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Lauren continued, “Actually, Shaun and I were outside the door at that time and overheard your conversation with Helen.”

Jordan was slightly surprised.

He didnt expect Lauren and Shaun to eavesdrop on him.

However, on second thought, there was nothing about Jordan and Helens conversation that should be kept secret.

Back then, he had only instructed Helen to remove the idea implanted in Victoria.

Jordan was confused.

“Yes, is there a problem”

Lauren said, “Yes, I overheard your conversation with Helen and realized a problem.

At that time, you asked Helen if you could remove the idea implanted in Victoria.

Helen said it was possible.

Previously, she had removed the idea that Dr.

Gale implanted in me.

You were surprised and asked:What Laurens implanted idea was removed When did this happen Do you remember”

Jordan said, “Yes, I remember.

Is there a problem”

Lauren said, “Of course theres a problem.

Have you forgotten You already knew that the idea had been removed from my mind.

I told you that!”

Jordan suddenly frowned.

“I already knew How could it be When did you tell me Why dont I remember anything Lauren, did you remember wrongly”

Lota was also a little confused.

“Thats right, Lauren.

Jordan is a Deity, and his brain is very powerful! If you dont believe it, lets play the memory game.

Ill be on Jordans team.

You can challenge the two of us!”

Ignoring Lota, Lauren looked at Jordan seriously.

“I definitely didnt remember wrongly.

I really told you about it.

You already knew that the idea in my mind had been removed.

Think about it carefully.”

Jordan rubbed his forehead and fell into deep thought.

However, after thinking for a long time, Jordan insisted firmly.

“Thats impossible.

You never told me.

I never knew that the idea in your mind had been removed.

If you had told me, I wouldnt have forgotten.

Even if I momentarily forgot about it when I was speaking with Helen, I have just thought it through carefully, and I still dont remember knowing about it.”

Lauren was nearly crying from anxiety.

“But Im also very sure that you know.

Hubby, you know that I wouldnt joke around with you about something like this.

If I wasnt confident, I wouldnt doubt you like this.”

Jordan understood Laurens personality.

She practically worshipped him and would not doubt him for no reason.

Looking at her, it seemed like he really knew about it.

However, Jordan was also very sure that there was nothing wrong with his memory.

Jordan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“Wait a minute.”

Jordan sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

He began to predict the future to see if he could find some answers.

After he opened his eyes, Jordan immediately picked up his phone and searched for something.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Lota stood behind Jordan to read the contents of his phone.

There was a short video posted by a popular blogger.

The video was asking whether the 1986 television adaption of the Chinese novel “Journey to the West” had a scene of the demon “Immortal of Antelope Power” being thrown into a pot of oil.

The narrator explained, “Many people said that in the 1986 Journey to the West television series, there was a scene where the demon was thrown into a pot of oil.

They claimed that they watched it when they were young, but there is no video evidence of this scene.

“So does the scene exist or not Based on my research, the battle in the Kingdom of Chechi happened in episode 15 of the television series.

However, there was no scene of the demon being thrown into the pot of oil.

“The cameraman, Wang Chongqiu, especially wrote an article to refute the rumors.

He had shot every single scene of that television series.

He swore that he never filmed a scene where someone was thrown into a pot of oil.

Therefore, the so-called oil pot scene is a fabrication.

It never existed.”

The narrators explanation was reasonable.

However, when Jordan opened the comments section, there were many doubts.

‘I remember seeing it! I swear, I really saw it!

‘Definitely! The Immortal of Antelope Power made a bet with Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong managed to trick the demon and it turned into a barbecued antelope! I remember it very clearly!

‘Yes, yes.

And the other demon Immortal of Tiger Power had its head chopped off and a dog snatched it away.

‘What No such thing.

Are you talking about the animated version of Journey to the West

‘Im dying of laughter.

Theres no such thing.

If you all want to go down this road, let me say that I saw Sun Wukong cause trouble in the Heavenly Palace with two machine guns!


The comments section was very rowdy.

Jordan scanned through the tens of thousands of comments.

Lota patted Laurens arm and asked, “Why is Jordan looking at this”

Lauren shook her head.

She wasnt sure either.

After watching for a while, Jordans expression turned grim.

“How could this be… Why are some people so sure that theyve seen the scene, while others are so sure that it doesnt exist Just like me and Lauren now…”

Jordan and Lauren were also very certain of their own viewpoint.

Jordan believed that he had not remembered wrongly.

Lauren had never told him about the removal of her implanted idea.

On the other hand, Lauren insisted that Jordan already knew.

That he had forgotten!

“Lauren, have you watched the 1986 television adaption of Journey to the West” Jordan asked.

Lauren nodded.

“I watched a little when I was very young.

I was into Chinese mythology then.”

Lauren was only in her 20s.

Even if she had watched the series before, it would not be the original version.

So it was useless to ask whether she remembered seeing that scene.

Meanwhile, Jordan had never watched the 1986 television adaption of Journey to the West.

There was no need to even ask Lota.

She wasnt even born in 1986!

Jordan summoned Salvatore who was older and also loved Chinese films.

“Salvatore, have you watched the 1986 television adaption of Journey to the West”

Salvatore said, “Yes.

My family was poor when we were young but we had a black-and-white television set back then.

As you know, I enjoy Chinese films so I watched the 1986 television adaptation of Journey to the West and never missed an episode.

I even watchedThe Legend of White Snake,The Bund…”

Jordan raised his hand and said, “Alright, Im only asking about Journey to the West.

Let me ask you, did the 1986 television adaption of Journey to the West have any scenes of someone being thrown into a pot of oil”

Salvatore replied confidently, “No, definitely not!”

Jordan asked, “Are you sure”

Salvatore replied, “Im very sure!”

Jordan thought for a moment and wanted to ask someone else.

“Pablo is in China, right Give him a video call.

I have something to ask him.”

Jordan started a video call with Pablo.

Jordan didnt waste his breath and asked directly, “In the 1986 television adaption of Journey to the West, is there a scene of someone being thrown into a pot of oil”

Similar to Salvatore, Pablo was also older and a fan of Chinese films.

Journey to the West was one of the most popular Chinese stories so he would definitely have watched it.

Pablo said firmly, “Yes! The Immortal of Antelope Power was thrown into a pot of oil.

There was even a little white dragon swimming inside.

Sun Wukong turned into an eagle and captured the dragon.

Thereafter, the Immortal of Antelope Power died!”

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