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“Back then, Jurich… Ah, Jurich is my younger sister.

When was it again… I believe it was when she turned eight She received a music box as a gift for her birthday.

When she opened the lid, music came out, and the porcelain doll inside spun around in its beautiful dress.”

As Radis recalled the old days, a faint smile tugged up on her lips.

“I only got the chance to see it once or twice, but I thought that it was really pretty.”

As though he had become fully immersed in her story, Olivier propped up his chin on the back of one hand, then he replied.

“I guess your sister didn’t show it to you more.”

“Well, that’s how kids are.

She cared a lot about her stuff.”

“I see.”

Realizing that Olivier was looking at her with such an attentive gaze, Radis felt self-conscious, and the smile slipped from her lips.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.

I’ve just been spouting nonsense…”

Olivier shook his head in a hurry.

“It isn’t nonsense.”


“May I be honest with you What you told me just now is the most interesting story I’ve heard today.”

And, hearing Olivier’s nonsensical words, Radis had no choice but to laugh.

Even so, Olivier sounded sincere.

With one arm against the banister, he gazed at her with such glittering eyes, as if he truly wanted to hear more of her ‘nonsense’.

Radis felt a little embarrassed.

She wasn’t the talkative type.

However, when there’s one such person who looked at her with such shining anticipation, something strange was bound to leave through her lips.

“Compared to being part of it, it seems like I can see a beautiful scenery such as this even more if I watch from a distance away.”

“Is that so”

“Um, I like looking at forests from a distance.

It’s the same.

It’s difficult to take in the entire forest when you’re in it.”

“You’ve got an eye for aesthetics and philosophy.

And strategy, too.”

“Ack, not at all.”

Olivier laughed.

Apart from being a beautiful laugh, it was an intimate laugh that could be shared only between those who shared the same sentiments.

Seeing his smile, Radis felt something distinct—that the layers upon layers of walls around her heart melting away.

Her hands, wrapped with lace gloves, fidgeted.

“Last night… I went up the hill nearby the townhouse, and I saw the overlooking view of Dvirath and Elarion.

The night view was so beautiful.”

She glanced over to Olivier and asked.

“Have you been there as well, Your Highness”

Matching her gaze, Olivier took a step closer to her and whispered.



“Call me Olivier.”

“Your Highness”

“Think of it as an order from the Third Prince.”


Radis’ eyes went wide as Olivier approached her in such a gentle manner one second, then another second he suddenly changed his attitude and was enforcing his authority.

But Olivier seemed to be holding back his laughter.

It seemed to be a prank, but even so, she couldn’t go against an imperial prince’s order.

Radis had no choice but to carry out that order.


And subsequently, she watched as Olivier’s eyes curved languidly.

“One more time.”


“Once more.”

His violet eyes were glistening.


And here, Olivier closed his eyes slowly.

While holding onto the banister, he bowed his head.

His soft hair brushed against Radis’ shoulder.

The ticklish texture, which she could feel beyond her clothes, made her shoulders jump a little.

With his head down, he spoke.

“The hill near the Marquis’ townhouse… that must be Potter Hill.

I heard that it’s a beautiful place.

I’d like to go there one day.”

Olivier looked up at her.

“I didn’t know.

This great hall, the capital of Elarion… I didn’t know that they were such beautiful places.”

One thought crossed Radis’ mind.

‘Your Highness, you’re the one who’s the prettiest…’

Offering a hand towards her, Olivier spoke.

“The entire imperial capital can be seen from up on the rooftop, so, would you like to come with me It’s a scenery that I’ve seen many times before, but perhaps it would be different if I see it with you.”

“I would like to go.”

Radis nodded, placing her hand atop his.

“If it’s what Your Highness… I mean, if it’s what you wish, Lord Olivier, then of course.”


* * *


While sitting on the stairs, Yves pushed the fork in his hand into the meat pie.

“Good job.”

He’d have only ruined the mood if he barged in there, meat pie in hand.

Barely cutting the pie, he pushed a large portion of it into his mouth and munched on it.

The crunchy pie crust and the savory meat mixed well in his mouth.

Strangely enough, he couldn’t taste it.

And for some reason, his jaw kind of hurt.

“Ugh, I shouldn’t have brought a big slice!”


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