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Zhou Tao took advantage of his lack of information to set a trap for him in sending the seafood.

Ji Mingxia also pretended not to know Zhou Tao’s intentions, and then acted frightened.

He stumbled around and looked as if he had weak legs and couldn’t walk.


He deliberately walked to the living room, pretending to be frightened and knocked down everything on the coffee table.

He then took advantage of Zhou Tao’s inattention to take the coins box with him.


By escaping in the direction of the kitchen, and knocking over glassware, he was able to stuff the lighter into his pocket.


When all this was done, Ji Mingxia immediately crouched down, pretending to lose his fighting spirit and waited for Zhou Tao to show himself.


Thankfully, Yu Ning had taught him how to deceive Song Yuelin that time they were in the forest, and he used the same routine on Zhou Tao.

Sure enough, Zhou Tao immediately fell for it!


After finding his grandmother and confirming that she was still alive, Ji Mingxia didn’t delay any longer and immediately made his move.


The coins were a medium to sucking longevity, so they were vital to Zhou Tao.


The paper money he got from the courier earlier had already been given to Aunt Cheng 


And based on Zhou Tao’s performance, paper money seemed unimportant in sucking longevity so his target wasn't Auntie Cheng.

He took advantage of the time Ji Mingxia had gone to Auntie Cheng’s house to quietly lurk in Grandma Ji's house and wait for his return.


At this moment, all Ji Mingxia had to do was to burn the coins in Grandma Ji’s coins box to give Zhao Tao a huge blow.


Zhou Tao was at the scene, so he would definitely have stopped him if he were to burn the coins.


And that is where Ji Mingxia’s phone came into play.


Before entering the house, Ji Mingxia had his phone close by and was ready to turn on the flashlight at any moment for self-defense.


He used the flashlight to stop Zhou Tao in his tracks by blinding him, and immediately Zhou Tao closed his eyes in reflex, Ji Mingxia burned the coins completely.


After all, it was fake money, they got burned as soon as they touched the flame of the lighter.


The moment the money was burned, Grandma Ji, who had been unable to move, suddenly trembled and pulled Ji Mingxia’s hand, “Mingxia, let's go!”


However, Grandma Ji’s warning was too late.


The moment the money was burned, Zhou Tang’s control over Grandma Ji was gone, and the entire house also underwent changes.


The darkness that enveloped the entire house, as if it was also being burned by flames, gradually curled up and then shrank back to Zhou Tao’s side.

It came to Zhou Tao’s side and turned into the form of an idol.


It turned out that the entire house was shrouded by the idol, and the darkness was caused by the wooden niche that the idol stood on.


When the wooden niche returned to the idol, Grandma Ji’s house regained its brightness.


The light softly shone on throughout the whole house and whether it was Grandma Ji, Ji Mingxia or Zhou Tao, all their faces were clear.


In this light, the light from Mingxia’s flashlight looked insignificant but it was this light that blinded Zhou Tao.


He had adapted to the blinding light while Ji Mingxia was burning the money, and he was the fastest to react among the three!


Zhou Tao was furious on discovering that Ji Mingxia had played him.

Not only did he get to see Grandma Ji, but he even destroyed his coins.


Without any hesitation, Zhou Tao quickly manipulated the idol in his hand to fly behind Ji Mingxia.


At this moment, the face of the idol was, surprisingly, exactly the same as Zhou Tao.


When Zhou Tao raised his hand high, the idol also yanked the chain of coins and pointed them straight at Ji Mingxia’s throat!


He wanted to kill Ji Mingxia on the spot!


At the last moment, Ji Mingxia stuffed the phone into Grandma Ji’s hand, yanked her up and pushed her upstairs.


From the moment he returned home and found Zhou Tao waiting for him, Ji Mingxia already knew that he was in danger.


Zhou Tao had a mysterious item and he had come for him.


In order to take Ji Mingxia’s longevity, they had even moved from Banana Leaf Village.

It wasn’t because they actively gave up the longevity of Banana Leaf Village, but because they wanted to get rid of the suspicion of being murderers after killing Ji Mingxia.


