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Chapter 1406 - Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Cauldron

Ancient Saint Clans and Saint Clans werent the same; however, the single-word difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

In the Ancient Barren Domain, only the Nether Divinity Saint Clan, which received a title from the Divine Dragon Empire, could be comparable to them, but there was still a difference.

A clan that produced a saint could be known as a Saint Clan.

But an Ancient Saint Clan was a Saint Clan that survived the dark era, also known as the cruelest time in history.

Back then, human cultivators were like ants being slaughtered until the Nine Emperors emerged and ended that chaotic era.

Saint Clans were parvenus.

The oldest among them was only 3,000 years, and the youngest had barely 1,000 years of history.

But Ye Ziling shouldnt be the direct descendant of the Ye Clan because her Radiant Snow Bloodline came from her mother.

This meant that she had a maternal relationship with the Ye Clan.

But Lin Yun was curious as to why her surname wasntJian butYe. Could there be a story behind theJian surname

Everyone was excited that saints were taking in disciples, but they couldnt feel much hope upon hearing that the Ancient Saint Clan would be sending their descendants over.

Lin Yun was pretty calm about it because he initially wanted to be the Radiant Sword Saints disciple.

But he knew that the Radiant Sword Saint might not be taking in any disciples.

When everyone dispersed after the meal, Lin Yun didnt return to the inn, but arrived at the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion, instead.

He then smoothly met An Liuyan.

“Congratulations, Young Master Lin.

I heard that Young Master Lin was first for both stages.” An Liuyan said with splendor shining in her eyes.

Lin Yuns accomplishment of suppressing seven saint clans princes had spread throughout Azureblack City.

Then, he summoned the Divine White Dragon holy spirit on the second stage.

Furthermore, Xiahou Yuns incident was widely spread, increasing Flower Burials reputation even further.

“Youre pretty well-informed,” said Lin Yun.

“Thats because I care about you a lot.

In reality, I was amongst the crowd for the first two stages,” smiled An Liuyan.

“Oh” Lin Yun was surprised to hear that.

He said, “Id like to borrow your cultivating chamber for a week.”

Lin Yun wanted to refine the high-grade saint pellet to reach the second stage of the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon.

But the inn\'s environment was too simple, and he had to race against time.

Not to mention that it wasnt easy refining the high-grade saint pellet.

This was why Lin Yun thought about this place.

There was no other place more suitable than the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion in Azureblack City, not to mention that he also needed additional help from An Liuyan.

“Young Master Lin can come anytime you wish.

Im afraid that Young Master Lin wont be visiting this place anymore after you join the Sword Sect.” An Liuyan joked.

When Lin Yun looked down, he saw a great patch of fairness.

But Lin Yun was calm as he continued, “Theres also something Id like you to help me with.

I need a Divine Dragon Bone.”

Lin Yun already decided that he had to obtain a dragon bone after coming to the Ancient Barren Domain to perfect his Azure Dragon Saint Art.

He didnt want his physique to be suppressed by anyone again because of it being imperfect, just like what happened in his battle with Qin Cang.

“This isnt an easy task,” said An Liuyan with her brows locked together.

“Ill pay regardless of the cost,” Lin Yun replied.

“This has nothing to do with the price.

Dragon bones are too rare.

True Dragon Bones are rare enough, not to mention a Divine Dragon Bone.

Theyre mostly in the hands of the Divine Dragon Empire.” An Liuyan explained.

“Which body-refining cultivator doesnt want a divine bone Not to mention a true dragon bone, but even ordinary dragon bones are heavily fought after.

You cant just find a treasure like that on the market or at an auction.

So you really need luck to obtain a dragon bone.”

Seeing that An Liuyan was serious in what she said, Lin Yun held onto his chin and fell into deep thoughts.

Obtaining a dragon bone was more challenging than he had imagined.

“Is there no other way” Lin Yun asked.

He didnt want to give up on obtaining a dragon bone to perfect his body-refining technique.

“Well, its not impossible.

The easiest way is to receive it as a reward from the Divine Dragon Empire.

Next is to get help from Saints to excavate ancient ruins.

Lastly, just find out who has a dragon bone and kill that person for it!” An Liuyan smiled with killing intent briefly flickering through her pupils.

But she soon smiled, replacing the killing intent she was leaking earlier.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he heard what An Liuyan said, but most of her ideas werent reliable.

It was a pipe dream to obtain a reward from the Divine Dragon Empire.

Even if he made a huge contribution to the Divine Dragon Empire, this would simply mean that he could never stand on the opposite side of the Divine Dragon Empire once he obtained the dragon bone.

The second method was also impossible.

Even if he was the biological grandson of a saint, he couldn\'t get a saint to risk his life for him.

Ancient ruins were extremely dangerous, and they were no different from forbidden regions because it was dangerous even for saints.

As for the third method, it was simply bull**.

Which owner of a dragon bone didnt have a huge origin And who would dare to kill them for it Take Qin Cang, for example.

If anyone dared to kill Qin Cang, they would offend Tian Xuanzi.

Even when Lin Yun dug out Qin Cangs dragon bone, the Radiant Sword Saint had to make an appearance to protect him in the end.

“Youre not handsome with your brows locked together.” An Liuyan instantly knew what Lin Yun was thinking about.

“Alright, Ill stop teasing you.

You can only depend on luck and see if Divine Dragon Bones exist in undiscovered astral realms deep in the thirty-six layers of heaven.”

