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Liu Min was Su Family’s branch corporation’s manager for the Human Resources Department.

His salary wasn’t extremely high, about ten or twenty thousand a month.

But fortunately, since his job was relatively stable and also because the Su Family gave very good benefits to their employees, he had some spare money on his hands.

One day, he met Xiao Yali who came for a job application.

It was love at first sight for him.

So, using his job, he slowly approached her.

After getting to know her, he learned that she had a boyfriend.

But this boyfriend was only a takeout delivery man.

So, using his position and money, he went after Xiao Yali over and over again.

Xiao Chen was one year older than Xiao Yali; the two graduated from the same college.

After Xiao Yali graduated, the two immediately began dating.

They weren’t afraid of hardships and had gone through all sorts of jobs together.

They worked hard to thrive in this society.

But due to their lack of capabilities, no matter how hard they worked, they only managed to earn barely enough money.

There weren’t high hopes for the future.

So one year ago, in order to be with Liu Min, she broke up with Xiao Chen.

Now, Liu Min and Xiao Yali have been together for over a year and were planning to get married tomorrow, and naturally, they needed their own house as well.

After some discussion, they decided to get one at East House Palace.

The houses here were very expensive, which Liu Min wanted to use to show his extraordinary status.

Women liked to compare, and so did men.

It was just that they compared different things.

Xiao Yali and Deng Yuqing were good friends, if Deng Yuqing’s boyfriend came to buy her a house without even planning to get married, doesn’t that prove that her boyfriend was better than him

Therefore, he wanted to compare.

Compare who was the more capable boyfriend.

It was just that he didn’t expect Deng Yuqing’s boyfriend to be the president of the Qin Corporation.

He had nothing even close to compare with him.

Even if there were a hundred of him, he still wouldn’t be a quarter as good.

So after he came back and Xiao Yali asked him how it went, he only told her to not ask too much and that he would tell her when they get back.

But guess what!

Just when Xiao Yali was helping Deng Yuqing pick which house to buy, Xiao Chen came in too.

This made him couldn’t bear it any longer.

Xiao Chen was Xiao Yali’s ex-boyfriend.

Back when Xiao Yali broke up with him, because Xiao Chen was angry, he punched Liu Min.

Liu Min still held this grudge until now.

Seeing Xiao Chen coming in with his yellow delivery uniform, he started to mock him.

“Delivery boy, you want to buy a house here”

“With what Hahaha.”

Xiao Chen was too lazy to even say anything back.

He walked straight to the lady at the reception desk.

“I’m here to buy a house.

What’s the most expensive one here”

“Most expensive” The lady was stunned, then raised her eyebrows.

Due to her professional training, she remained calm and reminded, “Sir, the most expensive houses here are villas.

The smallest one is still 260 square meters.

“That’s alright, go show me,” said Xiao Chen casually.

This was the attitude coming from a rich person.

“Don’t listen to him,” Liu Min interrupted, “This brat’s just a delivery man, how can he buy such an expensive villa”

“Yeah, don’t bring him there, he’s just wasting your time.”

“Even the normal houses here are twenty to thirty thousand per square meter, a villa is at least forty to fifty.”

“Yeah! I can’t even buy them, let alone a takeout delivery man.”

Hearing Xiao Chen say that he wanted the most expensive one, Xiao Yali and the others began to gossip.

Even Zhou Yan agreed with Liu Min this time, which was a rare occurrence.

She was Xiao Yali’s bestie.

Back when Xiao Yali was still with Xiao Chen, she already persuaded her to not be with him.

Other than his looks, he really didn’t have anything else.

But Xiao Yali didn’t listen to her at the time and insisted on being with Xiao Chen.

Therefore, there was quite a conflict between Xiao Chen and her.


Hearing their words, the reception lady started to hesitate.

Being in the sales industry, it was necessary to be able to tell apart valuable customers and invaluable customers.

Dressed in a deliveryman’s uniform, he really didn’t look like he could afford the houses here.

Just as everyone was being suspicious, the lady being hesitant, and Xiao Chen about to call the manager, a voice suddenly came.

“Miss, I suggest you go show him around.

A salesperson should not judge a book by its cover.

I think this young man here is pretty confident, perhaps he really can afford it.”

“Shut yo… oh hi… Mr.


Hearing someone speak up for Xiao Chen, Liu Min was very displeased.

But when he saw that it was from Qin Tian, he cowarded immediately.

How could he ever dare to offend such a person!

Qin Tian looked at Liu Min, “You too.

Being in the position of a manager, do I still have to teach you these things”


Liu Min quickly responded, “I’m so sorry, Mr.

Qin, it was my fault just now, I was being……”

“You don’t have to apologize, just know next time.”

Qin Tian waved his hand, then looked at Deng Yuqing, “have you picked one”

“No… not yet.”

“Try to hurry up, I still have some things to take care of later.”

“Ohoh, ok!” Deng Yuqing quickly nodded.

The sales lady obviously did not know who Qin Tian was.

But seeing his temperament and the way Liu Min talked to him respectfully, he knew Qin Tian was no ordinary person.

So, without further ado, she quickly brought Xiao Chen to show him the villas.

Xiao Yali and Zhou Yan stood there dumbfounded.

“Yuqing, how come when your boyfriend talks to you, he uses such a commanding tone”

“Yeah, and also, you seem like you don’t even dare to talk back This isn’t like you…”

“Nonsense!” said Liu Min, “To be able to be Mr.

Qin’s woman is already a high honor! No one would talk back to him, except if you’re really retarded.”

“Hey, watch your mouth!”

“I’m just telling the truth.

Ask your friend here.”

Deng Yuqing said awkwardly, “Your husband… is right.”

Xiao Yali: “……”


[Ding, successfully prevented protagonist “Xiao Chen”’s bet.

Villain Points 500]

After sitting back down at the resting area and seeing this system message appear, Qin Tian smiled.

The only reason Qin Tian went over was because he sensed this coming, so he wanted to use his Villain’s Eye to go check on intel.

But he really didn’t expect that not only was he able to verify that Xiao Chen was a protagonist, he also got 500 Villain Points along the way.

Feeling good~

He looked at Xiao Chen’s information.

Name: Xiao Chen

Age: 26

Height: 179cm

Weight: 151lbs

Occupation: Takeout delivery man…

Luck Points: 2136

[Child of Fortune confirmed.]

Takeout delivery man Trying to show off his wealth by buying a house

Qin Tian sank into thoughts.

Could this protagonist, have a system


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