wives in this world.

Look at the elders.

Who doesn\'t have several Dao Companions I will have other Dao Companions in the future, but if I have to decide who to marry first, I will choose you.

Xing Hongxuan was pleasantly surprised when she heard that.

She hugged his arm and cheered.

I knew that you wouldn\'t forget me!

Han Jue smiled and didn\'t reply.

The cultivation world was good.

In the modern world, this situation would end up in a slaughterhouse!

Then, Xing Hongxuan started to misbehave.

Husband… I\'ve thought about it…

What are you thinking about Aren\'t you going to cultivate

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This is also a form of cultivation.

Come, this time you have to be more invested.

Be rougher with me…

Hmph, wishful thinking.

Sit down first!

A month later, Xing Hongxuan left.

Han Jue continued cultivating.

After Xing Hongxuan\'s reminder, he was even more fearful of Great Sage Green Python.


I\'ve to break through to the eighth level of the Body Integration Realm as soon as possible!

At the same time, Great Sage Green Python\'s might had already spread to the Great Yan.

The various sects were all fearful.

Previously, the Formless Sect was already an invincible behemoth in their eyes.

They didn\'t expect that a great demon could defeat the Formless Sect alone.

How could they not panic

Almost all the sects sent people to the Jade Pure Sect to contact Li Qingzi, hoping to obtain their protection.

If Great Sage Green Python really attacked, only the Jade Pure Sect would be able to resist.

When Li Qingzi received the news, he immediately sent core disciples to leave the Great Yan and head to other prefectures to inquire about Great Sage Green Python.

Three years passed.

Han Jue discovered something ridiculous.

Heaven and Earth Grass… seemed to be a girl.

As its intelligence continued to increase, Han Jue suddenly heard its voice when he was cultivating.

It was very weak, like a young girl.

That was strange.

Han Jue asked, Why can you speak

He had never taught Heaven and Earth Grass any language.

My memory is recovering.

I seem to have lived before… Heaven and Earth Grass cautiously replied.


Han Jue immediately became vigilant.

Could this fellow be an immortal

He used his divine sense to sense its aura.

It was not strong, and he could still easily crush it with one foot.

Are you my master Heaven and Earth Grass asked.

No, I\'m your father.

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