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That\'s it

Zhou Fan almost exploded when he heard the Black Hell Chicken\'s words.

He felt insulted!

How dare a chicken mock him

He was afraid of offending Han Jue just now, so he didn\'t use his full strength.

If he did, wouldn\'t he blow this stinky chicken to the sky

Zhou Fan suddenly raised his leg and gathered his spirit energy in his knee.

With unstoppable force, he collided with the Black Hell Chicken.

The Black Hell Chicken was sent flying by his knee while Zhou Fan leaped up as well.

The man and the chicken rushed into the sky and continued fighting.

Zhou Fan didn\'t look like a cultivator, but more like a martial artist from the mortal world.

His punches and kicks were powerful and heavy.

Each move shook the sky, causing the airflow to become visible.

The Black Hell Chicken had been defending passively like a sandbag, but anyone with eyes could see that Zhou Fan did not cause any substantial damage to it.

In Han Jue\'s words, this was like a massage.

Mo Fuchou couldn\'t help but ask, Brother Han, what breed is this chicken

Han Jue smiled and said, An ordinary chicken.

I caught it from a farmer of the Jade Pure Sect and raised it for hundreds of years.

Mo Fuchou was shocked.

Xuan Shishi also looked at Han Jue in surprise.

A mortal chicken could be nurtured to the Void Amalgamation Realm


This chicken definitely had an extraordinary bloodline and fortuitous encounter.

It was just that Han Jue happened to pick it up.

Potential was too important in cultivation.

It determined the upper and lower limits.

Xun Chang\'an shook his head.

This stinky chicken was too cautious.

The reason why the Black Hell Chicken had been defending was not to toy with Zhou Fan.

It wanted to know what Zhou Fan was capable of.

Han Jue had told him before that some people had stronger abilities beyond their cultivation realm.

Some also liked to pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger.

The Black Hell Chicken was very perceptive despite how silly it looked.

It couldn\'t see through Xuan Shishi\'s cultivation level, but for her to accompany Zhou Fan meant that he was also extraordinary.

However, after fighting for a while, it figured out the truth.

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This kid is really weak!

The Black Hell Chicken laughed.

I\'m not acting anymore.

Brat, are you prepared to face the pain of failure

Shocked, Zhou Fan subconsciously retreated.

The Black Hell Chicken flapped its wings, and countless strands of Sword Qi shot out from its feathers, sweeping over like torrential rain.

The speed of the Sword Qi was swift like a graceful swan!

Zhou Fan had no time to react as his face turned pale.

He sensed death again.

Too familiar!

After all, he had died before!

At the last moment, powerful spirit energy enveloped him, helping him counteract the Black Hell Chicken\'s Sword Qi.


The Black Hell Chicken\'s Sword Qi immediately dissipated.

Zhou Fan widened his eyes.

The spirit energy around him was extremely vast.

This spirit energy aura made him feel as if he had seen it before.

It was not Xuan Shishi\'s spirit energy, but Han Jue\'s!

Let\'s end this here! said Han Jue, concluding the battle.

Zhou Fan was stunned.

Mo Fuchou thanked Han Jue and hurriedly pulled Zhou Fan away.

Xuan Shishi did not say anything else and left with the two.

The Black Hell Chicken returned to him and said proudly, Master, how\'s my strength I didn\'t embarrass you, did I

Han Jue said expressionlessly, That woman just now was at the ninth level of the Body Integration Realm.

She has a close relationship with Zhou Fan.

If you had hurt him, do you think you could have defeated her

The Black Hell Chicken shuddered.

Oh, Lord!

No wonder I couldn\'t see through her cultivation level.

She\'s a ninth-level Body Integration Realm cultivator!

The Black Hell Chicken\'s smugness vanished, replaced by a deep sense of fear.

Han Jue shook his head and stopped speaking to the chicken.

He returned to his cave abode.

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In less than three days, the news of Zhou Fan and Mo Fuchou\'s return spread throughout the entire Jade Pure Sect.

In the past, the two of them had also been impressive prodigies of the Great Yan.

