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6 Grade A1 Blockade Order

Braydon Neal comforted the old lady and nodded to Zayn Ziegler and the others.

There were some lessons that the hedonistic sons of the Sage family should learn. There were some people they could not afford to offend.

Braydon wanted to take this opportunity to see what kind of difficulties the Sage family had encountered, and he would naturally help them.

Chris Sages words had provoked four commanders!

Zayn turned around, and his black clothes swished along with his movement. The black watch on his wrist exuded a rich aura of modern technology.

This was the communication device that everyone in the special operations team, from the team leader to the supernumerary members, had to wear. Through the main team, they could lock onto their position within three seconds.

It could be used for image transmission, video projection, voice communication, and everything else!

Zayn also used this kind of wristwatch communicator to give orders.

He turned on his watch, and a square projection screen appeared. On the other side was the office building of the Central Hansworth headquarters.

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The floor of this office building was more than a thousand square meters. All seventy of the people there stood up and said, “Commander!”

“Issue an A1 warning!”

Zayn waved his hand and spoke.

The seventy-odd people in the office building were all shocked.

An alluring young woman said in horror, “Commander, are we really going to issue an A1 warning You have to know that this...”

“Do I need to repeat my order”

Zayn looked at her coldly.

The alluring young woman was called Queenie Cross. Her face turned pale, and she lowered her head with a bit of grievance. “I wouldnt dare!”

“Once the A1 alert order has been activated, everyone will enter a state of martial law. This order will not be circulated among the civilians, but the Dragon Guards will be on standby!

Bryan Goldman chuckled.

“A1 alert order. Thats a bit too much!” Carl Mason said playfully.

“Eh, Commander Mason” The enchanting young woman Queenie was secretly shocked.

She did not expect the former commander of Northern Hansworth, Carl Mason, to be there as well!

“Little Queenie, dont you recognize me” Bryan Goldman smiled.

“Commander of Western Hansworth, Sir Bryan Goldman!

Queenies eyes were dull.

The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, had actually arrived.

What on earth was going on

It had provoked the three commanders to gather in the Central Plains.

“Hmph!” Zayn snorted coldly, “Youre so rude. Gordon Lowe is here too!”

“Central Hansworth main team, Queenie Cross, greets Commander Gordon Lowe!”

Queenies face turned pale. Through the video projection, she could clearly see Gordon at the side!

It was the Commander of Southern Hansworth, Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe. It was rumored that no one in the world had ever seen him in action. Those who had seen him use his sword were basically dead!

There were even rumors saying that even the Commander of Central Hansworth, Zayn Ziegler, and Northern Hansworth, Carl Mason, could not stop Gordon Lowe!

There were also rumors that Gordon was born in the North and had suppressed all the commanders in the region!

If they were to rank the difference between the five commanders, he, Gordon Lowe, would be the leader!

But what made Queenie suspicious was, who was the young man in plain clothes beside Gordon

Queenie felt that the intimidating Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe seemed to be a little afraid of the plain-clothed youth!

Zayn frowned. “The A1 warning order has been issued. Execute it immediately!”

“Yes, Sir!” Queenie realized that the four great commanders of Hansworth had gathered in Dragon City.

The sky of Dragon City was probably going to undergo some big changes.

The funny thing was that Chris Sage and the other young people did not know what was going on and had never even heard of the Dragon Guards.

Only Braydon was smiling. “This matter will end here. The main team hasnt issued an A1 warning order for fifty years. Forget it!”

As soon as Braydon opened his mouth, the four commanders did not dare to make a sound.

This was the might of the overlord of the North!

Queenie was in a difficult position, not knowing who to listen to.

At the very least, she was part of the Central Hansworth main team, so she should listen to Zayn Zieglers orders.

Who knew that Queenies hesitation would make Zayn angry. He growled, “Didnt you hear him Do as he said. If I ever see this kind of hesitation in any of you in the future, hand in your resignation on your own volition!

The seventy-odd people in the office building were all dumbfounded.

Who was this young man in plain clothes

“Commander, who is he” Queenie mustered up her courage and asked.

“Cotton clothes!”

Zayn cut off the communication, feeling embarrassed.

Braydon and three other commanders were standing next to him. In Zayns eyes, the performance of these people under his command was getting a bit unbearable.

In the brightly lit office building.


Queenie mumbled to herself, “Cotton clothes Ive never heard of him. No, its him!”

Queenies eyes were filled with shock, and the entire office building was silent.

The seventy-odd people all looked at each other with shock and a touch of fear in their eyes that could not be concealed!

In the entire world, who dared to call themselves cotton clothes

Only him!

The overlord of the North, the man who could be called a deity in the human world.

Only him, the Northern King; a legend in the northern territory. He was conferred the title of King at the age of seventeen and was full of glory.

“Im afraid hes the only one who can alert the four great commanders to welcome him!” Queenie said in a trembling voice.

“Sister Queenie, who is he” It was a young newcomer sitting next to her.

An old man sitting on a chair said in a low voice, “Northern King, Braydon Neal!”

“Its him!”


The young mans hands trembled, and he lowered his voice, “I sorted out the confidential files last week. All the files stored on the ninth floor of the building are about him!”

“Even I cant go to the ninth floor to check the files, let alone you!” Queenies eyes turned sharp.

The young man quickly explained, “I was transferred to the Archives Department last week. When I checked all the files, the ninth floor was covered in dust. Some of the files were in tatters. I only saw them after I had sorted them out!”

The young man had to explain, or he would suffer the consequences.

Queenie glared at him. In this place, some things could not be said carelessly. Even if she were to see a word, she was not allowed to leak it.


The A1 warning order had been issued, and it was undoubtedly a shock to Dragon City.

An A1 warning order!

In the East of Preston City, Steve Xavier said angrily, “Recall all members of the team. A1 warning order!”

“What Team leader, has the wrong order been given”

The expressions of the three deputy team leaders changed drastically.

They had no choice but to question it. The A1 warning order had not appeared for fifty years. The only time it had appeared was fifty-one years ago.

This showed how terrifying the A1 warning order was!

Steves face was gloomy. “Its an order given by Commander Zayn Ziegler of the main team. Theres no mistake!”

“For how long” Someones voice trembled.

Steves voice was hoarse as he said, “For as long as the A1 warning order is in place, it will be sealed. If the warning order is not lifted, it will be sealed forever!”



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