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Victoria was surprised to see that it was Lauren.

Although she had broken up with Jordan and there was some unhappiness between them now, her relationship with Lauren had been very close in the past.

So Victoria walked out and answered Laurens call.



“Lauren, its so late.

Why are you calling me”

Lauren said, “Did I disturb your sleep I called you mainly to ask if Uncle Randall is angry at Jordan for killing his subordinate, Chester, today.”

Lauren was still very worried that Jordan and Randall would be estranged because of this.

After all, this uncle-nephew duo represented the two strongest factions in the world.

If they turned against each other, it would not be a small matter.

Victoria didnt answer this question directly.

Instead, she asked, “Where are you now Where are Jordan and Lota”

Lauren answered, “Im at the house we lived in previously.

Jordan and Lota are in the other room.”

Victoria thought about how an outsider had made her way into the house they used to live in together.

And now, she was occupying her room and sleeping with the man she used to sleep with.

She couldnt help feeling angry!

“Today is Jordan and Lotas wedding night.

Lauren, how can you be so magnanimous as to accept Jordan sleeping with another woman Since I have already left, you should be Jordans only woman! He shouldnt marry another woman!”

In response, Lauren only said, “Jordan told me about his relationship with Lota.

Actually, Jordan doesnt like her as much as you and I.

Its just that Lota sacrificed herself to save Jordans life.

Besides, Lota doesnt like other men at all.

Jordan probably married Lota because he was grateful and pitied her.

Besides, Lota is innocent and a member of a secret family.

Its fine for her to stay by Jordans side.”

Victoria snorted.

“No wonder Jordan loves you so much.

Youre really understanding.

I cant be like you.

I cant accept a little brat like Lota, and because of this, I was mercilessly abandoned by Jordan.

You knew when Jordan asked Helen to perform the procedure on me, right”

Lauren was silent.

She was indeed outside the door and overheard this.

However, because she had to travel back in time with Jordan, she did not have the time to tell Victoria.

Nevertheless, Lauren didnt try to explain herself.

She said, “Im sorry, Victoria.

Actually, I dont know why Jordan wants to give up on you.

What I do know is that he loves you very much.

He has always loved you more than me.”

“Enough! I dont want to hear about this anymore!” Victoria quickly retorted.

Victoria changed the topic.

“Jordans uncle doesnt blame him.

He has always doted on his nephew.

How can he blame him because of this But Randall is so good to Jordan.

He even gave him a precious gift and personally went to the wedding to congratulate him.

Why did Jordan repay kindness with ingratitude Why did he insist on killing Randalls subordinate and upset Randall Do you know how sad our entire tribe was after Black Mamba died Especially Randall.”

Lauren said, “Victoria, do you know that Chester killed many women in the capital He raped them first before murdering them.”

Victoria replied, “So what Are the women he killed related to Jordan Are they Jordans relatives or subordinates They are not linked to Jordan at all.

I believe Chester wouldnt take the initiative to provoke Jordan.

Why should Jordan poke his nose into other peoples business”

Lauren said, “Victoria, do you still remember when you were controlled by Shauns wife in the capital She controlled your body and slept with another man.

She even killed someone.

Whats the difference between her and Chester They both killed innocent people.

“Youve been attacked by such evil criminals before.

Why cant you consider things from Jordans perspective I know you have a noble status and superpowers now, but before that, you were just an ordinary woman in the capital.

Youre so beautiful while Chester is such a scumbag.

If you had met him then, guess what he would have done to you”

Victoria didnt know how to refute Laurens words.

What Lauren said was right.

As Victoria had once been controlled by Shauns wife before, she had once hated such scum.

If Victoria didnt have Randall when she encountered Chester, she wouldnt have a good ending either.

Victoria said, “Alright, Im not doing this for Chester.

I know he has done many wrong things, but I hope that Jordan can discuss this with his uncle before doing anything next time.

Even if we have to execute him, we should let his uncle do it.”

Lauren replied, “Okay, Ill tell Jordan.

I dont want him to have any conflict with Uncle.”

Having agreed on that matter, Victoria calmed down and said, “Theres one more thing I want to tell you.

Jordans uncle and I…”

At this point, Victoria found it difficult to speak.

Lauren said, “Youre with Uncle Randall, right”

Victoria was shocked.

“You know about this What about Jordan Does he know”

Lauren answered truthfully, “Yes, he knows too.”

Only then did Victoria understand.

“No wonder he killed Chester without telling Randall…”

Victoria understood Jordans temper.

After knowing that Randall had stolen his ex-wife, Jordan must have resented him! It was just only because Randall was his uncle that Jordan did not openly express his displeasure.

Victoria paused for a moment before saying, “Since he knows, thats even better.

I want to inform you that Randall and I plan to get married at Immortal Lake in a week.”

Lauren was shocked.

“What In one week So soon”

Victoria and Jordan had just broken up.

Logically speaking, Victoria and Randall had just gotten together.

Wasnt this marriage happening too quickly

“Didnt Jordan and Lota get married immediately after I broke up with him He was the one who didnt respect our past relationship.

Also, I was the one who suggested this marriage.

It wasnt his uncles idea.

Dont let him blame his uncle.”

Lauren really wanted to refute Victoria.

Jordan and Lauren had indeed gotten married right after he and Victoria broke up.

However, Jordan had firmly disagreed in the beginning.

He only agreed to the wedding after learning that Victoria was with Randall.

Moreover, Jordan and Lota already had a long history together.

The two of them had experienced many things and had known each other for a long time.

In contrast, Victoria and Randall had only known each other for a few days!

The news left Lauren disheartened.

If Jordan knew about this, she wondered how terrible he would feel!

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