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Victorias straightforward words rendered Jordan speechless.

Although Jordan was a Deity and had the ability to predict the future, even a black-level mutant was able to defeat him.

Indeed, Victoria admired truly powerful men.

The current Jordan could no longer be admired by Victoria.

Although he didnt know what Randalls gold-level mutant power was, he was the only mutant with a gold-level power.

Victoria had already expressed her intentions very clearly.

She might love Jordan a little more, but she wanted to stay by the side of an expert like Randall and broaden her own horizons.

This was something that she wanted instead of returning to Jordans side to support the weak.

Ever since he was betrayed by Hailey and judged on for being weak, Jordan once again experienced the feeling of being looked down on by the woman he liked.

Jordan clenched his fists and said, “Alright, I wish you happiness!”

After saying that, Jordan turned around and left.

In fact, Jordan might also be a gold-level mutant!

However, Jordan did not tell Victoria about this.

Jordan hesitated for a few seconds, wondering if he should tell Victoria about his dream.

If he told Victoria, she might leave Jordan and get back together with him.

The two of them would return to their sweet life.

However, Jordan did not do so.

He wanted to use love to lure Victoria back, not those so-called external things like money, power and power.

Jordan had never bothered to use such things to attract girls.

If Jordan did that, he would be no different from those rich second-generation heirs who spent money to find girlfriends.

Women would love his money and not him.

Jordan felt that the love between him and Victoria was deep enough to ignore everything else.

Looking at Jordans back as he left, Victoria felt very helpless.

She did not try to make him stay.

This time, she hoped to live for herself.



Seeing Jordan walk back with a gloomy expression, Salvatore and the others realized something.

“Lets go.”

Jordan only said one word.

He did not greet anyone and walked straight to the plane.

The mutants were full of jeers and mocking again.

“Get lost, loser.

Haha, behave yourself in the future!”

“Deity Jordan, let me tell you a secret.

Our Mutant Tribe has more than a hundred black-level mutants.

This means that more than a hundred people can beat you up.

Dont be so arrogant in the future.”

Salvatore was very unhappy with the mockery.

After boarding the plane, he said, “Mr.

Jordan, these mutants are too f*cking arrogant! Kill them with cannonballs! I dont believe their bodies cant be killed by cannonballs!”

Jordan said, “The Rong familys high-tech weapons are controlled by us and the Mutant Tribe.

Were not the only ones with cannonballs.

They can use them too.

I will pay them back in their own ways to take revenge for todays humiliation! When I encounter these mutants again, I want them to kneel and talk to me!”

Didnt people of the Mutant Tribe determine the level of their talent

Alright, when Jordan became a gold-level mutant, lets see if they still dare to look down on him!

Salvatore was overjoyed.

“Boss, are you…”

Jordan nodded.

“Lets set off immediately to Hawaii!”

Jordan couldnt wait.

He wanted to go to Hawaii and use the Time Gate to return to the past.

He would find a time to jump into the Immortal Lake.

He wanted to obtain the gold-level ability that the Immortal Lake had given him!

He wanted Victoria to regret not leaving with him today!

In the Rong familys base in Hawaii.

The mutants had sent ordinary soldiers to guard this hidden place.

Dragon suddenly appeared with his men.

Dragon was quite famous.

The subordinates of the Mutant Tribe had all heard of him and knew that he was once the king of ordinary people.

A soldier said, “Youre Jordans subordinate, Dragon What are you doing here This place is guarded by the Mutant Tribe.”

Dragon had just received Jordans order to come early and control the situation.

Salvatore also secretly sent a message and told Dragon about how Jordan had been humiliated in front of the Mutant Tribe.

Hearing this, how could Dragon not be angry He did not waste his breath on the other party.

He reached out and killed the ordinary soldiers sent by the Mutant Tribe.

“Mutants… are just trash with cheats.

Apart from your superpowers, you guys are nothing!”

Dragon, who had trained his body and honed his skills since he was a young boy, looked down on the Mutant Tribe.

Dragon was confident that if he had the same superpowers, he could definitely defeat all the mutants, including Randall.

Before long, Jordans plane landed in Hawaii.

Dragon personally went to meet him.


Jordan, are you alright I heard that Park Sora attacked you.

Although she has the superpower of freezing, Im confident that I can find an opportunity to secretly kill her.

Do you need me to do that”

Jordan said, “Lets not talk about this anymore.

Dragon, come with me to the Immortal Lake and see if we can awaken our superpowers.

This is the era of superpowers.

Without the talent from the Immortal Lake, it will be very difficult to deal with those mutants.”

Dragon was also looking forward to it.

He was already at the pinnacle of combat techniques.

If he was given another superpower, he would be a terrifying existence!

Salvatore was also looking forward to it.

“Ill go too.

Ill go too!”

The three of them arrived at the place where the Rong family had placed the Time Gate.

Opening the thick entrance door, the three of them walked in together.

However, after entering, Jordan and the other two were dumbfounded.

“How is that possible”

The Time Gate in front of him was already in a mess and damaged beyond recognition!

Dragon was also very puzzled.

“How… how did this happen I killed the guards sent by the Mutant Tribe just now.

They didnt come in to see the situation here.”

“It looks like this Time Gate was destroyed before I came.

No wonder I felt that the guards here are a little weak.

It turns out that theyve been protecting a broken thing.”

Salvatore cursed, “F*ck, it must be someone from the Mutant Tribe.

They were afraid that Mr.

Jordan would return to the past, so they destroyed it! F*ck! This is the last Time Gate.


Jordan has already blown up the previous one.

Now, this one is also broken.

What should we do How can we go to the Immortal Lake If not, lets start a war with Randall!”

Dragon reminded him, “The Mutant Tribe has taken over many of the Rong familys weapons, including weather weapons and laser weapons.

If we really fight them, I believe it will be another world war!”

Jordan was furious.

He picked up the phone and called Randall!

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