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52: Colony Parade

 By Effugium December 7, 2022

The mysterious being form General Zazoma was a far cry from the “beauty” he usually displayed in his day-to-day life.

His many legs writhed, his fangs dripped venom from his mouth, all the while wielding a huge sickle and a poisonous needle on his tail as he approached the Victor Rangers.

「I am not mad.

I am not death.

I am only a party of the madness that is the fruit of samsara.」


Victory Red Kurenai Retsu was blown away with sparks flying from his entire body.

What was surprising was the number of moves and the precision with which Zazoma targeted the vital spot.

Carnivorous insects that hunt independently are usually very agile.

The attacks of the strange insect general Zazoma were no exception to this rule, being swift and sharp.

When confronted head-on, no ordinary hero would stand a chance.

But his opponent is the strongest hero, Mayuzumi Kirika.

「Mugeki Itto-ryu…… Musk」

For a moment, it looked as if Zazoma’s scythe had caught Kirika by her slender neck.

But just as Kirika’s body seemed to disappear like a haze, a deadly blade flashed behind Zazoma’s back.

But Zazoma’s back is guarded by a giant scorpion’s tail looming over it.

The huge venomous stinger struck Kirika like a wild thrust of fencing.

「They are calm and still, and hope for a fiery, burning death.」

「Mugetsu Itto-ryu, Suminagashi!」

With minimal movement, Kirika dodged the tip of the approaching poison needle, and at the same time, she showered Zazoma’s tail with a counterattack of slashes.

Spewing purple bodily fluids, the tail writhed in agony as if it were an independent life form.

「Huh Is General Zazoma being pressured by any chance」

「Master Zazoma is a very mild-mannered man, so he is not very strong at fighting.」

His follower, Mikarikki, who had somehow resurfaced, was crawling up to Rintaro’s side.

From his plump appearance, he looked just like a beetle.

「Eh! He’s not strong even with that look!」

No wonder Rintaro was astonished.

Zazoma’s appearance is that of an extraterrestrial life form.

He’d be the last boss in the third or so series of sci-fi horror films.

In addition, Rintaro thought that the three executives’ status as a member of the three top management indicated that they had unusual strength.

However, looking at this fight, it seemed that he was having a lot of trouble with Kirika.

「Don’t joke with me, General Zazoma is the only one I can rely on.」

「Hohohoho…… don’t worry about it, Death Green-sama.

It’s about time for it to “come”.」

The first to notice the anomaly was Pink, who was sniping from the rear.

Pink’s unique weapon, the “Alchemy Strike Bow,” has a special computer embedded in it that can measure the threat level of opponents.

According to the report, the threat level of Zazoma was indicated to be much higher than that of ordinary mysterious beings.

However, with the skills of Victor Black, Mayuzumi Kirika, and the support of Victory Ranger, they would have a good chance to win the fight.

It is this analytical function that allows Pink to play the role of a control tower as the brain of Victor Ranger.

「Everyone! Just a little bit more, we can push through!」

Just when Pink was sure they had won, something seemed to move at the edge of her vision.

「……N …… Is it my imagination」

There were countless fighters lying on the ground, defeated and disheveled.

Nearly 20 fighters were guarding this botanical garden, but they had been wiped out in less than a minute after the attack by the Victory Rangers.

They were truly the worst of the worst.

Zako fighters are originally a collection of weak mysterious beings who could not become a mysterious being with nickname.

Even if some of them were still able to move, they could easily be crushed, and their threat level is at the lowest.

Pink, without paying attention, went back to firing supporting shots for Red and Black, who were fighting on the front lines.

She pulled back the string and aimed at Zazoma’s forehead.

As soon as she let go, the pink arrow shot out like a lightning flash, hitting Zazoma right between the eyes.

――Or so it was supposed to――


「Wh, What is thaaaat!」

No wonder Pink was surprised.

As soon as the mostly insect-shaped fighter jumped up, he grabbed the arrow with his bare hand.

Like a bedbug, the other combatants spring to their feet one by one with their backs acting as a spring.

「Oooh, these guys suddenly got energetic! Damn it, these guys are dangerous ze, Jet Cutter Magnum!!」

Blue, noticing the anomaly, also fired his gun at the zako fighters.


「Arii! Aariarii!」

With agile maneuvers that could not have been expected of low-ranking fighters, the zakko fighters avoided all six of Blue’s vacuum wave attacks.

「Wh- What the hell is going on, da ze!」

「This is bad! Everyone, step back!」

The computer embedded in the “Alchemy Strike Bow” was calculating the threat level of the enemy.

「Impossible…… What is this…… This kind of thing……!」

Pink was shocked as soon as I saw the number again.

「The threat level has…… jumped up!」

Surprisingly, each and every one of the zako fighters was producing figures on par with the great, well-known mysterious beings.

Of course, this is not due to a malfunction in the analysis equipment.

「A drop of water becomes rain, and rain becomes a torrent.

The blade that has been sharply sharpened becomes rusty, and the rust of a single piece of metal will cause the blade to fall off…….」


General Zazoma’s scythe finally caught Kirika’s body.

