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Feng Qing nodded.

After looking at Boxing King Potian again, she left with the female attendants.

The Divines Light was equipped with a professional makeup styling team.

On one hand, they served Di Qianmo, and on the other hand, they served the people from the Seven Stars Continent on the cruise ship, so they often earned a lot.

Feng Qing sat in front of the makeup mirror and let them style her long hair.

Be it the stylist or the makeup artist, their hands were skilled and experienced.

One look and one could tell that they were very professional.

The makeup artist had just drawn Feng Qings eyebrows when she couldnt help but praise, “Miss Feng, youre too beautiful.

Other than the color of your eyebrows being slightly lighter, I cant bear to apply makeup anywhere else.

I feel that no matter how good the makeup is, it will destroy your original beauty.

Your face is simply too beautiful.”

The makeup artist was a Westerner, but she knew some basic Xia countrys language.

The makeup artist did not exaggerate, nor did she deliberately boast or flatter her.

Instead, she spoke the truth.

Feng Qings face could almost be described as perfect.

As a top makeup artist in the world, she had seen countless beautiful women.

The only person who might make her feel reluctant to apply makeup was Feng Qing.

Feng Qing only smiled politely at the makeup artists praise.

Although she was very happy that she could stun others, she was already used to being praised like this.

Other than her eyebrows and eyelashes, the makeup artist walked around Feng Qing for a long time.

In the end, she only took out a cherry-red lipstick and applied it to Feng Qings lips because she felt that other than these three places, there was no need for makeup anywhere else.

If she applied more makeup, it would easily ruin the original beauty of Feng Qings face, and it would not be worth it.

After applying the lipstick, the makeup artist could not help but take a deep breath.

Feng Qing was probably the most difficult person she had to apply makeup for in her life.

Feeling the moisture and exquisiteness on her lips, Feng Qing pursed her lips at her reflection in the mirror and revealed a sweet and cute smile.

Her originally large eyes turned into two small moons at this moment, and the row of white teeth she revealed exuded a soul-stirring whiteness.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Feng Qing said sincerely, “Although I dont know your name, youre definitely the most professional makeup artist Ive ever seen.

Thank you for putting on makeup for me.

I like it very much.”

Upon hearing this, the makeup artists face turned red.

If not for the fact that she was afraid that Feng Qing had other instructions, she would have immediately found a hole in the ground and crawled in.

She had been in this industry for more than twenty years, but this was the first time she had no idea where to start with a face.

She had only helped Feng Qing draw her eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips, but Feng Qing had actually praised her as the most professional makeup artist.

It really made her feel embarrassed.

At this moment, a stylist in charge of the clothes came over and said, “Miss Feng, this evening gown was personally chosen by Lord Ziwei Star for you.

He hopes that you can wear this gown to the auction tonight.”

Feng Qing turned around curiously and saw four people walking over with an evening gown that was at least six meters long.

This gown was completely white, and the long skirt was embedded with countless shining crystals.

Feng Qing usually wore Tianrong Nichangs clothes a lot, so she could tell at a glance that this grand evening gown was from Tianrong Nichang.

There were even many layers of designs on the dress.

The low-cut collar and sleeves were also made of very good-looking lace.

Just by being there, it gave people the feeling that a fairy from the nine heavens had descended to the mortal world.

Feng Qing walked up to the evening gown and reached out to gently caress this super good-looking dress.

Feeling the soft and comfortable material, she couldnt help but ask, “Ziwei Star chose it for me Then does he know my size”

With just a few simple glances, she realized that this evening gown was almost perfectly compatible with her figure.

It had to be known that Tianrong Nichangs clothes only sold high-end clothes, but she had never told Di Qianmo her size.

Then how did he know

The female attendant said, “This high-end evening gown was made according to Miss Fengs size.

Its considered custom-made for you.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing understood.

It looked like Di Qianmo had been scheming against her for a long time.

No matter how capable he was, it was not easy to customize such a luxurious evening gown in a few days.

According to her understanding of Tianrong Nichang, it would take at least half a year from the design draft to the complete product.

In other words, Di Qianmo had already started preparing for this half a year ago.

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