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Chapter 58 First Night Sleeping Together (2)


Seeing her bewildered face, Chi Jingxi smiled vaguely.

"You'll understand after observing the dishes in the dining hall.

If you still don't understand..."

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"I’ll come back to ask you again" Wen Yantong answered suspiciously.


"Just write a letter of withdrawal and submit it to the dean." He closed the book, put it on the table, and stood up.

"The reason is that your brain is too stupid, and there is no hope of getting a ‘qualified’ in the summarized exam.

Best to just return as soon as possible."


After he finished speaking, Chi Jingxi walked out of the study room.


Wen Yantong watched him leave and couldn't help cursing him in a low voice.


But then she realized that she was very close to the truth.

Chi Jingxi has already revealed the identity of the murderer and how to find them.

The rest was to see if she could find out the connection.


Chi Jingxi was very smart, so he must not just be talking nonsense earlier.

He must have thought of something Wen Yantong didn't think of and thus guessed the identity of the murderer.


But he was too lazy to explain, so Wen Yantong needed to find out the rest herself.


Thinking of this, Wen Yantong became happy again.

Originally, she was still trapped in the dead end of her thoughts.

After repeatedly pondering, she still didn’t know where to begin.

However, after chatting with Chi Jingxi for a bit, she was enlightened in an instant.


No wonder people like to be friends with smart people.

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She joyfully walked out of the study room and saw that Chi Jingxi was undressing.

Once he had taken one layer off, he would then throw it onto the soft couch beside him.


Wen Yantong walked over and picked up his clothes.

"This is where I will sleep at night."


Chi Jingxi watched her take his clothes to neatly hang on a screen.

He then took off two more pieces and put them on top of the screen as he said, "If you make a noise while I'm sleeping, I'll kick you out."


"Understood! Understood." Wen Yantong replied hurriedly.


The soft couch was just behind the screen.

Fu Zixian would usually sleep there when he came here to take a nap.

Though it was not spacious, it was enough for Wen Yantong to sleep on.


Chi Jingxi closed his eyes and slept after lying in bed.

Because the snow outside was too heavy, new quilts could not be transported over, so he was using the quilt that Wen Yantong hugged to sleep every night.


Wen Yantong, on the other hand, covered herself in the blanket she used back in her previous two-person dorm.


The bed was filled with the smell of medicinal herbs because of two reasons.

One, Wen Yantong liked to drink oriental herbal medicine before going to bed.

Two, since she was tortured by the rooster’s crow for a while, Wen Yantong had trouble sleeping.

So she had gone to the medicine hall to get some relaxant herbs to help her sleep.


This kind of smell was not strong, so Chi Jingxi actually felt very relaxed after smelling it and did not reject the quilt much.


Wen Yantong slowly extinguished off all the lights in the room before lying down on the soft couch.

She closed her eyes comfortably and prepared to sleep.


This bedroom was quite big, at least bigger than Wen Yantong's house in her previous life.

Since the death of her family, she had been wandering outside by herself.

She was seemingly unconcerned, but in fact, she was very lonely.

Most of her friends were busy with work, and they would barely keep in touch.


So Wen Yantong went out alone, came home alone, and ate food alone.

Later, when she came into this book and shared a room with Zhang Jieran, she would peek into his room before she went to bed; the light would still be on.

When she woke up, she would take a look into his room to find the light was still on.

Although there was no interaction, it made Wen Yantong feel at ease.


It was only now that she realized that the faint peace of mind at that time was far less intense than having Chi Jingxi’s presence close by.


Although Chi Jingxi was neither a relative nor a friend, when he slept in this room, it filled Wen Yantong's heart with a sense of fullness; as if there was a sturdy tree to lean on during stormy days.


Chi Jingxi was so amazing.

He was smart, knowledgeable, and strong in martial arts, and his influence reached the sky.

If she could really rely on him, wouldn't she be able to do whatever she wanted in the Academy


Wen Yantong thought and thought until she became sleepy.

She yawned and gradually fell asleep.


She had thought she would sleep until dawn but didn't expect to wake up in the middle of the night.

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She opened her eyes and saw that there was still a faint light burning in the room.

The air was freezing cold.

Wen Yantong got out of bed silently and walked to the stove warmer, only to see that the charcoal fire in the stove went out again.


Before, the maids who were in charge of the night watch would come in to add more charcoal, but with Chi Jingxi here tonight, they probably wouldn't dare to come in.

And since Chi Jingxi had sent his hand servant out to guard the door, no one was able to add more charcoal.


Wen Yantong sighed irritably.

She knew that the quilt Chi Jingxi was using was thin, so she took the cloak hanging on the screen and her own cloak and walked to the bed.


Chi Jingxi’s body was curled up, revealing a delicate profile, and his facial features were extremely peaceful. 


He also seemed to be sleeping unsteadily because of the cold… 


She put the two cloaks on top of each other and covered Chi Jingxi's body.


She took the two outer clothes of Chi Jingxi on the screen and spread it on top of her quilt.

She curled her body into a ball.

Chi Jingxi’s smell filled her nose, which seemed to warm her up, so she took a deep breath and fell asleep.

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When she woke up the next day, Wen Yantong felt dizzy; she seemed to have caught a cold.


Wen Yantong tried to suck air into her two completely blocked nostrils and threw Chi Jingxi's clothes on the ground in a fit of rage.


Warm my *ss!


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