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In the midst of the candles, a bullet comment floated across the screen.

[Im sorry, can I smile I really cant help it…]

[I just laughed once No one is laughing, it makes me seem impolite.]

[Ill go first.]

[A fallen soldier…]

In the next second, the entire screen exploded like fireworks.

[Is that Spongebob Squarepants]

[Naked hero, we will always remember you!]


[A f*cking naked hero! Hahaha!]

The screen was instantly filled with countless titles of the naked hero.

[He won the supplies, but lost his dignity.]


[Its to the extent that Ill remember it for a lifetime!]

In the end, Qiao Hefeng was pulled up by the burly man.

When he was pulled up, the brawny man shouted at Su Feifei in the distance.

“Su Feifei! Luo Feifa took off Qiao Hefengs pants!”

He was so energetic that half of the camp could hear him.

Everyone turned their heads in unison and stared at Qiao Hefeng with burning eyes as he was being picked up by the burly man.

His face was ashen, and though he had seen enough of the world.

[Qiao Hefeng, 25 years old and participated in the talent show — All The Best.

Debuted in third place and is a popular young celebrity.

In his short life experience, he has created great glory…]

[He had once taken the wrong path, but now he has returned to the right path.]

[Let us bow, salute, and see this hero off!]

The camera zoomed in on Qiao Hefengs face.

That gray face, coupled with the comments on the screen, was simply harmonious.

This picture was made into countless memes and went viral on the internet.

In addition, it was directly in the top three of the hot search.

[Qiao Hefengs butt-lifting photo.]

[Qiao Hefengs underpants.]


A netizen enthusiastically posted a video.

Its a passage from the old Qiao Hefeng who canvassed for votes when he participated in a talent show.

[Im a very mature person.

Please believe that I will be a good captain and vote for me!]

After this video went viral, netizens even edited the underpants in that video as well as the rest of his exposed skin!

In this short slip, Qiao Hefeng reached out to touch his bare armor with the words of him being mature right next to it.

Su Feifei rode over on her horse and said to Qiao Hefeng, “Youve done well,”

She gave Qiao Hefeng a slap on his back as well as some clothes.

Qiao Hefeng quickly took it and put it on

[Su Feifei, your comfort is really on point.]

[Good thinking captain!]

In the end, the airdrop box still landed in Su Feifeis team.

Su Feifei asked someone to put it away, and the helicopter above them completed its task and slowly evacuated.

The group advanced steadily.

Only Qiao Hefeng remained hidden at the back, hoping that the world would forget about him as soon as possible.

However, at this moment, he was the center of attention.

Everyone, intentionally or unintentionally, passed by and whispered behind his back, pointing and whispering.

This gaze could not be ignored, and it was deeply imprinted in Qiao Hefengs soul.

Tiantian, who had never liked Qiao Hefeng, passed him a bottle of water.

“Are you thirsty Have some water.” She said.

“I just want to drink poison instead,” Qiao Hefeng said.

In front, Luo Feifa — who did not manage to get the airdrop box — looked like she was about to explode.

She never thought that Qiao Hefeng would appear out of nowhere and steal the airdrop!

She wondered how many supplies Bo Silin had sent to Su Feifei this time!

What if these supplies could really last three days

Didnt that mean she would have to shave her head

Absolutely not!

Luo Feifa became anxious and frantically tried to think of a way to overcome this issue.

The team walked until evening and was about to reach the bats that the Festival Group had mentioned.

“Everyone, be careful when you pass by!”

Qiu Ye, who was in front spoke first, “These bats come and go in groups.

They are very dangerous.

After the production team escorts you through, youll have to walk on your own for the rest of the journey.”

“Dont make any noise! Do not turn on the flashlight! The entire team will slowly pass through!”

Everyone responded.

Luo Feifa was the only one who squinted at the cave in the sky.

Everyone moved forward in silence.

Su Feifeis team was at the back and was the most silent.

She waved her hand, signaling her team members to slow down.

Therefore, this team was far slower than the entire team.

Halfway through, Luo Feifa suddenly bent down, picked up a stone, and put the tent down.

“What are you doing” Su Ling frowned.

Luo Feifa gave her a look.

“In a while, you will follow me and get in, understand”

What did that mean

Su Ling immediately glared at her, “You …”

She grabbed Luo Feifas hand.

“Youre crazy! Well be photographed!”

The surveillance camera was not far from them.

She was not st*pid enough to enter the tent with Luo Feifa.

Wasnt this the same as telling others that they were the ones who did it

“What are you afraid of” Luo Feifa said, “They wont notice us.

Even if they did, my dad will deal with the video on the internet! Public opinion only stays for a while, and very quickly, no one will remember this! Su Ling, dont tell me you want to see me shave my head”

Luo Feifa directly shook off Su Lings hand.

Su Ling gritted her teeth.

This id*ot! In front of them, the workers who had entered the cave first were still surveying the area.

Every two seconds, she would hear a sudden scream behind her.

“Argh! A centipede! Theres a centipede!”

A shrill scream rang out in the entire cave.

In an instant, crashing sounds interweaved and danced in the air!

[The f*k!!!!!!!!]

[Is she sick]

[What the f*ck Didnt they say to not make a sound!]

[Are you retarded]

[Thats great.

Su Feifei, please help us kill her.

I beg you.]

[Youre doing this on purpose, right Youre retarded to that!!]

Su Feifeis team hadnt entered yet, so they heard it from outside.

She immediately waved her hand to stop the team.

She looked up.

“Su Feifei, whats that sound” Xiao He was a little scared.

The air was filled with faint rustling sounds.

Su Feifei sniffed the air and frowned.

A strong stench began to spread in the air.

Immediately after, a staff member suddenly ran out of the cave, staggering.

His face was full of fear, his pupils shrank, and his face was completely pale!

“Go back! Hurry up and go back! Back off!” He shouted.

Su Feifei immediately became alert.

“Put on your protective gear!”

The twenty or so people put on their gear.

“Whats happening” Xiao He asked in a low and muffled voice.

Before he could finish his words, his entire body trembled!

In front of them, the blue sky suddenly turned dark.

Strips of black objects gathered together.

They were so dense that they looked like a cloud of black mist.

They brought with them a strong foul smell as they covered the entire sky!

The next second, chaos ensued!


“What the h*ll is this! What the f*ck!”


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