Seeing that Lin Yun was still baffled, An Liuyan explained, “There are many astral realms beyond the thirty-six layers of heaven.

They are fragments from the previous era and independent from the Divine Dragon Era.

They have their laws regulating the world, and treasures can often be found in those astral realms.

You can even find peerless inheritances there, so there is a chance you can find a Divine Dragon Bone.”

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts, knowing he had no choice but to wait.

He could ask around about it in the Sword Sect, but he knew that he probably had to rely on An Liuyan for it.

Lin Yun entered the cultivation chamber with the high-grade saint pellet that was awarded to him on the second stage in his hand.

This was a Heavenly Heart Pellet, which was ten times harder to refine than the Nine Profound Pellet that he refined ten days ago.

Logically speaking, it should be easy for him to reach the second stage in the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon with it.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Yun sucked in the incense that filled the room into his body and felt his mind calming down.

“I only have seven days.

Its a little rushed, but it should be enough.” Lin Yun took out the Bodhi Seed and placed it on the side.

With the Bodhi Seeds help, the breakthrough should be smooth, regardless if he ran into a bottleneck or was at risk of running amok.

After Lin Yun completely calmed down, he slowly closed his eyes.

His hands were clasped together with the Heavenly Heart Pellet in between them.

When the Golden Crow Saint Rune on his elysium core shone brightly above the ocean of astral energy, the seven strands of Dragon-Phoenix Sword Aura flickered while emitting a dazzling and sacred light.

As the heavenly dragon and divine phoenix slowly revolved around the elysium core, they were slowly fusing together, but they had yet to fuse completely.

With the help of the Heavenly Heart Pellet, Lin Yun was making swift progress in his cultivation at an unbelievable speed.

As the heavenly dragon and divine phoenix gradually became vivid, they were also swiftly fusing.

This caused Lin Yuns internal body to shine brightly.

The light was escaping from his pores and lit the entire cultivating chamber.

Just like that, seven days passed in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon-Phoenix Sword Aura above the ocean of astral energy in Lin Yuns violet palace had reached eighteen strands, looking like dragons and phoenixes that were flying around.

As an explosion echoed from within Lin Yuns body, the heavenly dragon and divine phoenix had finally fused into an ancient three-legged cauldron.

The cauldron contained an ancient aura with a heavenly dragon and a divine phoenix engraved on the surface.

This was the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Cauldron.

This also meant that he has reached the second stage with the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon.

As surges of uncontrollable and violent aura exploded from the cauldron, Lin Yuns aura began to rise.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, his pupils were filled with bloodlust, and he was enveloped in a killing aura.

This made Lin Yun shocked because this had caught him by surprise.

As the killing intent surged from his heart, his eyes quickly turned red, filled with boundless killing intent for the world.

“The Bodhi Seed.” Lil Purples voice resounded.

Lin Yun quickly calmed down and grabbed onto the Bodhi Seed that was not far from him.

When he held onto the Bodhi Seed, the violent killing aura from the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Cauldron was instantly suppressed.

“Circulate the mantra of the second stage to thoroughly suppress it before sealing it with your elysium core.” Lil Purples voice resounded once more.

Lin Yun quickly followed Lil Purples instruction to circulate the second stages mantra.

When he completed an entire big cycle of the mantra, the black Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Cauldron sank into the bottom of the ocean.

His elysium core also descended and the Golden Crow Saint Rune was activated, making Lin Yuns elysium core seem like a gigantic mountain that was suppressing the ocean of astral energy.

“Whats going on” Lin Yun asked when Lil Purple appeared from the sword box.

“Mhm” Lil Purple looked at Lin Yun, baffled.

“Im asking whats with that demonic cauldron” Lin Yun continued.

He felt that Lil Purple was too unreliable because he nearly fell onto the demonic path, but she didnt show any reaction.

“Demonic cauldron Since the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon hasworld annihilating in it, why are you so surprised The cauldron was born in primitive chaos, neither righteous nor demonic.

So its not a demonic cauldron.”

“Does such a cauldron exist in the world” Lin Yuns eyes lit up as he held onto the key point.

“Thats for sure.

Its a divine artifact comparable to the Seven Treasured Glazed Tile Pagoda.

Its born in primitive chaos, and the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon was engraved in it,” said Lil Purple.

“But this cauldron is too peculiar.

Its a little terrifying,” Lin Yun said with lingering fear.

“Thats not surprising.

You can just consider it as a holy spirit.

Its just that this holy spirit is a lot more powerful.

You have to rely on it in the future if you want to bring out the full power of the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon.

The Iris Sword Saint told me back then that all evils in the world have a heart.” Lil Purple continued.

When Lin Yun recited what she said, he seemed to have comprehended a part of it.

But since today was when the third stage took place, Lin Yun quickly left the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion to join up with those from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

An hour later, when Feng Zhang, Liu Qingyan, and the rest saw Lin Yun, they rejoiced, “Junior Brother Lin, youre finally here.

We thought that you were going to be late.”

When Lin Yun saw that Gongsun Yan and Zhao Yan were also there, he knew that they had been together for the past few days.

“Where have you been Why can I smell the perfume of a woman coming from you” Gongsun Yan looked at Lin Yun with his eyes squinted.

Ye Ziling didnt look at Lin Yun.

She just walked ahead while her voice resounded, “Thats the Calming Incense used to assist cultivation.”

When Lin Yun heard that, he held onto his chin because he felt that Ye Ziling knew everything.

But as this wasnt something that could be easily explained, Lin Yun quickly followed up with a bitter smile.

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