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While everyone was still in a daze, a red figure directly sat on the horses back and rushed out like an arrow!

It was Su Feifei!


Feng Xuege immediately reacted and called his team members to run toward the airdrop.

Luo Feifa didnt make a move.

Instead, she gave Su Ling a look.

In the midst of the chaos, a stone was shot at the beehive!

The hornets nest fell to the ground, and a buzzing sound instantly rang out in the surroundings!


Is that a hornets nest Why did it suddenly fall down!]

[Oh my gosh, run, Xiao He! Its right next to you!]

However, it was too late.


Xiao He was the first to cry out in pain.

Su Feifei quickly reined in her horse and turned around, only to see her team members being surrounded by hornets nests.

Without any hesitation, she turned around and rushed over against the flow of people.

“Open the chest! Get cover!”

Su Feifeis shout echoed in the air.

The team members immediately turned around and rummaged through the wooden cart, looking for something.

Luo Feifa and the others ran in front.

Su Ling and Luo Feifa looked at each other and both laughed out loud.

“Thats really f*cking satisfying!”

Su Ling didnt reply.

She was more cautious than Luo Feifa, but her smile already showed her happiness.

Her smile didnt last long before she heard a faint sound behind them.

Following that, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, as well as a buzzing sound, could be heard.

[Luo Feifa, your father is asking you to look back.]

[Im dying of laughter.

Hahahahaha, hurry up and turn around to look, Luo Feifa.]

[Luo Feifa, I advise you to turn back.


[I cant take it anymore.

Im dying of laughter.

What the h*ll is this!]

Luo Feifa turned around and her eyes instantly widened.

She was so scared that she almost buckled in fear.

Su Feifeis team of more than 20 people were all wearing black hoods.

Only three holes were left on the hood, and the eyes and mouth were exposed.

They instantly turned into a bank robber and ran forward with serious expressions.

With the thick sleeves, the hornet couldnt get in at all.

Other than being funny, there was nothing wrong with the attire.

The team members didnt dare to look at each other and only dared to charge forward.

Su Feifei, who looked like the gang leader for the robbers, followed the group on her horse.

She was holding a branch and sticking it into a honeycomb.

She raised her hand and threw it directly at Luo Feifa.

“Ah, here you go.”

The hornets swarm out.

Luo Feifa screamed.

[This is hilarious!]

[Im shaking!]

[What are you thinking]

[I want to be like her!]

[Do you have black socks Cut three holes and itll be the same, understand]

[Two days ago, I saw Tiantian exchange for more than 20 of these things, but I never thought that theyd be able to use them.]

[So, this wooden cart has everything, right Interesting!]

“Charge! Dont be afraid!” Su Feifei shouted, “Lets reach the airdrop first!”

The word airdrop immediately reminded Luo Feifa of the supplies.

Luo Feifa instantly became alert and shouted, “Run! All of you, run! Go and get the supplies! If we dont get it today, everyone will increase their physical training at night!”

She had learned this move from Su Feifei.

She had thought that everyone would work harder to move forward because of this sentence.

However, she didnt expect the crowd to shout out in unison and object.

“On what basis!”

“Feng Xueges team is way ahead.

How can we win”

“Are you crazy Were so tired and you still want us to train!”

[Even if you want to learn from Su Feifei, you have to see if you have the Su Feifeis prestige.]


[Dont you know how you formed your team]

[Thats right.

At first, you used sweet words to exchange for it, and now youre threatening them]

[Whats the matter Cats got your tongue]

[No, Su Feifei, can you take off your mask first Im really going to laugh to death!]

Luo Feifa gritted her teeth.

Seeing that this trick was not working, she could only run for her life and get on the motorcycle.

She stepped on the accelerator and sped forward.

With Su Feifeis team, Qiao Hefeng was running at the very front.

There was a sentence that kept replaying in his heart — atone for your crimes and render meritorious service!

Before he came, Bo Silin had told him that no matter what went wrong with the airdrop, he only needed to take care of it and leave the rest to Su Feifei.

Furthermore, the location of the airdrop had already been told to him.

That was why he was even ahead of Feng Xueges team!

[Look at Qiao Hefeng, hes really going for it!]

[Awesome! Awesome! I didnt expect Qiao Hefeng to be so smart! Thats right, it had to be like this! Charge!]

[Its only logical that Su Feifei receives the items!]

[Hefeng, Hefeng! I love you!]

He moved fast!


Qiao Hefeng saw the styrofoam box in front of him!

It was this!

However, in the next second, a roar suddenly came from behind!

Qiao Hefengs heart skipped a beat and he turned around.

Luo Feifa was riding a motorcycle through the jungle.

Although there were obstacles along the way, her speed was far faster than his!


Qiao Hefeng shouted and immediately increased his speed, his feet pushing moving forward!

[F*ck f*ck f*ck move quicker!!!]

[Ive never wanted Qiao Hefeng to win this badly before!]

[Heeng! Good luck! Keep going!]

Just ten meters more!

He increased his speed for the last time!

At the same time, the sound of a motorcycle engine rang in his ears!

Qiao Hefeng held his breath as he glared at his target and gritted his teeth!

He wanted to win! He didnt care so much about his status anymore.

He simply jumped and pounced forward.


His finger slowly approached the airdrop!

As long as he touched it, he would win!

Luo Feifas pupils shrank and she shouted, “Qiao Hefeng! Stop right there!”

She stood up on her motorcycle.

She had abandoned the ride to push forward! She also pounced forward with all her might and grabbed Qiao Hefengs leg!

[Holy sh*t!!]

[What the f*ck!]

Luo Feifa sneered, gritted her teeth, and pulled his pants back!

A deafening sound instantly exploded in Qiao Hefengs ears.

He felt a chill down his spine and his eyes widened in disbelief.

The two of them fell to the ground.

The world was silent for five seconds.

Qiao Hefeng and Luo Feifa did not move.

He kneeled on the ground and touched the box with one hand.

The other hand trembled as he touched his lower body.

In the next second, his whole body trembled and his mind went blank.

‘My… Where are my pants


In the broadcast room, the comments were silent.

In the video, Luo Feifa was still holding onto Qiao Hefengs pants, which had already been torn in half.

She was obviously frightened as well.

Her eyes were wandering around, not knowing where to look.

Meanwhile, Qiao Hefeng was kneeling with his entire body naked.

His cartoon underpants was also half-removed.


More than half of his butt was exposed to the wind.

Upon closer inspection, it was even trembling slightly.

Ten seconds later… Candle emojis floated in the bullet comments.


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