Kirika quickly blocked the attack with her sword, but was sent flying more than ten meters away.

It was there that she first noticed the unusual situation surrounding her.

「Th……This is……!」

Behind a haze of purple mist, the giant arthropod, General Zazoma, raises his battle cry.

「My name is Strange Insect General Zazoma, The Great King of Insects!」

Zazoma spits out a poisonous mist from all over his body and calls out to the zako fighters, his huge body shaking and trembling.

「The time of the black feast has come! Its wings feed on birds, its limbs slaughter beasts, and its jaws feed on mankind! My beloved fellow insects, usurp them as you wish!」


With a command, as many as 20 strengthened zako fighters attacked the Victor Rangers simultaneously.

Among them was a stylish mantis mysterious being clad in a black shell.

「I am Mikalicky the Amputation Mysterious being, faithful servant of Master Zazoma! Come, all of you, let your eyes be illuminated! This is the splendid and heroic formation of our sovereign, Zazoma! We, the Strange Insects Army, are on “parade”!」

His form, which was so sophisticated that you can’t imagine it coming from the plump valet, was like a hero with an insect motif.

Mikarikki slashed the rain of arrows, the bullets of Kamaitachi, and even the yellow barrier, with the giant scissors in his hands.

The purple mist that Zazoma dispersed was, simply put, a buff that greatly strengthens the physical abilities of insectoid mysterious beings.

Each individual insect-style mysterious being is weak, but by taking the ingredients contained in this poisonous mist into their bodies, each one becomes a matchless warrior.

Being able to use the winning group tactic “colony parade” was one of the reasons why Zazoma was revered as a general of insects.



「Gowashyu bubera-!!」

Blue, Pink, and Yellow, who originally had wounds all over their bodies, were beaten in just a dozen seconds.

The remaining fighters rushed to Retsu and Kirika.

The two were on the edge of their seats, with their backs to each other.

「Damn, they’re strong and endless! It’s like we are poking at a beehive! Black, let’s back off here!」

「…………Kuh…… Roger, that……!」

Immediately after, a tremendous light illuminated the area around Kirika, and a defeaning sound hit the three semicircular canals of the combatants.

Kirika used a flash bomb.

It was exactly the same one that Rintaro had used in the previous battle.


After sunset, Rintaro received first aid and was on his way back to Ark Dominion’s secret underground base.

In his hand was a vial of antidote that Zazoma had given him.

After the battle, Zazoma, who returned to human form, said this to Rintaro:「It is easy to seek, but difficult to obtain.

It has no color, therefore it has no form.

God has given it the name love.

May my love forever shine upon your path.」

「Zazoma-sama said, “This is a debt.

Please seriously consider joining the Strange Insects Army.

We look forward to hearing from you.」

Rintaro had half-expected this to happen.

The most important bargaining chip against Zazoma was Rintaro himself, the villainous Death Green.

Although he felt in his heart that he did not have to fulfill such a duty, it’s still a debt nonetheless.

Once General Bearion receives this antidote, he will not be able to have any say in Death Green’s future actions.

If he had calculated all of these things, then this man, General Zazoma, must have been a very big eater.

In addition, if anyone in the current Ark Dominion could defeat Mayuzumi Kirika, it would most likely be Zazoma and the Kichu army, which can nullify Kuroageha’s poison.

Today’s battle proved it.

The current Rintaro, even with the power of Death Green, could not defeat Mayuzumi Kirika.

「Damn it, nothing is going well.」

Considering that Blue, Pink, and Yellow were once again unable to rejoin the fray, the battle result as a team could be said to be a painstaking draw.

However, looking only at the individual results, Zazoma won alone, as Rintaro and the Hundred Beasts Legion owes him a great debt.

Rintaro himself has suffered a series of one-sided defeats against his former junior Kirika.

Death Green, the heinous mysterious being who is the savior of the mysterious beings, has become a liability who is constantly being rescued rather than protecting his allies.

Ever since the appearance of Mayuzumi Kirika as an enemy, nothing was going his way.  Such pressure swirled in Rintaro’s mind as a thick, black haze.

「Damn it!!」

Rintaro, in a fit of rage, struck the concrete wall.

Naturally, the wall did not shatter, and his fist bled profusely.

This is the limit of Rintaro Kuriyama, a human being.

The heinous mysterious Death Green is nothing more than an imitation of a mysterious being.


Rintaro noticed that his fist that struck was shaking slightly.

This confronted Rintaro with a fact that he did not want to admit.

Kuriyama Rintaro is scared.

「What the hell…… such a thing…… There is no way that I……」

The words, which usually come out more smoothly than necessary, are choked.

His tongue, which usually moves well, seems frozen in place.

He had no choice but to admit it.

He is scared, of the consecutive defeats against Mayuzumi Kirika.

He feared it from the bottom of his heart.

He feared the loss of his position as the heinous mysterious Death Green.

That his pride as a big brother will be shattered.

「……Shit! Shit!!」

Rintaro slammed his fist against the wall again and again, as if to cut off any thoughts that might have occurred to him.

The concrete wall did not shatter, leaving only a dull ache.


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