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“Um,” With a soft groan, Yayas expression was filled with pain.

She felt the terrifying heavenly fire burning.

It was as if she had lost consciousness.

The medicinal effect of a supreme-grade longevity medicine was too terrifying.

Her body could not withstand it at all.

Ye Qiu naturally understood this principle, so the moment Yaya ate the Lingzhi, he was already behind her.

He gently pushed out his palm, and the incomparably surging immortal power instantly entered her body.

He used the Yin-Yang Harmony Technique to mediate the power in her body and let it play its true role.

With Ye Qius protection, the following tempering became extremely simple.

Yaya held her breath and began to absorb the medicinal effect of the Heavenly Fire Lingzhi with all her might, using its majestic power to temper her body.

In less than a moment, red fire runes began to appear on the surface of her skin, flowing through her limbs and bones.

At this moment, she was like a goddess of flames, incomparably noble and holy.

The medicinal effect of the Heavenly Fire Lingzhi began to take effect.

Ye Qiu was silent for a long time before saying, “The time is right.

Open the Prefecture Sea.” He struck out with his palm again.

Using the Heavenly Fire to burn her inner prefecture and open an incomparably strong prefecture sea.

Everything was progressing extremely smoothly, but this was not the time to comprehend the Dao.

Ye Qiu had a lot of experience with his previous three disciples.

Yaya had already opened her prefecture sea, but she couldnt start cultivating because Ye Qiu didnt intend to let her walk the conventional path and directly enter the Dao through Qi Refinement.

This was because if she wanted her future path to be smoother, she had to build a firm foundation.

Moreover, through his previous experience, Ye Qiu already had a different path in his heart.

That was to plant the Dao with the body.

According to the conventional method, after the prefecture sea was opened, one could reach the heavens to comprehend the Dao and refine Qi to cultivate.

He could only attain the Dao after cultivating to the Martial Monarch realm.

This path was too ordinary and risky.

This was because on the path to Dao Validation, the potential that erupted was too powerful.

It was very easy to attract the punishment of the world.

Back then, Ye Qiu was like this and almost fell on the path of Dao Validation.

Therefore, he had another method this time, which was to choose to plant the Dao Fruit before she cultivated.

This way, Yaya could save the process of attaining the Dao in the future and be unimpeded.

“Dont be distracted.

Try to feel the existence of the heart flame and try to touch it.” Ye Qiu whispered in Yayas heart, although she didnt know why her master wanted her to do this.

In her understanding, shouldnt she be sensing the laws of heaven and earth and comprehending the Dao In the past, her father had hired many immortal experts to teach her.

She roughly knew these processes.

But now, the methods of those Immortal Dao mighty figures were clearly different from her masters methods.

She hesitated for a moment.

Fortunately, after a while, she still did as her master said.

Because she knew that her master would not lie to her or harm her.

For her, her master had even taken out such a supreme treasure of the Nine Heavens.

What reason did he have to harm her

“Yes, Master wont be wrong.

Listen to Master.” She thought to herself.

After thinking all of this through, she gradually let down her guard and began to follow Ye Qius instructions.

Soon, she felt the existence of the Heavenly Fire.

In the chaos, she seemed to see herself in a mirror image.

“Is this the Heavenly Fire”

After the baptism of the Heavenly Fire Lingzhi, the heart flame in her body underwent a tremendous change.

The power of her flames was endless and had long surpassed the innate heart flames of her Fire Clan.

Such a terrifying change was unexpected to her.

Yaya was overjoyed.

She was even more certain that her master was right.

After having no worries, she followed her masters instructions and refined this Heavenly Fire with all her might.

After circulating her qi for hundreds of cycles, Ye Qiu finally revealed a smile and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Phew, the time is right! The most dangerous moment has passed.

Next, you have to fully comprehend the Heavenly Fire technique, comprehend the profundities, and plant the Dao Fruit, then you will succeed.”

The violent power in Yayas body was gradually absorbed into her prefecture sea by the Heart Flame and slowly calmed down.

The most dangerous moment had passed.

Ye Qiu heaved a sigh of relief and slowly retracted his palm force.

He had already done what he needed to do.

What kind of earth-shattering changes there would be next would depend on her own luck.

“Hmm…” Ye Qiu let out a long sigh of relief and calmly stood up from the ground.

He silently returned to the Cloud Sea Stone Bridge and sat down, quietly waiting for Yaya to wake up.

Once she succeeded in the Dao of Heavenly Fire, her potential could instantly rise to the level of heavens choice and she would be the true favorite of the Heavenly Dao.

At that time, hehe…

He wondered what expression those old things in the Zenith Heaven Hall would have.

It must be exciting, right


Just as Ye Qiu was quietly meditating, a gust of wind suddenly blew from the horizon.


Ye Qiu slowly opened his eyes and saw a peerless woman sitting quietly opposite the stone table.

She was dressed in white and was as cold as ice.

She was expressionless and had an otherworldly temperament.

She sat quietly, but her gaze was on Yaya, who was on the cliff, and her brows were tightly furrowed.

After a long time, Ye Qiu said with a smile, “Senior Sister is so free today.

You actually came to visit my small training hall”

Ye Qiu was also a little afraid.

Why would a cold woman like Ming Yue suddenly visit Could it be because of Little Senior Sister again Logically speaking, this was between the two of them.

Why was she always holding onto him

Ye Qiu was very depressed, but Ming Yue wasnt a reasonable person.

Nothing he said was useful.

However, Ming Yue didnt come this time for Little Senior Sister as Ye Qiu had guessed.

Instead, she had accidentally heard that Ye Qiu had opened a Violet Cloud Training Hall and accepted a disciple while she strolled around the mountain to dispel the frustration from her cultivation.

She heard from those people that Ye Qius disciple was the disciple with the worst aptitude.

She couldnt help but be curious.

Why would Ye Qiu do this Therefore, she came! She wanted to see who Ye Qius disciple was.

Facing Ye Qius confusion, Ming Yue turned around and looked at him calmly.

This handsome man looked dignified and gentlemanly.

But his thoughts were terrible.

In the past, she didnt understand and thought that Ye Qiu was really a gentleman.

Later on, she realized that this man was unimaginably scheming.

“Um,” Ming Yue said indifferently, “I heard that you took in a disciple and happened to pass by here, so I came to see whats so special about a person who can make you, Ye Qiu, take in a disciple.”

She didnt have any special thoughts, nor did she like to hide anything.

She was straightforward.

The corner of Ye Qius mouth twitched.

So she was here for his precious disciple.

He thought she was here for him.

Sigh, disappointed, too disappointed.

“Haha, Senior Sister, you must be joking.

I just have nothing to do and am casually teaching to pass the time.

Theres nothing extraordinary about her.” Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

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