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Lauren knew Jordans temper the best.

With his feelings for Victoria, if he knew that she was married to someone else, and his uncle at that, he would definitely be very agitated and more than unhappy.

Jordan had crossed time and space to save Victoria back then!

He had never done so much even for Lauren!

Although Lauren wanted to dissuade Victoria, she could only say, “I wish you the best, Victoria.”

The next morning.

Jordan and Lota woke up early and prepared breakfast.

Lota knocked on Laurens door and woke her up for breakfast.

However, after being seated at the dining table, Jordan realized that Lauren was listless.

She held her knife and fork without any appetite.

Jordan reached out and hugged her shoulder.

He asked gently, “Lauren, whats wrong Are you jealous Why dont I accompany you tonight”

Jordan had experienced this before.

Lauren must have felt terrible about him sleeping with Lota last night.

Actually, if it was Jordan, he would never accept another man sleeping with Lauren.

Lota hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.

Lauren, take Jordan tonight.

Im going to video chat with Xiqing tonight and get her to teach me how to draw!”

It could be said that Lota was already very content.

It was enough that she could marry Jordan.

She would not think of snatching Jordan from Lauren.

Lauren smiled.

“No Lota, Im not jealous.”

Lauren then looked at Jordan.

“Hubby, I want to tell you something.

Victoria… is marrying your uncle in a week.”

When Jordan heard this, his expression immediately darkened.

Victoria was getting married!

Jordan already found it difficult to accept the fact that Victoria and Randall were together.

But now, the two of them were getting married after only such a short period

Afraid that Jordan would blame Randall, Lauren hurriedly said, “Victoria said that it was her idea.

Your uncle didnt have such plans, and he still cares about you.

Moreover, your uncle wasnt angry that you killed Chester.”

When Lota heard this, she said, “Jordan, Uncle Randall seems to dote on you a lot.

I thought he would find trouble with you after you killed his subordinate!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

In his heart, he hoped that Uncle would come and find trouble with him! To start a war with him! This way, Jordan could directly ask Randall why he was with Victoria!

The news left Jordan very unhappy, but he endured his chaotic emotions and said, “Oh, thats good.

Theyre very compatible.

Lets not bother about them.

Lets eat.”

With that, Jordan poured more coffee for his wives before calmly finishing his breakfast.

However, Jordan remained in a daze in the courtyard for the entire day.

At night, Lauren came to the courtyard and sat with Jordan.

She asked, “Hubby, youre very bothered by Victoria and your uncles marriage, right”

Jordan smiled.

“How could that be I was the one who gave up on Victoria, not my uncle.

If all was fine between me and Victoria but my uncle insisted on breaking us up, I wouldnt let him off.

Victoria and my uncle got together after we broke up.

I have no right to blame any of them.

Its just that I didnt expect them to get married so quickly…”

Lauren held Jordans hand and asked, “Will you attend their wedding”

Jordan shook his head.

“I dont know.

If they invite me, I should go.”

Lauren said, “Victoria said that they are getting married at Immortal Lake.

That place is ruled by the Mutant Tribe.

You just killed an ace assassin of their tribe.

Everyone there must hate you.

I think its better if you dont go.”

Jordan smiled.

“Alright, if my dear wife doesnt want me to go, I wont go.

Ill listen to you.”

Lauren smiled as she lay in Jordans arms.

He stroked her hair and looked at her gently with a smile.

However, in the next second, when Jordan looked up at the starry sky, his smile instantly disappeared.

He wanted to go to Victoria and Randalls wedding!

Just like that, another two days passed.

For the past two days, Jordan couldnt do anything at all.

He just sat at home in a daze.

Even now, Victoria was still the person who could affect Jordans emotions the most!

When Lauren saw Jordan like this, she advised, “Hubby, if you really cant get over it, you should give Victoria a call.

Its good to give her your blessings over the phone.

Besides, I keep feeling that you guys broke up too quickly.

There are many things that you didnt make clear.

“Victoria is still upset with you and feels that you shouldnt have abandoned her.

Perhaps, after you explain everything, she may decide not to marry Randall.”

Lauren was indeed the person who understood Jordan the best.

After her persuasion, Jordan finally mustered his courage at midnight and sent Victoria a message.

“Can we talk”

At this moment, Victoria was in a mansion near Mount Denali.

She was already lying on the bed and resting.

The person sleeping beside her was Randall.

After reading the message, Victoria put on a jacket and walked to the courtyard.


Victoria replied in a message.

Jordan immediately called Victoria.


Hearing Victorias voice again, Jordan felt as if a lifetime had passed!

He could clearly hear the loud sound of wind coming from Victorias side.

Jordan couldnt help fantasizing about how her beautiful hair and clothes would flutter in the wind.

Victoria had always been a charming woman.

Especially when there was wind, rain and snow, she would look even more beautiful.

“Victoria… we havent contacted each other in a long time.

Are you well”

Hearing Jordans voice again, Victoria couldnt help sighing.

In an instant, she returned to the time when they were still very loving.

She had loved Jordan so much back then!

Victoria replied, “Mmm.”

Jordan calmed down for a few seconds and said, “I heard from Lauren that youre going to marry my uncle.”

Victoria nodded.

“Yes, you must be very angry that Im with your uncle, right”

Jordan said, “No, my uncle is someone that even I cant compare to.

Youve chosen a man stronger than me.

I believe he can take good care of you.

I sincerely wish you all the best.”

Victoria replied, “Thank you.”

Jordan continued, “I heard that you guys will be holding a wedding at Immortal Lake in a few days.

I want to attend to offer you my blessings.”

However, Victoria rejected him.

“Jordan, dont come.

You just killed Chester.

The mutants hate you very much.

Moreover, Immortal Lake only allows members of the Mutant Tribe to enter.

You didnt join our tribe in the end.

I dont think you should come here.”

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