So they had already made up their minds to kill Ji Mingxia.


Ji Mingxia was just an ordinary person.


Although he had contact with mysterious items, he has never been able to control them.


Zhou Tao’s mysterious item might not be offensive, but Ji Mingxia knew that he was not Zhou Tao’s opponent if they had a head-to-head duel.


Anyway, he was Zhou Tao’s target so he should at least save Grandma Ji.


Grandma Ji was no longer restricted and Zhou Tao was busy dealing with him so he didn’t have time to care about Grandma Ji.


As long as Grandma Ji returned to her bedroom, locked the door and used his phone to call for help, she would definitely survive.


With this thought, Ji Mingxia tried his best to push Grandma Ji away, and then prepared himself for death.


—The expected pain and death did not come.


A brilliant blood red had turned into a complex patterned barrier, shielding the fatal blow!


At some point, the blood-red ring had flown off Ji Mingxia’s hand and hovered above him.


With it as the center, the bright red filled the air like smoke and fog.

It quickly enveloped the surroundings, not only shielding Ji Mingxia and Grandma Ji, but also heading straight for Zhou Tao!


Where the red went, a part of the idol and coins turned into nothing.


Ji Mingxia froze in place as he watched the idol, which had been showing off its might earlier, get torn apart and devoured by the blood red ring on the spot.


Zhou Tao, who was arrogant a moment ago, was enveloped by the blood red and was now confined by layers of red ropes.


Zhou Tao didn’t expect to be reduced to a prisoner in the blink of an eye.


He struggled, but the more he struggled, the tighter the red ropes became.

Finally, they integrated into his skin and sank into his flesh.


Zhou Tao twitched around in pain and screamed before falling to the ground like a worm bound by red light and without room to struggle.


After confirming that Zhou Tao was captured and Ji Mingxia was safe, the blood red ring slowly fell down.

Ji Mingxia and Grandma Ji watched as it automatically floated back to Ji Mingxia’s hand, resizing itself to fit onto his ring finger.


It had changed back to the original ring form after the attack, but it looked even brighter than before.


It was like a brilliant red gemstone, it sparkled with a clear and bright red light without the need for light to shine on it.


The cold touch didn’t feel chilly, but rather refreshing.


Ji Mingxia suddenly remembered the first time he and Yu Ning got the blood red ring at school.


Then he thought of the scene in the forest after Yu Ning got the two rings.

He kept playing with them and they never left his hand.


He thought about the time at the airport where he and Yu Ning sat in silence.

He did not know how to part with Yu Ning, Yu Ning also did not say a word and only held the two rings.


Also …… before parting, Yu Ning hugged him and put the ring on his finger.


At that time, Ji Mingxia couldn’t think of a reason why Yu Ning did that.


Mysterious items may have a certain degree of contamination, something Pei Yuan had just told them, and yet, Yu Ning turned around and put the ring on him. 


Because he trusted Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia did not think much about it, but he couldn’t help but worry when he couldn’t get through Yu Ning’s phone.


He kept reassuring himself that Yu Ning and Pei Yuan were together, they were the main characters and they must be fine.


Unexpectedly, it was the blood red ring that saved his life at a critical moment.


They had learned that the merger of the two blood red rings would bring about a whole new protective function.


But the premise was that the owner of the mysterious item would be in full control of it.


It was only one night from the time Yu Ning got the two rings and the time they separated at the airport.


Even the heavenly genius, Pei Yuan, could not get full control of two mysterious items in one night so Ji Mingxia never thought that Yu Ning had already successfully merged the two rings 


But in the end, Yu Ning had done it.


Ji Mingxia thought that since they had separated, he would have to be prepared to be alone in the future.


Even in the face of danger, Yu Ning would no longer be there and he would have to face everything alone.


He studied Yu Ning’s thinking, absorbed everything he learned from Yu Ning, tried to save his grandmother, and was ready to die ……


Ji Mingxia lifted his hand and stared at the blood-red ring


But it turns out that…… Yu Ning had been guarding him all along.


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