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Luo Feifa frowned.

She thought about it carefully and really couldnt think of any possibility for Su Feifei to win this round, so she made up her mind.

If she could make Su Feifei embarrass herself in front of the camera once and then punish her later, that would be so great!

Ever since Luo Feifa entered the deserted island, she had been suppressed.

She naturally did not want to let go of this opportunity!

“Okay! Whats the condition”

“You first.”

Luo Feifa blurted out, “When you lose.

Youll kneel down and apologize to me at the finish line.

Then, youll shout three times that youre a b*tch!”

[What the f*ck Isnt this a little too ruthless]

[You can judge a persons nature from their thoughts, really.]

[I thought she was just being unruly at first, but now I think shes a little vicious.]

[And uneducated…]

“Sure.” Su Feifei immediately agreed.

The director team frowned, but this was something that was allowed to happen within the program, so no one came out to stop them.

Luo Feifas eyes lit up.

She actually agreed!

“If you lose, youll have to shave your head,” Su Feifei continued.

[Oh my, Luo Feifa loves her beautiful hair the most!]

[Yes, she often goes to the saloon several times a week.

Su Feifei, did you know that]

There was a fragment of Su Feifeis memory where the original body was framed by Su Ling and accidentally got oil on Luo Feifas hair.

That night, Luo Feifa flew into a rage and locked the original body in a small black room for three days without any food or drink.

She was so young, yet so vicious.

She didnt need this hair.

“No!” Luo Feifa was shocked.

“Dont make bets if you cant afford it.”

Su Feifei turned around and left.

“Wait!” Luo Feifa was anxious.

Although she was very confident in this round, it was a bet after all.

There were risks.

What if she really shaved her hair

However, Su Feifei was looking at her like that during the live broadcast.

She was also the one that provoked her first.

If she were to go back on her word, wouldnt that make her seem like a coward

Gritting her teeth, Luo Feifa said, “Ill bet on it!”

“Alright,” he said.

Su Feifei smiled.

“Ill remember what you said.”

She turned around and left.

Luo Feifa gritted her teeth as she stared at Su Feifeis back.

Then, she looked at Su Feifeis teams elated expressions and gritted her teeth.

Her eyes turned and suddenly fixed on a honeycomb not far away.

On the other side, Su Ling went to find Qiao Hefeng.

Qiao Hefeng gritted his teeth and lowered his head, not responding to Su Lings gaze.

“Hefeng, whats wrong with you”

Su Ling stretched out her hand and wanted to pull his sleeve.


Qiao Hefeng dodged, but he still turned his head and didnt look at Su Ling.

“Lets not contact each other anymore.”

“Hefeng, didnt you tell me that I was your favorite…”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Qiao Hefeng frantically shook his head and retreated.

“You can just treat me as young and ignorant! Im sorry! Dont talk to me, dont say a word! Im begging you!”

After he finished speaking, he broke into a run.

Su Ling was speechless.

What the h*ll is going on

She was going crazy.

Qiao Hefengs behavior was simply too abnormal!

Something must have happened in between the time he went to the hospital!

[Oh, did Qiao Hefeng run away from Su Ling again]

[Its a real supernatural event!]

[First of all, its definitely related to Bo Silin.]

[Dont be too obvious!]

While the screen was filled with joy, an alarm suddenly sounded on the field.

Everyone immediately stood up.

Su Feifei raised her head immediately and looked up at the sky.

Following her gaze, everyone raised their heads as well.

“A helicopter!”

“Why is there a helicopter again What the h*ll is this!”

A helicopter slowly approached.

At the same time, Qiu Ye quivered.

He had developed a phobia of helicopters and trembled at the sight of the helicopter!


The difference was that this time, it wasnt a photo hanging on the helicopter, but… A huge box!

[Whats going on! Another helicopter]

[No, I think its the same one as the Bo familys last time.]

Right then, Qiu Ye returned to his senses.

“Whats going on Which one of you touched the equipment” He asked.

“I didnt.”

The staff members were puzzled and passed messages to each other.

The final conclusion was that no one had touched the sound system.

“Hello everyone, Im Bo Silin.”

A magnetic voice suddenly sounded.

[Am I hearing things]

Su Feifeis ears twitched.

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at the sound system.

She was very familiar with this voice — it was indeed Bo Silin.

Although he was in the hospital, he would call her at a fixed time every night.

Sometimes, he would report on his daily life, and sometimes, he would ask about her situation.

“Bo Silin! Its Bo Silin!” Xiao He was so excited that he turned around to high-five someone.

“Yup! Its Bo Silin!” The one who responded to him was Qiao Hefeng.

Xiao He glanced at Qiao Hefeng, but he still gave a high five.

Forget it, hes not picky at critical times.

[Bo Silin!!!!]

[Youve finally appeared!]

[On the eighth day of Bo Silins absence, he appears!]

[Come back! I want to see you and Su Feifei in the same frame again!!!]

Qiu Yes expression turned ugly.

What was Bo Silin trying to do

He hacked the music system and sent a helicopter over.

What the h*ll was this

Then, the lazy and calm voice sounded again.

“Its like this.

The Bo familys business has been booming recently and they have too many resources.

Every time I think about it, I cant sleep at night.

I feel that Im taking too much and not giving to the world.”

“So, Ive decided to throw a batch of unused supplies on the deserted island.”

“Im here to inform everyone in advance so that this batch of supplies wont hit anyone.

Pay attention and avoid them.”

[Invest, invest, invest, invest]

[Because the Bo family is too rich, they threw supplies to the deserted island]


[I dont want to say this, but if you want to feed your wife, shouldnt you find a more normal method]

[The Bo family has too many resources]

[Who can compete with Su Feifei here Hes blatantly throwing the game!]

[I cant take it anymore!!!]

Qiu Ye was so angry that he immediately picked up his phone and sent Bo Silin a message.

“Bo Silin! Youre not allowed to tamper with the game! Youre breaking the rules of the game!”

What answered him was another alarm!

Then, a large box of supplies was dropped from the sky!

A muffled sound came from afar!

Su Feifeis eyes lit up.

At the same time, her watch also lit up, and there was only a word Bo Silin sent on it.



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