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That's how it turned out...


The reason why Aiden is so skinny is because he was punished for rebelling against Kaverion.

Rylenne looked at Aiden crouching down with a solemn expression.

It was then.

Aiden raised his head.

His gray eyes twinkled in the dark.

'… … !'

For a moment, Aiden's eyes met.

Surprised for a while, I wanted to see how he was doing and what the environment was like, but I couldn't see him well.

'It's too dark.'

Frustrated Rylenne asked the jailer.

“Are there no lights here”

“Yes, this special cell was originally designed like this… ….”

If your surroundings are dark, your heart will soon become dark.

'Because people get depressed when they can't see the light.'

Above all, if you are in a place like this, your eyesight will quickly deteriorate.

Lailene hurriedly came up with a suitable excuse.

“Not everything dark is good.

Can you see what Aiden is doing in the dark”

“… … no.

I can't see very well.”

The jailer narrowed his eyes and looked inward before replying.

“Because of this, I can't properly monitor Aiden's movements.

Get the lights installed right now.”

The jailer was visibly embarrassed.

“Sorry, but that's difficult… …! If Kaverion-sama finds out about this later, he will be angry.”

The jailer remembered the orders Kaverion gave.



[Treat them thoroughly as less than human beings.]



But installing lights...


“Did you say your name was Haele”

Rylenne said in a low voice, remembering the name of the jailer in her memory.

“Yes, this is Haele.”

“If Aiden quietly runs away in this darkness, will you take responsibility”

Haele slaughtered.

It was a terrible ending, even he thought.

“Install it today.”

“Ah, I see.”

Haele nodded her head.

“What are you doing, I need to get the lights right away.”


'Just in case.'

“Give me the key and go.”

“Yes, here!”

A long key was placed on Rylenne's white palm.

Haele hurriedly disappeared to fulfill Rylenne's orders.

Lailene, who was left alone, looked through the window again.

“… … !”

It seems that Aiden has been watching this place all along.

His eyes were on the door.

'Let's go inside.'

I didn't intend to go in, but the environment was worse than I thought, so I wanted to check his physical condition in a hurry.

Although Aiden's hands were free, he was unable to move beyond a certain range due to the shackles on his feet.

So, if you don't get too close, it won't be dangerous.

Capturing her thoughts, Rylaine put the key into the hole in the iron door.


The lock unlocked when the key was turned.

'I'm a little nervous.'

It was like entering a lion's cage.

It was more like that because of the memory I recalled earlier.

Aiden's eyes were full of life as he glared at the Kaverion in his memory.

Rylaine took a deep breath and opened the door.


opened with a loud sound.

When someone came in, Aiden stood up in surprise.


the chains of the shackles moved along and made a rough sound.

Upon entering, I saw his body closely.

'As expected, she's incredibly skinny.'

Rylaine slowly raised her gaze.

Aiden's cheeks were not only thin, but also had purple bruises.

Since Kaverion hit the cheek with that strong force, it must have been bruised.

As I looked at Aiden quietly, our eyes met.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Lailene felt awkward but thought she should introduce herself right away.

Aiden would be very wary of my existence.

“I am the one who will watch over you from now on.”

A barely audible voice came out.

“… … .”

I didn't expect much because I had seen the memories, but Aiden didn't open his mouth.

I was slapped on the cheek for acting like this to Kaverion.



[Give him at least water and food until he bows his head in apology.]



Then he was punished.

The lighting somehow made an excuse to install it, but if you gave it your own food, you might really go against the planting of Kaverion.

Of course, I know that even if I leave it as it is, Aiden will not die because he is the male lead.

But it was too painful for me to watch it.

'What should I do'

I don't think Aiden would ever bow his head apologizing.

'Will Carverion believe me if I lie that Aiden bowed his head to apologize'


If, by any chance, Carverion visits this place and asks Aiden, it will be revealed that it is a lie.


Lailene called out to Aiden in a loud voice.

“… … Aren't you feeling sorry"

I could see Aiden's brow narrowing.

It was also a jaw-dropping sound.


A good idea flashed in Rylaine's head for a moment.

'What if I make a sorry situation'

Although Aiden darkens through severe trials, his original mind was never bad.

In fact, he couldn't just pass by a child begging, and he would buy food for a hungry old man.

I don't know if that mentality would apply to the Duke of Ergen...


'I believe in you, Aiden.'

The plan that immediately came to mind was to stroke Aiden's bruised cheek.

Then, because it hurts, I will reflexively clap my hand.