In addition, they had betrayed the sect and fallen to the demonic path, making them even more legendary.

The two of them were already at the Nascent Soul Realm.

Most of their fellow disciples were still in the Golden Core Realm.

When Mo Fuchou learned that Mo Zhu was fine and had broken through to the Nascent Soul realm, he was stunned.

He was only at the Nascent Soul realm because he fought desperately outside.

Mo Zhu stayed in the Jade Pure Sect and was in seclusion the whole time.

Her cultivation level was actually not weaker than his…


Mo Fuchou doubted life.

Ever since Zhou Fan had been defeated by the Black Hell Chicken, he had shut himself off.

He hid in the inn and did not leave his house.

He could only let Mo Fuchou visit his old friends alone.

A month later.

Mo Fuchou and Xuan Shishi came to visit Han Jue again.

Zhou Fan did not come.

In the cave abode, Mo Fuchou thanked Han Jue.

If he hadn\'t stopped Mo Zhu and she had gone out alone, she might have died.

The Mo family had too many enemies!

Is Zhou Fan alright Han Jue asked.

He sympathized with Zhou Fan, but he had no choice.

Who asked this fellow to challenge him

Mo Fuchou shook his head and said with a bitter smile, He\'s still hiding in the inn, but he\'s fine.

He has suffered quite a few blows before, he can adjust his state of mind.

Brother Han, what\'s your current cultivation level The Void Amalgamation Realm

Xuan Shishi sat at the side and smiled.

Han Jue replied, About there.

Mo Fuchou\'s smile became even more bitter.

They were only in the Nascent Soul realm, but Han Jue was already…

Mo Fuchou wasn\'t a pretentious person.

He immediately adjusted his state of mind and said, We met your disciple Yang Tiandong previously.

He has completely transformed into a demon and has taken the Great Sage Green Python as his foster father.

If not for him saving us earlier, we would have been eaten by the Great Sage.

Han Jue frowned instantly.

What the heck

Another foster father

Was this kid\'s surname Lu in his previous life

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Han Jue was really speechless.

Previously, Demon King Dian Su had already stopped causing trouble and Yang Tiandong was still running around.

If he wanted to run, so be it.

In the end, he had to acknowledge another Demon King as his foster father.

On the way back, we heard that Yang Tiandong and the Great Sage of Chaos colluded with the other demon kings to besiege Great Sage Green Python.

They were completely slaughtered.

Furious, he ordered the pursuit of Yang Tiandong.

This matter caused quite a stir. Mo Fuchou continued.

When Han Jue heard that, he immediately checked the emails through his interpersonal relationships.

Only he could see the screen of the system.

[Your pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, was attacked by demons] x10421

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by demons] x6982

[Your divine pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, was attacked by a Demon King.

It was severely injured and fell into the Nine Nether Great Swamp.

Its fate is unknown.]

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.

He encountered an ancient teleportation formation and escaped.]

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.]

[Your good friend Shangguan Qiujian was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.]

[Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by a fellow disciple] x4

[Your disciple Su Qi spread bad luck.

The luck of the Demon Taming Sect is declining.

The sect\'s Spirit Qi is beginning to collapse.]

Han Jue was stunned.

So many fights!

From the looks of it, the Great Sage of Chaos was the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

He never expected that dog and his disciple to end up being beaten together.

Xuan Shishi suddenly said, That Great Sage Green Python can enter the Tribulation Transcendence Realm at any time.

His cultivation level is unfathomable.

I was almost injured when I saved the two of them.

Even a ninth-level Body Integration Realm cultivator could not defeat Great Sage Green Python

Han Jue frowned even more.

How did Yang Tiandong escape from the python\'s clutches

It seemed that the battle was very intense.

Other mighty figures were holding Great Sage Green Python back.

Was Huang Zuntian and Shangguan Qiujian among them

Huang Zuntian, Nine Dragons Sect Master, first level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Shangguan Qiujian, Sword Elder of the True Martial Sect, ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Neither of them should be a match for Great Sage Green Python.

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In the Three Kingdoms, Lü Bu had a few foster fathers.


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