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Although this was the first time he encountered such a situation, it was rather common in modern dramas and novels.

Moreover, Lucas wasnt stupid.

He obviously understood from the way Lena had tried to get close to him repeatedly, as well as the unconcealable emotions in her eyes, that she had a crush on him.

So… after I got drunk last night, did Lena and I… 

Lucas didnt dare to continue thinking about it further.

He frantically said, “Lena Sawyer!”

But no one in the room responded.

Lena clearly wasnt here now.

Lucas was flustered.

He hurriedly took out his phone to call Lena to clarify the situation, only to find that he had more than 20 missed calls and messages.

They were all from Cheyenne.

At this moment, Lucass heart was full of incomparable guilt and remorse.

Only now did he finally understand why it was so common for people to make mistakes after getting drunk.

The most important thing now was whether or not he had made an irreparable mistake with Lena while he was drunk last night.

While Lucas was panicking and racking his brain to recall what had happened last night, he heard a beeping sound coming from outside.

Someone was opening the door with the key card.

Lucas immediately turned his head to look at the hotel room door and saw Lena walking in.

She was carrying a plastic bag with two containers of food for breakfast and a cup of warm milk.

She walked in very naturally and placed the things in her hand on the table one after another.

“I just bought some breakfast from the restaurant downstairs.

Go wash up.”

Lucas remained still and just stared at her face to try and find some clues.

Lena coughed and touched her face in bewilderment.

“Why are you staring at me like that Is there something on my face”

Afterward, she blushed a little, as if she had just realized that he was wearing only a pair of boxers.

She quickly explained, “Uh, you got drunk last and vomited on your clothes.

I tried waking you up, but you just wouldnt, so… I had no choice but to take off your clothes and wash them for you.

You dont mind it, do you

“I hung your clothes to dry overnight, and they were dry by the time I got up in the morning.

Ive placed them on the couch over there.

Well, quickly get changed.

Ill turn around.

I wont peek!”

Then Lena really turned around to face her back toward him.

Lucas looked at the clothes on the sofa, picked them up, and sniffed them.

They indeed didnt reek of alcohol anymore and had the fresh scent of detergent.

They had indeed been washed last night.

Given the way Lena was behaving, he reckoned that she should have just taken off his clothes and washed them for him without doing anything else.

In that case, that was great.

Lucas was a little confused now.

Even just for the sake of self-comfort, he would rather believe that nothing had happened between them last night.

Lucas put on his clothes in a few seconds and said, “Sorry for troubling you last night.”

Lena turned around and said with flushed cheeks, “Were friends.

Dont mention it.”

Then she let out a yawn of fatigue and looked outside.

“Remember to eat breakfast later.

Im tired, so Im going back to my room to get some more sleep.”

When Lucas heard this, his eyes glistened.

Lena was clearly telling him that she had slept in her room last night so that he wouldnt get the wrong idea.

Lucas was still quite uncertain at first, but he was relieved after hearing what she said.

It seemed that nothing really happened between them last night.

This was good.

Lena walked out of the room.

Lucas naturally wasnt in the mood for breakfast.

He immediately called Cheyenne.

Soon, Cheyenne picked up and asked worriedly, “Lucas, are you okay Where were you last night

“I called you so many times, but you didnt pick up.

I was worried sick!”

Hearing her words of concern, Lucas felt guilty.

It was naturally impossible to tell Cheyenne the truth about what had happened last night.

Although Lucas believed that nothing had happened between him and Lena, such matters could easily arouse misunderstandings.

Lucas said to Cheyenne somewhat sheepishly, “Sorry, Honey, I was drinking with some friends last night and accidentally had a drop too many, so I stayed in a hotel for the night.

I was so drunk that I didnt hear your calls.”

Cheyenne sighed in relief and said softly, “Its good that youre fine.

I almost thought… Ahem, Honey, drinking is harmful to your health.

Try not to drink so much in the future!”

“Okay!” Lucas vowed that he would never touch alcohol again!

If something irreparable happened after drinking, it would be too late for regrets!

“Honey, Ive finished all my tasks in DC, and it just so happens that there are some matters I have to handle at the Brilliance Corporation in Orange County, so I have to head back now,” Cheyenne added.

Lucas said, “Okay, Ill take you to the airport.”

“Its fine.

Im already at the airport and about to board the plane.

Once Im finished with the matters at the Brilliance Corporation, Ill head back to DC with Amelia!” Cheyenne said with a smile.

After thinking about it for a bit, Lucas said, “No hurry.

I have to go to Orange County in a couple of days too.

We can head back to DC together then.”


Im hanging up now, Honey.


After ending the call, Lucas let out a deep breath, feeling as if a huge boulder had been lifted off of his chest.

But he still felt uneasy because he had lied to Cheyenne twice.

At this moment, in one of the Steeles villas in DC…

A noblewoman in her fifties was standing in the living room, pacing back and forth anxiously and looking at the door from time to time, seemingly anxiously waiting for someone.

Ashley, at the side, said comfortingly, “Mom, dont panic.

Alex will be fine, and hell be back soon.”

It turned out that the noblewoman was the mother of Alexander and Ashley, Elise Bale.

Elise asked anxiously, “But Ashley, its already been a night.

Why hasnt your grandfather let your brother come home yet

“Also, what exactly happened last night I heard someone say this morning that Godfrey died, and Trevor even said that Alexander was the one who ordered someone to do it.

“They also said that Trevor was forced to crawl out of Club Illuma by your brother.

Is that true”

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