And to hear Aiden say he's sorry.

He was worried for a moment that Aiden might attack him if he got close, but the probability that Aiden, who was lenient towards the weak, would attack the woman was low.

… … No, I had to.

Lailene cautiously approached to carry out her plan.

Fortunately, Aiden didn't attack.

On the contrary, it seemed to fluctuate as the distance got closer and closer.

I managed to get within range and slowly reached out my hand.

Surprised, Aiden flinched but took no other action.

His hand landed safely on Aiden's cheek.

Aiden's cheek, which he saw up close, had a blue bruise.



With a sad heart, he carefully stroked the cheek that was supposed to be stroked.

After touching his cheek for a moment, he realized that Aiden was looking down at him with his eyes wide open.

'Oops, I have to touch Aiden so much it hurts.'

Realizing the original purpose, Lailenne tries to apply power to her hand, but with a bang


Aiden cut off Rylenne's hand first.

Rylenne collapsed to the floor with the strong force.

“… … !”

Why are you staring at me with such surprised eyes

Rylenne, who almost put on a puzzled expression for a moment, opened her eyes wide.

'It's now...


Lailene pretended to be sick and grabbed her wrist.

"Ah… …!”

Looking at him, I saw that he was at a loss for what to do.

Aiden hurriedly got down on his knees and looked over at Rylenne.

“Gawk, are you okay”

Aiden finally spoke up!

It wasn't the situation I intended, but in the end, it went as planned.

It was such a voice.

It was a moderately low, clear voice.

'The male lead's voice is also good.'

Ryrene, who was admiring, hurriedly continued her performance.

“I think I sprained my wrist… ….”

Rylenne wrapped her wrists and slowly raised her head to look at Aiden.

Aiden hesitated before opening his mouth.

“… … sorry.

It wasn't on purpose.”

Rylane blinked.

You're sorry right now!

It wasn't the situation I intended, but in the end, it went as planned.

He didn't bow his head, but he's on his knees anyway.

If this is enough, even if Kaverion asks later, he will be able to answer appropriately.

It's not like you're making something out of nothing.

Rylenne, who had completed her mission, looked at Aiden in awe.


I think I sprained my wrist, but I especially forgive you for your rudeness.”

Aiden fell silent again.

What had just happened seemed bewildered.

Either way, Rylenne stood up and brushed off the dust from her robe.

And walked quickly toward the door.

“I will come again tomorrow.

Until then, stay calm.”

Before leaving, he did not forget to say a word to Aiden, who was still standing in a daze.



* * *



My heart was pounding when I finished my work.

In the end, the goal was achieved.

I heard Aiden say he's sorry.

'Now I can give you food with peace of mind!'

Rejoicing for a moment, Rylaine, who was heading to her room, noticed someone standing in front of the door.

The superiorly handsome face with the same hair color as himself was definitely Kaverion.

'What's going on in my room.'

We're not close enough to come and see each other's faces.

As Lailenne approached, Carverion, who felt the presence of her, raised her head.


“Are you here now, Rylenne”

“I have been to the dungeon.

What were you doing standing in front of my door”

"Looks like you've already been there.

I forgot to give advice about Aiden Bedsian, so I came to tell you.”

Oh, you're here to talk about Aiden.

'That's right.'

Rylaine opened the door.

“Then let’s talk in my room.”

“… … .”

Embarrassingly, Kaverion stood still.

From his subtly hardened expression, I read that he didn't want to go into the room.

“Shall we talk somewhere else”


You don't have to.”

As it comes in, it bounces.

Lailene sat down at a table in the corner of the room.

Kaverion awkwardly walked over and sat across from me.

He cleared his throat briefly before speaking.

“As you would know if you saw him today, Aiden Bedsian is a dangerous person.

You have to pay special attention.”

Lailene remembered the Aiden she saw today.



[Gawk, are you okay]

[…… I'm sorry.]



Seeing him flustered like a dog just because he cut his wrist didn't look that dangerous.

However, Rylenne knew that she couldn't say this to Kaverion.

"Yeah, I know."

After answering calmly, Kaverion continued.

“And Aiden Vedsian, who doesn’t yet know my situation, is being punished.”

Rylaine's eyes rolled as she listened.

'… … That punishment has been lifted as of today.'

Actually, I was thinking about what to feed Aiden tomorrow.

Rylenne, who was wondering whether she should report this to Kaverion, wanted to speak up proudly first.

After thinking, Rylane opened her mouth.


"Actually, I heard from Aiden today that he's sorry."



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