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Chapter 1285: Do Not Move

Immediately afterward, a powerful force enveloped her, suppressing the spiritual power in her body, making her unable to move.

Immediately afterward, a pair of thick, cold, bloody hands covered her mouth and quickly dragged her into a room beside.

Hexi was shocked and was about to struggle when a mans low and hoarse voice came into her ear, “Dont move, if you want to live!”

The killing intent lingered around her, and the hand around her neck seemed to be able to squeeze her fragile neck at any time.

Right at this moment, the sound of light and heavy footsteps and the eerie laughter came from outside the door.

“Little prey, I know you are here, come out now!”

“If I catch you, I swear Ill peel your skin, cut a hole in your belly, and stuff snakes, worms, rats and ants into that hole.


“Scum, you hear me Show yourself now! Otherwise, Ill let you suffer a living hell!”

The ugly man paced back and forth several times.

However, he walked back and forth in this area several times, but he did not find any trace.

Finally, he scolded ruthlessly, “Scum, you ran away again You wait for me! Wait for me!!”

It wasnt until the ugly mans breath finally disappeared that the hand that had restrained Hexi slowly let it go.

However, the only thing that was released was the hand that was clasping her neck; the hand covering her mouth was still not released.

The hand that had been clasping her neck was wrapping around her waist instead.

Hexi frowned, she could feel the strength of the man behind her, the overwhelming strength, which she couldnt compete with at all.

However, the mans spiritual aura was obviously disordered, and there was a strong smell of blood on his body.

Obviously, he was seriously injured.

Hexi reached out and tried to pull the hand that was covering her mouth away.

Unexpectedly, the mans vigilance was very high.

As soon as she moved, the hand that was loosely holding her waist immediately held tight as if he could break her body at any time.

Hexi took a deep breath, wondering if she had to use Little Purple to attack the man by surprise.

A low and hoarse voice came into her ears again, “I can let you go, but you dont make noise.”

Hexi nodded immediately.

The big hand covering her was slowly put down.

The bloody breath and the suffocating pressure disappeared, making Hexi heave a sigh of relief.

“Just now, thank you.”

Hexi knew that if this man hadnt just pulled her away at the right time and used a mysterious method to cover up her aura, she would have been caught by the ugly Protector Yin.

The breath behind her was short and cold, and the smell of blood was getting stronger and stronger.

Hexi wanted to take a step back, but found that the hand on her waist did not loosen.

The cold aira came from behind her made her shiver.

She squinted and said in a deep voice, “Didnt you say that as long as I dont make noise, youll let me go”

The man behind her seemed to be stunned for a moment, and he finally slowly let go of her slender waist.

When the hand was retracted to the side, it was lightly clenched into a fist as if nervous and embarrassed.

This time, Hexi was finally able to turn his head to look at the man behind her.

It was a man wrapped in a pitch-black cloak with a black mask on his face.

His eyes couldnt be seen clearly.

Only his gaze could vaguely be felt.

“What are you doing here” The man suddenly asked in a hoarse and low voice, “Dont you know how dangerous it is here”

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