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Chapter 87

When Peaceful Times Cease To Exist : Attack On Church Of Arnelia, Part 15 — Head Of Touma Kyoukai

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV




More time passed.

Kyojō Shino had returned to the Touma Kyoukai to report.


「Kyojō Shino and her two subordinates have just returned.」

「Let Shino enter only.」


A strong voice is heard from inside the room.

Without looking back at Shinonome and Shikibu, Shino opens the sliding door, shuffles into the room, and closes it.


「Excuse me.」

「Thank you for your service.

I know you must be tired from your long journey, but I look forward to hearing your report soon.」



The man sitting cross-legged in front of Shino is a mature man with a beard, probably a little over 40 years old.

His rather long hair was tied back in a single bun, and although dignified, he had a belligerent appearance for his age.

He was Jōgi Hakuraku, the leader of this association.

Unlike the Magic Association and the Church of Arnelia, the Touma Kyoukai is a group that places great importance on family background.

There are four known families on the main axis, and the head of the family usually rotates among them.

However, this Jōgi Hakuraku does not come from any of these families—— It sounds good to say that he was the first person to be appointed to the top position, but in reality, he was a man who had been placed into the position by force.

He is a man of strong abilities, and he is also an extremely ambitious man.

Since he became the head of the association, its power has steadily increased, and since he lavishes his blessings on his subordinates, no one can resist him even though they are opposed to him.

Although many are concerned that this state of affairs is the beginning of a decline, the cohesiveness of the association as a whole is also the best in its history.

In this context, the Kyojō family took a neutral position and decided not to participate in any unnecessary power struggles.

Shino, a member of the Kyojō family, agrees with this policy.

However, she is being harassed by the other families for being singled out for negotiations with the Arnelian Church, and she is most concerned about getting involved in unnecessary power struggles.

Jōgi Hakuraku looks at her slowly, as if he was inspecting her.

However, he, who hates pretentious questions and answers, goes straight to the point.


「Did the negotiations proceed as planned」


The relationship wasn’t an alliance, as the first leader had planned, but rather a joint relationship based on the exchange of personnel.」

「Hmm, well, so far, so reasonable.

I wondered how much of a schemer she was…even for a demon that lives a thousand years, she has about the same level of nappy.

No, it is too early to judge that yet.

Right, Shino」

「Yes, I think it will depend on what kind of person they send over here.」

「For our part, it would have been unexpected for us to send Shino in out of the blue.

We have the first move.

It is the opponent’s turn to play.

But if I were in that monster’s shoes…」


「Don’t hold you to your own side.」

「! Please don’t joke…」


At Hakuraku’s nasty question, a chill runs down Shino’s back.


「Am I wrong I thought it would be interesting if you did.」

「Please play along… my allegiance is to Touma Kyoukai.」

「Can I consider that loyalty to me, so to speak」

「Of course it is, Sir.」

「You’ll do as I tell you, won’t you」



Shino immediately answers Hakuraku’s question.

At that moment, Hakuraku’s mouth twisted into a grin.


「Then I command you. Embrace me here and now.」

「! That’s…」

「What’s the matter Are your words a lie You just said yourself that my orders are absolute.」

「That’s correct, but…」

「You are already suspected of being a spy.

It is a well-known fact that you originally studied under Miliazar, and this is the same opinion not only from me but also from the other three families.

I am offering you the opportunity to prove your innocence.

As a priestess, your power will be diminished if you are no longer pure.

I suppose offering yourself to me is a quick way to accuse you of having no ambition.」



Shino stands up and puts her hands on her garments.

She removes her obi, takes off her hakama and white robe, and only puts on a single lintel.

Underneath, there is nothing but her as-born form.

However, there was no hesitation in Shino’s hand on the lintel.

Just as she was about to take it off at once


「Hold it right there!」


Hakuraku’s sharp voice rings out, and suddenly Shino’s hand stops.


「Kukuh, you are as tough as you look… that’s why you are good.」

「Have you given it a try」

「It was a half-serious thing.

If you had hesitated for even a moment, I would have just folded you in… you can get dressed now.」

「…I understand.」


Shino’s expression remained unchanged.

Hakuraku looks happily at Shino.


「But for a woman, her body is also a bargaining chip.

Especially for a man like you who has an intriguing body.

This is one thing I cannot imitate.

If you use it well, the Kyojō family will regain the power it once had.

Though I suppose the fastest way to do that would be for you to become my mistress.」

「…Is the above all that is required」

「Kuku, not so fast.

There are only two more things to do.

Can we take over the Church of Arnelia」

「…Their war potential is high.

Individual soldiers have high morale and are well trained.

I think they have the ability to compete with us.

However, they don’t seem to have as many people who can plan strategies as we do.

Rather than a frontal war, a strategy involving strategy and negotiation would be more effective.

We can gradually reduce the power of the other side.」

「I see, now one more thing.

If I give the order to take out Miliazar… what will you do」

「I will take her out per your orders.」

「A quick answer, huh」

「If you still doubt my loyalty, shall I show you how to contract with a shikigami or a contract beast here」

「Hmph, you’re too good for a woman to be given to such a treatment.

Don’t use a woman’s weapon in the wrong place… you’re no use to me now.

Back off.」

「If you’ll excuse me.」


Shino bows and steps back.

She doesn’t show any emotion, but her hands and knees tremble slightly.

Hakuraku looks on in amusement.

Shino is greeted outside by two worried-looking people, but they returned to their own waiting room without signaling them.

At that moment, she sat there in a heap.

Worried, the two rubbed up against Shino, but she was in a state of half-relaxation, her body trembling slightly.


「Shino-sama, Are you feeling all right」

「That pervy old man… un–for–giva–ble!」

「I’m alright.

Considering the position of the Kyojō family, it is unavoidable… it is all right if I endure.」


Shino tries to hold her body and suppress her trembling.

However, the trembling does not stop.


「(Miliazar… What is the best thing for me to do I don’t want to destroy the Kyojō family, but I don’t want to be your enemy either… What should I do)」


She remembered the days when she studied under Miliazar as a small child.

She was taught magic, academics, liberal arts, combat skills, and even a way to a delicious baked goods shop in downtown.

Although she was no taller than Shino in appearance, she was a second mother to her.

But depending on the situation, she could be an enemy.

Shino remembers her childhood, when nothing was too much trouble.


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