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Chapter 111: Entering the City

Nie Changping was particularly aggrieved: “Didn’t you finish eating too”

Luo Qingshan asked rhetorically: “Can you compare yourself with me”

Nie Changping dared not speak angrily: “That, that is naturally incomparable.”

Under the cold gaze of His Royal Highness, Nie Changping could only bite the bullet and finish the remaining steamed buns.

The wind and waves were calm all the way.

Ten days later, the merchant ship docked at the Xin’an Ferry near Jingshou County.

Luo Qingshan and his party disembarked here.

The Xin’an Ferry is close to Xin’an County, and it hasn’t rained here for four months, but because of its proximity to the Yijiang River, the people carry water back from here every day, barely able to survive.

They stayed in Xin’an County for the night, bought two carriages and five horses the next day, and entered Jingshou County along the official road.

According to the agreement, they will meet in Gangu County in Jingshou County.

Gangu County is located in the hinterland of Jingshou County.

After the tributaries are successfully dug, the river will flow down along the tributaries and converge into lakes in the low-lying areas of Gangu County.

After the lake takes shape, they will hold a rain-seeking ceremony by the lake.

Luo Qingshan sat in the carriage, opened the window curtains, and saw that all the crops on the side of the road had died of drought, and the soil was dry and cracked.

Several farmers squatted on the ridge of the field, holding their heads and crying, crying desperately.

The deeper they went into Jingshou County, the worse the situation they saw.

It hasn’t rained, and there is no harvest in the ground.

Many people are cornered.

They either leave their homes and go to other places to take refuge with relatives, or they can only sell children and women.

There are yellow-faced and thin-skinned refugees everywhere, and heartbreaking cries can be heard from time to time.

This is a picture that Luo Qingshan and Nie Changping have never seen before.

In the past, they could only know about the drought from the notes requested by the officials, but what the officials said was that a certain place was affected by the drought.

How many catties of food have been reduced this year, how many people may be starved to death, or how many people have been starved to death, they are talking about some very general things, and it doesn’t sound particularly serious.

But now, those general ideas have become a reality, and they are placed in front of them, allowing them to see with their own eyes how crazy people can do when they are hungry to the extreme.

Selling children and selling women, vandalizing and looting, gnawing bark and eating Guanyin soil.

If this continues, they are afraid that even people will dare to eat it.

Luo Qingshan had no intention of reading anymore.

He and Nie Changping no longer disliked steamed buns as bad.

The carriage drove along the official road for ten days, and finally saw the city gate of Gangu County.

The city gates of Gangu County were closed tightly, and many yellow-faced and thin-skinned victims gathered outside the city.

These victims were all unable to live at home and wanted to go into the city to beg, but the city gates were closed and they couldn’t get in.

They had to squat outside the city.

When they saw a carriage approaching the city gate, they all rushed over in a swarm, surrounding the carriage to ask for food.

Many similar things have been encountered along the way.

The guards are very experienced.

Without saying a word, they directly pulled out the sabre from their waists.

The light of the knife was bright and sharp, which scared the victims to retreat in a hurry.

The carriage drove to the city gate.

The guard stepped forward and called the door.

The head of a magistrate poked out from above the city wall, and the magistrate shouted to the bottom: “Who are you”

The guard said: “We are from the north, and we want to spend the night here.

This is our way citation.”

He took out a document from his arms and raised it at the people on the tower.

After a while, a gap opened in the city gate.

The magistrate’s hand stretched out from the crack of the door.

The guard thought he was looking at the citation, so he handed it over.

Who knew that the magistrate pushed Wen Xuan away, and said angrily: “What are you doing with this for me What I want is the entry fee, ten teals of silver for each person, hurry up and get the money!”


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